LG Velvet 5G Review – ( Performance, Gaming & Cameras) Aurora Silver

Lg velvet 5g performance gaming cameras aurora silver
Lg velvet 5g performance gaming cameras aurora silver


What’s up friends. Today we will be checking out the LG Velvet 5G. I have the LG Velvet 5G in Aurora Silver which I bought from the Virgin mobile store in the USA and this costs around 750 Bucks with a carrier plan. If you want to buy with installments,  the price in installments over 2 years. $0 downpayment $15/MO. for 1year 0% APR SAVE $390 with Sweet Pay™ over 1year vs. full device price. Requires an eligible 24-month plan. The Virgin mobile phones have great customer service in CANADA and the USA as well as Europe. 

LG Velvet 5G is a really cool looking phone. I’ve been playing with LG Velvet 5G for just a little bit. Now,  talking about the hardware on this phone, it’s an aluminum frame and a glass back. LG Velvet 5G looks really good and as you can see it has a very reflective mirror look and also has little sort of color shifts. When it hits the light which is really cool. But, LG Velvet is kind of a fingerprint magnet.

Lg velvet 5g performance gaming cameras aurora silver
LG Velvet 5G Aurora Silver

Let’s go around the hardware one of my favorite things about the LG Velvet 5G phone is the looks. So as you can see the camera module is very unique, it’s kind of standing up cameras right here which looks really cool to me. I don’t see a lot of designs like that and Velvet 5G is a very big phone. If you don’t like big phones, LG Velvet 5G is not gonna be the phone for you. Just to give you an idea, Velvet 5G is as big as the One Plus 7 pro. Actually, One Plus 7 pro is a little bit smaller. Again, going around the hardware section, we have the power button right side, we also have your Google assistant button left side and volume rockers down below. LG Velvet 5G still has the headphone Jack which is really nice. Velvet 5G has USB type C. You actually have stereo speakers on here as well. Now, the LG Velvet phone is IP 68 dust and water-resistant which is really nice.


So let’s talk about the display you have a P-OLED 6.8-inch display which is Resolution-1080 x 2460 pixels (~395 PPI density) absolutely beautiful display. We have a little waterdrop notch here as well. This display gives awesome pretty good colors as well and it does have a slight kind of curve to it. LG Velvet 5G reminds me of One Plus 7 pro, and it has a pretty slim bezel. Honestly, I am really pleased with the display quality. The display’s colors look very bright and vivid and I just love the Velvet screen. LG Velvet 5G does not have a high refresh rate of only 60 hertz. I believe this is going to be the icing on the cake for the LG Velvet phone. I definitely have no complaints about the display. Though LG Velvet 5G does not have a 440 PPI display, some LG fans can be disappointed. But I’m telling you guys, it looks really good you can’t see pixels or anything on this display. I was therefore very pleased with the quality of the LG Velvet 5G display panel. Having a huge display is a great advantage, while you’re watching content, playing games; I am sure you are going to enjoy this display. just to give you guys an idea, you can see the curve of the screen, it’s not an aggressive curve. I don’t think LG Velvet is as bad as One Plus. The carve is fine, it doesn’t really distract from video watching and stuff like that. So I think the display is just really really amazing.


Let’s go ahead and check out these stereo speakers of LG Velvet 5G. You have one up and one down stereo speakers. Very loud stereo speakers when you volume up full of LG Velvet 5G. And again, you can adjust the sound of these speakers. If you want a certain sound with the LG sound engine. You can select its own audio. Example: music, voice, and cinema depending on what you’re doing. So overall, the speakers on here are definitely really loud, have some pretty crisp sound and you get a pretty good decent amount of bass on here as well.


LG Velvet 5G is running on Android 10 with the LG UX 9 skin on top of it. The Snapdragon 765 (7nm) and Adreno 620 micro SD support 128 Gigs of storage, and 6 Gigs of RAM. We also have NFC on board as well as the fingerprint scanner under the display.


It’s the only way to get into the LG Velvet 5G. There’s no face unlock security system, unfortunately. It’s just like the LG V 60. And I’ve never had a real issue with it, is it the fastest fingerprint scanner I’ve ever had? You actually have to kind of like press this one, all the way down. You can tap a little bit. And it works a hundred percent, so I don’t have any issues with it.

LG velvet 5G-Performance:

Now, let’s talk about just performance, I did not find this to be like a laggy LG phone, like a lot of people complain about scrolling, everything that is physics and stuff are fine. And you have your Google Now page, which I absolutely love. I think all Android phones should have this page and just go through the toggles.


We have our live caption on here, as well as Battery Saver, comfort view. As you can see, you have your dual-screen toggle on here as well. So if you get the dual-screen case, LG Velvet 5G basically turns into a multitasking beast, phone screen recording, file sharing screen share, and is on here as well. Velvet has a smooth experience, definitely. 

And just take you through the menu. Looking for it will show you our screen color. So if you want to make the screen a little bit more vivid, or whatever you can do that on here.


Now like I say, it’s almost like bare-bones Android. LG Velvet 5G UI is not that much custom build which some people appreciate. Maybe some people wouldn’t like it but I kind of like it. I think LG UI is going to keep things clean. It’s simple but also I got a ton of stuff on here to do.

LG velvet 5G-Gaming:

Now I’m gonna put out the full gaming test for you guys. And I’ve been playing games on LG Velvet 5G and I haven’t had any problem. Just to show you.


You’re on very high frame rates. And yeah, it plays fine. So if we go to Max, obviously, we can’t max it out with very high graphics and Max frame rates. But, LG Velvet is a very good gaming device. And like I said, you have a big beautiful display at LG Velvet 5G, which is definitely a really nice thing to have. And I don’t notice Velvet 5G really getting hot and stuff like that. 

From a gamer’s perspective, the Snapdragon 765 (7nm)  has been really, really great. I can’t really complain about it.

Alright guys, as we can see our Geekbench scores. Right here,


We have one of this single-core and you can compare LG Velvet 5G to some other devices, like other flagship phones. But, LG Velvet is not a flagship phone, you have to compare it to some other mid-range smartphones, you will definitely find much better performance. But in the real world, this is still a very fast phone. 

LG velvet 5G-Cameras:

Discussing cameras, LG velvet gives you 48 megapixels regular triple camera setup, 8 megapixels ultra-wide, and 5 megapixels depth. LG Velvet 5G  has 4k video 30 FPS, you also have 16 megapixels selfie camera at 1080P 30 FPS.


I like the cameras on the velvet, I think they do a pretty good job with details giving you a really good realistic color profile, which is really nice. You do lose a few details with the ultra-wide camera, but that camera is still pretty good as well. And yes, I really liked the colors on LG Velvet, you get really nice vibrant in true to life colors, which is something that’s really appreciated. Portrait mode offers you a good depth of field, which is really decent. Moreover, You get a lot of details with that. So, I was overall pleased with the images on here now. This picture of the leaf is kind of weird because I was taking pictures with the V60 and G8 as well in a sort of lost a ton of detail when you try to focus on it, even if you use portrait.


So, I think that’s something to do with the software with LG Velvet 5G and I’ve seen complaints and read them about the software with LG camera needs a little bit of work, and now I can see what they were talking about. So, LG Velvet 5G definitely needs an update. Long story short, the cameras were actually quite good throughout. Also, the selfie camera is pretty good as well you get pretty good natural skin tones and pretty good details. 

LG velvet 5G-Battery :

LG Velvet 5G phone has a 4300 milliamp battery, 25-watt fast charging, you also have your wireless charging as well. So I want to use LG Velvet a little bit more. And also, you do have 5g support on this phone, which is really cool. 


But overall, first impressions of the LG velvet 5G is a really nice device. And if you get the dual-screen case, it’ll turn LG velvet into basically, two phones where you can really go crazy with multitasking. Playing video games, and stuff like that. So yeah, let me know whatever you folks think about the LG Velvet 5G.