Destiny 2 is the first-person shooter game, the successor of the destiny one, which was released back in 2014. Previous versions of the game were quite buggy and were not well received by players around the world.

Is Destiny 2 Cross-Platform

However, after all these years of patches and updates, Destiny 2 has become one of the best games available for the next-gen. Hence, it poses the question: Is Destiny 2 Cross-Platform?

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In 2021, four years after its first launch, destiny 2 has finally enabled cross-platform play. This will enable the players from PS5, Xbox, Stadia, and Windows to play together. Things seem to go rather smooth for the game, with future updates promised by the developers and a new DLC named beyond light.

Destiny 2 Crossplay: The Multiplayer Game

Crossplay will basically allow players from all around the world who can connect irrespective of their console. Be the consoles from this generation to all the next-gen, including the Sony Playstation 5, and Xbox series X/S. This enables the players to play with their friends, which would become an advantage for the game.

Destiny 2 Multiplayer

The reason being gameplay in destiny 2 supports not only the current generation of consoles but also the next generation. It also supports cross-platform play from PC as well as Mac(if you are into it). It is receiving its first expansion in the third quarter of 2021 and other DLCs such as which Queen and Light fall in 2022.

Pros of having Destiny 2 Crossplay:

  • More flexibility: The game is now finally available on every platform; all your friends will be able to play, and no one will be left behind. This helps in developing a good community, and the waiting time in lobbies will decrease drastically.
  • Better updates: As the community increases, the developers will get more eager to update the game as per the current feature. This will give more upgrades like better visuals, more in-game modes, and decreased match-making time.
  • More devices to choose from: Games are likely to own both the devices like a Playstation and a PC, and it would become quite easy for them to transfer all their friends, create a party with them and join in. It would also make it more manageable for them to switch to any device which they desire.

Multiplayer Review of Destiny 2:

destiny 2 the collection

Destiny 2 has been able to set itself from its predecessor by including an option of going on campaign missions with your friends. This highly boosts the gameplay experience. This is not at all like a battle royale game. You will go on adventurous quests with your teammates and fight monsters that are out of this world. Even though the final boss is underwhelming, the time spent on this game would be quite memorable.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How do I add my friends in Destiny 2?

For PC players, it is quite easy if you have the application installed; then, you need to navigate to the top right corner and add your friend. It would help if you headed over to the rooster for console players, available in-game, and search for players you want to invite or join. After this, click on the player and you can then get the fire team.


When can I play with my friends in Destiny 2?

You can start right off the bat after finishing the first mission. This mission is named the Spark Mission, which is in the red war campaign. After completing this mission, you are free to roam around on the map, and then you can call your friends and enjoy a full match of Destiny 2.


Does Destiny 2 support crossplay?

Yes, in 2021, finally, the developers and added the option for cross-platform play. The list of devices available for cross-platform play is as follows: PS4, Xbox One, XBOX one X, XBOX Series X/S, PS5, Windows, and even Stadia.



In this article, we have discussed the newly enabled cross-platform in destiny 2. Please share your thoughts with us in the remarks section below.

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