Is softonic safe

Softonic is a well-recognized platform that provides lots of free software. But a lot of individuals still dispute the delivery of malware. So, now we are to talk about the frequently asked question, “Is Softonic safe?”. So go throgh this post to get the answer for your question.

Is Softonic Safe

Is Softonic Safe?

Giving the shortest answer to- Is Softonic safe? The answer would be yes. To verify our claim, we ran a couple of tests with a website checker on Softonic. So, we are sure that Softonic is safe for use. Here are the results of the test that we made.

Some More Reviews:

1. Google Transparency Report

Google Transparency Report is a section of Google’s safe web browsing experience. It allows users to verify and check if the website is safe for use or not. We entered Sofotnic’s URL to check the status of the website, and we got no issues with it. We have provided a screenshot of the result that we got from the Transparency Report.

Google Transparency Report For Softonic

Although, Google reported Softonic as safe to use still there was a message mentioning that, the website has a lot of content over it, so users might be cautious while downloading the application from these websites. We would also recommend you to cross verify the developer before downloading any software or application.

2. Web of Trust

WoT aka Web of Trust is a browser extension and another web security checking tool. It analysis the source code of the website and rates the website based on how secure it is and also provides a Child safety rating. We tested Softonic on WoT, and the results came out to be. The trustworthiness score for Softonic was 85/ 100, and the Child Safety score was 86/ 100.

Web of Trust Softonic

According to WoT rating standards, the above-mentioned scores for Softonic comes under the category of a Trusted Website. So, from this, we can conclude that Softonic is safe to use from WoT.

3. Trustpilot

To take more insights and have had more organic reviews on Softonic, we searched it up on, and the results that we got were the opposite of what we were expecting. We saw that Softonic had received Bad ratings of 66% and a good rating of 22%.

Trustpilot Report For Softonic

After going through the comments that people have posted, we examined that people had an issue with the Softonic add-on browser extension, that users get for free. However, you cannot completely rely on these comments to judge Softonic because these users might have downloaded an untrusted software or application.

Final Verdict – Is Softonic Safe?

To conclude on Is Softonic Safe or not. Well, it is partially safe and partially not. This means that Softonic is not as advanced as Play Store or Microsoft Store, where it scans each software that is uploaded by the developer. Some free software or application that might contain malware, so you need to be smart enough and verify the developer before downloading the application.

But there is an ultimate way to be free from all issues, and that is if you start downloading your desired application from the official website. In this manner, you will be free from all kinds of ads, malware, and you would be up to date with the latest version of your downloaded software.

We hope you liked this comprehensive post and we hope that we have answered your question. If yes, then do share your thought on Softonic and what do you think about it.

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