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Looking to activate multi-factor authentication (MFASetup) on your device, don’t worry. You have come to the right place. We live in a world that is consistently expanding in a digital dimension. Today we have almost all of our data online. It’s all thanks to the ease of smart devices and cloud computing that our entire world revolves around the internet. While the internet brings us so many benefits, it has equally dangerous security problems.

There are way too many hackers or people seeking to harm. The reason for a security breach or hacking is countless. It could be to hack you and get all of your details. Apart from Google, Microsoft is the most prevalent platform almost everyone across the world utilizes.

Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication Guide

We all have a Microsoft ID, and our PCs primarily use it, especially if we have Windows 10. To reinforce your security, Microsoft introduced Multi factor authentication setup. This guide aims to help you learn everything about the program, activate it, and how it is useful. So without further ado, let’s begin!

What Is MFASetup?

The multi-factor authentication feature is an attempt by Microsoft to reinforce your identity and access to the platform. It primarily asks you to confirm whenever you log in from a new device or through a web browser. Microsoft Multi factor authentication setup is also prominently utilized by Google, and almost every service on the internet is gradually incorporating it. After several incidents on cloud platforms, it has become essential, like ‘The Man In The Cloud.’

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How Does Multi-Factor Authentication Work?

There are three methods through which it works and provides better security. However, each method combines something you know with something you have. For example, you know your login ID and password, and you have a registered phone number to send One-time-password on. You can do this process on your work or school account. Read further for better understanding:

Verification Code:

This method works exactly by using your registered or associated mobile number with the Microsoft Account. Once you activate this method, whenever you log in from a new device or browser, you will also receive a verification code (one-time password) either through SMS or call that will allow you to log in.

How To Activate It? 

Step #1: Visit

Step #2: It will ask you to log in via email address, phone, or Skype, follow-through
Sign In on Microsoft

Step #3: It will ask you the authentication method, select phone authentication
Additional Security Verification

Step #4: Then enter your country and mobile number
Enter your country and phone number

Step #5: There will be an option to receive a verification code via text message

Step #6: Upon pressing next, it will ask you to confirm the number by sending the OTP on the given mobile phone number

Step #7: Enter the code, and you are good to go

Push-Authentication Notification:

This method allows you to use your app to provide login clearance for the ID. It usually has a push button that asks you if you are trying to log in. If you verify, the ID will get clearance to log in. This step requires you to have a smartphone or tablet with the official Microsoft authenticator app.

How To Activate?

  • Visit the setup website.
  • This time select Mobile App from the option
    Activate Push Authentication Notification
  • Then select the option to receive a notification.
  • A new setup button will appear with a QR code.
    Scan the QR code
  • Now you will have to download the official Microsoft Authenticator app from the play store on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Then log in to the app by following standard procedure.
  • Once you add the account, it will ask for camera permission to open a QR code.
  • Read the QR code, and you’re good to go.
  • The remaining procedure is automated.

What Is Man In The Cloud?

Also known as MiTC, it is a hacking attempt to lose access to ID without providing credentials. The attacker needs single-step access through the PC. If you have single security on any platform like Google, Facebook, or any other website, the attacker can easily break through it and enter.

Microsoft Account Management

Hence, Multi factor authentication setup uses two-step verification instead of one to confirm that you’re the owner of the ID that is logging in. Therefore, it increases security, and through this efficient method, MiTC becomes highly unlikely. Of course, this is not the only benefit that Multi factor authentication brings you. It further reinforces your overall security.

App Open Authorization:

This step combines the Push-authentication and verification code. It will follow the activation procedure of Push-authentication, but it will display a verification code. The code changes every 30 seconds, and it is a good idea to use it if you’re accessing your ID on a public network. Alternatively, it is a good option if you’re in an area with a poor network connection.

Is Biometric Also Authentication?

Yes, it is the third way apart from what you know and what you have. Bio-metric is also a secure method to access any app or website. Many smartphone apps use it to provide you quick access to the platform without unnecessarily requiring authentication all the time. It saves time as it is usually a faster method. However, to reduce the risk, it’s better to activate different types of authentication options.

Why Should You Get MFA Activation?

If you often use your smartphone or work ID for important document storage and transfer, you need to activate this process. Similarly, many organizations provide a different work ID for their employees, and if the employees don’t have these multi-factor authentications activated, a hacker could potentially breach them. Personal users are less at risk, but if you have various credentials like financial information (Credit card, bank authorization, etc.), it becomes pivotal for you to employ Multi Factor Authentication. As a bonus, it can add security even if you don’t have much value.

Frequently Asked Questions


What are the common options for Multi Factor Authentication?

There are many multi-software authentication software such as Duo Security, Google Authenticator, LastPass, Authy, Ping Identity, RSA SecurID® Access, OneLogin, and many more.


How do I change my Multi Factor Authentication settings in Office 365?

In-office 365, you can change your Multi Factor Authentication settings whenever you want. All you have to do is log in to office 365 and then click on the top-right menu, and there you will see different options, and through the settings option, you can change Multi Factor Authentication settings.


Is Microsoft Multi Factor Authentication free?

Yes, Microsoft multi-factor authentication comes for free with the app.


Which two-factor authentication is best?

According to stats, you can use many multi-factor authentication apps, but the Microsoft Multi-Factor Authentication is one of the best to use.



That’s all you need to know about Microsoft’s reasonable steps to help you increase your security. We hope that this article clarifies any doubts. MFAsetup is accessible for everyone, not just the organization. Therefore, everyone should take advantage of this brilliant technology.

Additionally, it would be best to explore Multi Factor Authentication or 2-step verification for other apps and platforms to reinforce your security. The digital world is delicate, and a single mistake can lead to an unfathomable loss. Employ the best methods and always use trusted and authenticated sources for anything.

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