Eyelash boxes

There is no doubt about the fact that thicker and fuller eyelashes give an amazing look to the personality. It defines the shape of your eye, gives a natural look, and has other benefits as well. It has been studied that longer eyelashes look more attractive on women than men. Therefore, we have seen that women are more into cosmetics and wearing fake eyelashes lately.

Not only do these eyelashes look great but also protect the inner part of the eye from dusty particles present in the atmosphere. They act as a barrier between our eyes and pollution particles in the air.

The eyelashes, just like the whiskers of a cat, are extraordinarily soft to touch. There are certain benefits of either growing your lashes or wearing fake lashes. The thicker eyelashes send a message to the mind in a reflexive manner and as a reaction. It does so to convey caution to shut the eyelids before an existential danger i.e. dust particle or any insect enters the eyes and causes eye problems.

For example, this phenomenon is called a reflex action when an item (including an insect or a pointy object) or pollution particle present in the air (including dirt or sand) is about to fly into your eyes.

Why Do Eyelashes Fall Off?

It is such a big issue among people around the world. Hair-fall can be caused and triggered by a lot of reasons. Small and brittle eyelashes could be inherited, but there are a variety of circumstances that cause them to fall out or get thinner, including stress, serotonin deficiency, dehydration on the lids, and age, to mention a few.

Never Use Low-Quality Cosmetic Products

Eyelash breaking can also be triggered by using outdated or low-quality cosmetic products, scraping or removing makeup forcefully, or a poor diet. On the other hand, eyelash thinning can be caused by poor hygiene, medical disorders, and so on.

Whatever the cause, you may use home treatments to regrow your eyelashes and achieve longer, feathery lashes. This goal cannot be achieved overnight therefore, keeping patience is necessary.

How to Increase Eyelash Speed?

This is the most common question asked to dermatologists that how can one regrow lashes again. There are a lot of techniques but homemade remedies have proven to be very effective.

Home Remedies to Grow Back Eyelashes

There are some home remedies to grow backlashes. Generally the most common is the application of Coconut and Castor oil. Other than that, Vaseline and other essential oils have proved to be useful. One can never be sure about the results as it varies from person to person. There are certain hereditary traits in some people that do not let their hair grow.

Low Levels of Biotin Results in the Loss of Hair

It is vital to realize what is causing the loss of your lashes. The deficiency of Biotin and poor eating habits cause hair to fall. In other words, your health is directly related to the growth of lashes.

Use of Essential Oils and Vitamins

Treatment with Vitamin E oil is a proven and true way for increasing eyelash development. Many celebrities have admitted to utilizing this effective substance to thicken and extend their brows and lashes.

It is a potent tonic that not only promotes cell growth but also improves and inhibits lash loss. Simply rubbing your eyes with this oil will result in fuller lashes.

The Growing Presence of Eye-Lash Artists

It is an interesting fact that proper institutes have been established when students get themselves enrolled and learn to specialize in the field of False eyelash applying and other respective fields. This is a tech world, people are excelling in e-commerce and conducting their Cosmetic businesses online as well.

Hence, we can see a lot of eyes lash expert artists on social media these days who put enough emphasis on keeping fake eyelashes in Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes to maintain proper hygienic conditions.

Its application takes practice, patience, and proper guidance. Therefore it is recommended to always keep them in secure packaging after use.

Lash Growth Serum

There are certain growth serums that help in the growth of hair as well. But be careful, you might need a certificate to purchase a bottle. After just a month of regular usage, you should observe new growth, but it may take up to four months to see complete effects.

There may be possible adverse effects of using such serums that include darker lids, swelling, and eye irritation. In rare cases, the serum might also enhance the amount of dark coloration in your eyes permanently.

Sizes and Dimension of the Boxes

Someone who deals with fake lashes knows that there are different Custom Printed Eyelash Boxes for respective pieces. Some items are thick some are not, some give full coverage while the others have single lash pieces. Therefore, it’s important to know the packaging of your item.

The most suitable box for lashes could be with a plastic lid that displays the product ad that’s how most of the lash boxes are. By doing so you make your product look more appealing.

Another important tip is that always remove your makeup before sleeping. Never go to bed with makeup on. Doing so can trigger the growth of bacteria on your skin thus, damaging the lashes as well.