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Youtube is one of the biggest platforms which is highly popular these days. We are always hoping to get our daily dose of entertainment through this service. It gives you the option to experience content from all around the world. The website is free to use for everyone. Sometimes you can face issues with the youtube servers. To solve this problem, we will take a look at how to find out if youtube is down.

is youtube down

The solution to this question is quite simple. Please read our guide to find how you can optimize your youtube experience.

How to check if Youtube is not working?

Many people can face issues with their internet service provider. Youtube is a renowned platform which is run by Google. It is the front page of videos on the internet. Entertainment will not be possible if we are not able to use the site. Sometimes due to the new issues, you can face problems. Here are some steps to check if youtube is down.

1. Site Status Check

There are many websites online which enable you to check the status of every website. Some of the most popular websites include “is it down right now”. The platform has the status of every server on the internet. Anyone can utilize it to check their media. A few other websites also offer similar services.

youtube site status check

They connect the database of multiple online servers. You can also understand the service history of every server. These are usually community-based platforms. The site is automatically updated regularly. The people also offer some needed inputs for easy access. The site gives you a statistical analysis of the server data as well.

2. Down Detector

Another popular site that helps you out with such information is a Down detector. They provide you with the crucial details to check whether Youtube is down or working. It is a platform that can work efficiently for your entertainment needs. The website can be facing issues in different regions.

down detector

The down detector application helps you to know which areas are not able to run Youtube. The international audience of Youtube can benefit a lot through this website.

These are two of the easiest ways to keep the Youtube platform in check. You can find out if you are the only one facing the issue.

How to Solve Youtube Down?

The problem can be solved easily by following a few basic guidelines. It is crucial to ensure that you are not facing the issue yourself. It is a problem that is easily solvable. You can follow the given guide to solving the problem.

Check your internet connection:

The internet connectivity is often the primary reason why your Youtube is not working. Majority of users aren’t able to start using youtube because of this issue. Your ISP plays a significant role in ensuring that the websites you like are working correctly. We recommend you take a look at your internet before finding any errors. It means that all your websites will stop working as well.

Reset your network:

reset your network

The network settings of your computer can also play a massive role in ensuring everything is running smoothly. You can reset your network settings if there are connectivity issues. It is highly helpful in the easy entertainment you want online. You can reset your network by going to the settings of your specific device. On Windows machines, it is relatively easy to do this process. You have to click on the internet connectivity icon and then change the settings.

These are some of the solutions you should try out today!


The Youtube down issues are a rare occurrence. If that happens, many of us can feel quite distracted. In this guide, we take a look at how to check the status. You can find the answer by following this guide. We recommend it to everyone. Start enjoying unlimited entertainment through