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Bitlife is one of the best ‘real-life simulation’ games available for you to play and enjoy. You can find it for your smartphones (iOS or Android). The growth of your character strongly depends on the choices you make. This simple roleplaying game has quite a fantastic appeal. So let’s dive into deep to know how to join & complete the Goth Clique in Bitlife.

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There is a new challenge in the game known as the Twilight Challenge. Since its advent, people have wanted to join the Goth Clique. Here is a quick rundown on how to join and complete the Goth Clique Twilight Challenge:

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How To Join The Goth Clique in Bitlife?

Before you start joining, remember you can start early, even as a baby, to decide to lower your looks over time. However, the option to join the Goth Cliques will appear after you join the school.

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There are two essential steps to joining the Goth Clique in the Bitlife:

Get Low Looks:

You would have to find your way into the simulator where you can lower your character’s looks. It is possible by making some poor dressing choices and focusing on a bad diet. However, most of these options might not be possible for you. Here are some other methods to get lower looks:

  • Get botched plastic surgery.
  • Get assaulted, bullied, or get into a fight.
  • Diseases could lower down the looks.
  • Poor dressing style and eating habits will also play a vital role.

Lower Your Happiness:

bitlife game Lower Your Happiness

The next step would be to lower the happiness. If you have lower looks, you can try to join the ‘Mean Girls’ group. If you try that and get rejected, you will lower the happiness. Other steps are:

  • Losing a friend or even becoming an enemy with someone
  • A poor diet will play a role here, as well.
  • Divorce of the parents or other in-house problems
  • Bad relationship
  • Death of a loved one or a pet.
  • Getting a disease, especially a terminal one
  • Catching STDs or not using a condom
  • Achieve depression, anxiety, or other mental issues
  • Get cheated on
  • Get bullied or have things stolen from you.
  • Any form of rejection like joining clubs or Mean girls
  • Getting attacked or assaulted will reduce happiness, as well.
  • Lose your job
  • Ghosts

What To Do Next?

Once you have Low happiness and low looks bar, you can easily find the Cliques to join. It will be available on the School Menu. There, you will find the Goth Cliques and all you have to do is click join. Now, you will be able to join Goth Cliques.

Join The Goth Clique

Make sure that both happiness and looks are low enough to be in red. Only then can you join Goth Clique. Remember, getting rejected by Mean girls is essential for the task, as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How To Finish The Twilight Challenge?

To finish the Twilight challenge, you will have to be born as a female in Phoenix. Then you will have to follow the above-given requirements to join the Goth Clique. After that, marry the first boy you date and make sure to marry before the age of 20. After that, all you need to do is make sure to name your daughter Renesmee. That’s how you will complete the twilight challenge.


Where Can You Play Bitlife?

As mentioned, the game is primarily available for Android and iOS. However, if you use Bluestack or other Android emulators for your PC, you can conveniently play on the PC as well.


How To Marry The First Boy You Date?

The first thing you need to do is keep the relationship meter high. For that, you can provide him with gifts and make sure that it remains high. After that, you can click on the proposal, and that’s how you will manage to marry him. Remember, at this point. You don’t need to worry too much about the happiness meter and such.



That’s all you need to do to join and finish the Gothic clique challenge and Twilight challenge in Bitlife. Go ahead and enjoy the closest thing you can get to the Dark Twilight novel and franchise. It’s quite simple, and if you fail, you can always restart.

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