Are you unable to play Rocket League? Well, we understand your grief as Rocket League is one of the most popular games where gamers encounter issues. Do not worry. This guide will address how you can troubleshoot the issues of Rocket League servers down. There might be quite the reasons for the Rocket League Servers to be down or you getting this error.

Is Rocket League Down

We will be discussing both the reasons and the solution for the Rocket League servers, so make sure to give it a thorough read to play this game with your friends without any issues.

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Rocket League Down (Reasons & Possible Solutions)

Problem #1: Official Servers

Let’s get the most prominent reason out of the way first. It’s quite probable that due to the service being Full, the Developers behind this game might take the servers down to maintain the quality of games.

Rocket League Official Servers

It also may be possible that a new update has been around the corner, and the servers are down to upload the new game files. If these two were not the reason, then it might be possible that your network interface card is damaged, and you should visit your nearest service store to fix the issue Rocket League servers down.

Solution 1:

A quick search through the Internet will let you know whether the servers are up or down. You can also visit the official site and check the server status. To check the Official server status of rocket League. You can click here, and see if the connection with the server is okay.

Problem #2: The Antivirus


As the antivirus has a habit of deleting files, it may delete some files which were required for the game, and hence it is causing the issues because of which this game is not working. Not only the antivirus partly the firewall is also responsible for this kind of error because of which your Rocket League is not working.

Solution 2

You need to go to your Antivirus app And then turn it off. However, the process of disabling the Windows firewall is rather lengthy. You need to head over to the search option beside the windows button. Then search for Windows firewall. This will come under the networks menu in the control panel. All Head over to the firewall option and disable the firewall and Windows Defender. Do this only while downloading or updating the game as it would be quite harmful to your PC to turn the antivirus and Firewall off. After this, the error of Rocket League’s servers down will be fixed, and you will access the service.

Problem #3: Half-game files downloaded

Many times, due to low internet connection, only half-game files are downloaded, and this causes problems later. There might be many reasons for half the game file to be deleted, like the one we discussed above. Even while updating this game with its latest patch, it is possible that only a part of the game content was downloaded, and you now have only half-game files. Due to this, error the Rocket League servers might be down.

Solution 3:

To ensure that you have downloaded all the files, you should be connected to the internet through the downloading process. If the difficulty continues, it would be better for you to reinstall the whole game. Make sure to go into your folder and see all the game content manually. You will find this game’s official game content under the name of Rocket League in the local disk you have downloaded in.

Problem #4: Location settings

Location Settings

Many times due to a change in location settings, it is possible that the Rocket league cannot access the servers. This location setting is present in the main Windows settings for Windows PCs. As rocket League is a skill-based and location-based game, this setting can cause a lot of errors.

 Solution 4:

First, you should search the search location by presenting it beside the windows button. An option named location privacy settings will pop up, select it, and you would be taken to a window where you will see allow apps to access the location. If that setting is turned off, make sure to turn it on by sliding the bar to the right.

You can modify the date and time format as this also affects your gameplay. In this game to change the date and time for what, you should head over to the settings menu and search for date and time. If Windows has detected a wrong date and time for you, you should set it up manually by selecting your location and time code( for example, IST, GMT, etc.). After this change, you will be able to access Rocket league’s, and the error that rocket League will be fixed.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How will I fix the issue of Rocket League servers down?

There are many probable causes for why you are facing this issue; however, the most probable one is that the servers are down as a whole. Make sure to click on the link we have provided to check the server status, and if the problem persists, then go through the other solutions, we are provided.



If you have performed a questionable act during the gameplay, then there is a possibility of you getting banned from the service and not playing the game. This includes bad behavior, cheating, hacking, and being toxic with other teammates. Rocket League has a strict set of rules which they do not allow to break. However, if you have not done something like this, you are pretty safe and won’t get banned from the locket League service, and there is a possibility that the whole server is still down.


How do I fix unable to access rocket League servers on Xbox?

To fix this issue, you should make sure that your Xbox Live subscription is turned on, as it gets turned off if you have not paid for it. You won’t be able to access the online services of this game without it on your system. You can also check the Xbox server status and make sure that you have got the latest version of system software on your Xbox.



To conclude, in this article, we have listed all the probable reasons due to which you could not access the online services of the Rocket League. Make sure to try them out and place in the comment below which one worked for you, and do tell us if these methods are working for you or not.

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