Smoking vaping

Most of the people who want to quit smoking or vaping find quitting one even harder than the other. This is because of the nicotine addiction. Rather than comparing vapes with cigarettes, it is better to put in nicotine. According to tobacco companies, when the person absorbs nicotine rapidly in sufficient quantity, the result causes frequent growth in profit from the sale of addictive products such as vapes and electronic cigarettes.

What are the Effects of Nicotine Consumption?

Consuming more nicotine can have long-lasting pleasurable effects which can make quitting it miserable. People with a heavy addiction to nicotine feel irritable, anxious, and unpleasant symptoms when they cannot get the desired level of nicotine in their routine. These people typically feel these symptoms after a few seconds of finishing a cigarette. This is the reason why some smokers smoke a whole pack or more than that in a day.

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How does an E-cigarette work?

Vapes or E-cigarettes have become a popular aid to stop smoking. According to many studies, 

vapes or e-cigs are less harmful than smoking cigarettes and can be proved helpful for quitting smoking. An E-cigarette is a device that allows you to inhale nicotine present in the vape juice in the tank of the device. These electronic cigarettes do not burn tobacco or carbon monoxide which are the most dangerous elements of cigarettes. Instead, they work by heating and vaporizing the liquid that is present in the tank and contains nicotine, glycol, glycerin, or flavourings.

Is Vaping a Good Idea to Quit smoking?

People with high addiction to tobacco find it extremely difficult to quit smoking. And people with that extreme reaction need to have an alternative. Vapes are therefore used to fulfill their nicotine cravings. According to several specialists, vaping is an effective way to quit cigarettes by getting fewer toxins than tobacco burning. Although, vaping is less harmful does not mean it is safe. So, eventually, people with vaping habits have to cut it off too.

Why is Vaping or Smoking is difficult?

Quitting the habit of tobacco consumption is more difficult than you think. People often face strange reactions such as nicotine craving, headaches, anxiety, muscular pain, etc at the initial stage. However, with strong dedication and willpower, anyone can go through this tough time. Everyone knows that nothing can replicate the experience of cigarettes but some people think that quitting vape is much harder than quitting smoking. There are several challenges one can face while quitting vaping.

What are the factors that make it challenging to quit vaping?

  • The perception among youth that vaping is less harmful than cigarettes has made the vapes more likely to be used. The majority of the youth who would not otherwise try smoking must try vaping. And some of them then progress on to smoking as well.
  • The sleek and cool designs of vapes motivate the youth to try these at an early age. Frequent use causes addiction and some percentage of youth get exposed to higher levels of nicotine.
  • The use of vape as an alternative to smoking has proved that when people start using vape or e-cigarettes to quit smoking, more than 80% of them still vape years later. While some also continue to smoke cigarettes.
  • There are limited to no evidence-based treatments for quitting vaping. Because of that, many people think that vaping is not that dangerous as smoking.

How to quit now?

If you want to stop vaping or smoking, you have to follow these steps:

  1. Overcome the habits associated with nicotine-based products.
  2. Surround yourself with supporting people
  3. Try nicotine replacement therapy
  4. Set a quit date as a goal and stick to it.
  5. Once you quit, never go back.

Remember that Nicotine addiction is more mental than physical

Nicotine exposure is addictive and tobacco products including vapes and e-cigarettes are not safe. Both are harmful and should be cut off. According to research, nicotine addiction is 1% physical addiction and 99% mental addiction. One with proper treatment can quit smoking or vaping easily within less time. Engaging these addicted people in evidence-based treatments is the best way to help them quit.