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When you first start coming to the gym, you may hear people say “protein” more frequently. Protein, in fact, is a micronutrient that is required for muscle growth.

It is a crucial nutrient that should be present in your diet because it is responsible for the formation of your hair, nails, bones, and muscles.

Your daily protein requirement is used to calculate your weight.

Population Grams Protein/Kg Body weight Daily Amount for 70 kg Person
General Person 0.8g / Kg 56g
Active Exerciser 0.8 – 1.4 Kg / Kg 56 – 98g
Strength 1.4 – 2g / Kg 98 -140g
Body Building 1.6 – 3g /Kg* 112* – 210g*


The question now is, “Are you able to achieve your daily protein requirement?”

If you think it’ll be difficult, think again. it is subjective. If you are a 70 kg general person, If you don’t perform any physical activity, your protein needs will be 56 grams to 70 grams, which you may easily get from a regular diet. If you exercise regularly, your daily protein needs will range from 56 grams to 98 grams. To get this much protein from your food, you’ll need to stick to a strict diet. If your protein requirement is greater than 1.5 kg and you can able to obtain 70% of your protein through your diet, whey protein is a viable option.

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The 70-30 rule, which states that 70% of your protein may come from your food, is a healthier way to go. Supplements should account for 30% of your protein intake. It would be fantastic if you could get 100 percent of your protein from food. It is not a feasible option in everyday life.

The best protein sources. Eggs, poultry, fish, soy, peanuts, chickpeas, horse gram, Tofo, and milk are some of the foods you can eat.

Whey protein is a type of protein that comes from cow’s milk.

Whey is the liquid leftover after curdling and straining milk. It will be ground into powder. It is rich in quality protein and is simple to spot in your body. The popular brands now come in a variety of flavors, but the flavorless and concentrated protein is the finest of them all, but it is also the more boring.

The nice part about whey protein is that you can get 24 to 30 grams of protein in a single scoop (depending on the brand), and it’s easy to carry and follow in a fast-paced lifestyle.

Worst yet, it is the most expensive protein source among protein foods. You are expecting to spend between 1500 and 5000 INR every month. Is it deserving? Yes, absolutely !.

In two circumstances, it is worthwhile to invest in whey protein.

When you can get 70 percent of your protein from your food.

When you can devote 4 to 6 days to sports or fitness training for 1 hr.