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The battle of web browsers is raging. Competition is consistently increasing! Stakes are higher! Let’s find out which one of these two survives this battle! Google launched Microsoft Chrome back in 2008 when we didn’t know how much the digital world would evolve. At the time, it was the best internet explorer as we didn’t have many options. So, which one is the best? Let’s find out in this review of Microsoft Edge vs Google Chrome!

Microsoft Edge VS Chrome

Microsoft was known for providing Internet Explorer for a long time. They didn’t learn the essence of getting a new web browser until very late. Finally, learning about the essence, they launched Microsoft Edge in 2015. Both of these Internet web-browsers have become best in class and leading choices for people worldwide. There are many others, but these two hold the majority of users.

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Microsoft Edge vs Chrome – Overview

First, let’s make a couple of things clear. Both Microsoft Edge and Chrome utilize Chromium open-source database for development. Google Chrome has existed since 2008 and is a more prevalent choice. When you think of a web browser, you would want to choose it first.

On the other hand, Microsoft Edge was once reworked by Microsoft, but it failed drastically. The latest version is up to the mark. However, the consistent heat the browser has received made people less likely to give the new web browser as much try as the other one.

So if we talk about popularity and preference, Chrome already wins. But that’s not what this review is about. Let’s take a deeper look into Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge.

Services Compatibilities:

First of all, both companies offer high compatibility with their web browsers. With Google Chrome, you can use your Gmail and sign in. Then you can connect with Google Drive, Gmail, Docs, and other similar platforms. Correlatively, Microsoft Edge allows the same but with an Outlook email. You can sign in and sync everything like One-drive and other assets from Microsoft to your outlook account.

Microsoft Edge VS Chrome

On the surface, both of these seem similar, except for the fact that outlook would be better for Windows users. As you have a single ID, you can connect your entire PC to the web browser and have a seamless transfer. It is much easier, and the browsing enhances.

For Google Chrome, you would have to download everything separately and gain access like that. In these regards, Microsoft is already better for beginners or less tech-savvy individuals.

Profile Creation & User Switch:

Both Chrome and Edge have an option for you to switch users and immediately change the browser’s complete appearance. Basically, they both save the user sets according to the email address. So if you switch the user email for the browser, the entire interface will change with it. It’s quite ambitious. Both browsers also allow you to make different profiles for a similar personalized experience with email. These are convenient.

Browser Extensions Availability:

Extensions are a great feature available for the two browsers. It enables you to access various features, options, and much more. Now, both Chrome and Microsoft Edge offer compatibility for almost every extension if you look at it. However, the companies primarily design them for Chrome, and you can find it in the Chrome Web Store.

microsoft edge extensions

For the Microsoft Edge browser, you would have to find them through the google play store and download them to use them. However, there isn’t any compatibility issue. Almost every extension works on Edge browser, as well. There is one debate, though. People believe that Microsoft Edge has more extensions available, especially from the developers. So, it could be a better choice.

chrome extensions

Overall, you can get almost any add-ons for both of them without any problem.

The Internet Security And Privacy:

Internet security is a primary concern, and many providers are working towards it. You can use VPN, Anti-virus, and much more. However, the two browsers come with a built-in option. There are three similar levels of browser settings you can enable. There’s a strict one, average, and easy browsing.

microsoft edge privacy

Now, Chrome usually starts on the low-security option. If you want to make it more secure, you would have to go to settings and activate it. It can be challenging for less tech-savvy users. Meanwhile,  Edge comes with higher security enabled and would even work with anti-virus and much more.

chrome privacy and settings

It can be slightly inconvenient but a necessity. Basically, if you download something from an unauthorized source, you will get a clear warning that there might be a virus. So, it kind of also keeps you on alert not to lose yourself to alluring choices on the internet.

In these regards, while both are compatible with VPN and provide you fantastic security, Edge takes it to the home because it already comes with higher security activated, which you may tone down.

Performance Evaluation:

Of course, the big question. The performance and loading speed. As both of these are chromium-based, both offer a higher level of loading. However, we need to be honest here. Google has significantly declined over time. It is providing more spyware, adware, and much more that it seems like a profit-grabbing company. Therefore, it takes more time ultimately to load anything.

It consumes more memory and wouldn’t go easy on an old system. Therefore, unless you have a powerful high-end system, you can’t witness what Chrome really has to offer. Meanwhile, Edge seems to be smoother in operations. You can open multiple tabs, and it will load faster.

There have been many speed tests, and in Microsoft Edge vs. Google Chrome for speed, Microsoft Edge will take the victory home.

Design, Appeal, And Customization:

Now, this is something where Google seemingly excels at. You have a better design and aesthetically pleasing experience. Google Chrome is available with various theme customization options and much more. It looks overall refreshing and always great to use. Even its basic theme is quite attractive.

Meanwhile, Microsoft Edge lacks in this aspect. It seems to have a more blocking and sharp design that seems to focus on a minimalist approach. Now, if you don’t like curvy and prefer a minimalist approach, it is indeed a good choice.

microsoft edge vs chrome

Of course, you can get themes for Edge, as well. There is a little better option on the New Edge. You can change the appearance of Web-Browser’s new tab. It can be informational, inspirational, or focused. All three have a different appearance. For example, informational will also show you blogs and the latest news.

Once again, The New Edge takes the lead with a slightly better appeal for user-interactivity.

User Interface And Ease Of Use:

If we talk about the ease of use, Google Chrome has been trying to provide some brilliant choices. You have an app launcher to launch popular Google-related apps. There are bookmarks. You can share web pages directly to other apps, create shortcuts, and much more. However, it seems to have mostly what every web browser offers. Microsoft Edge is taking it up a notch.

App Launcher:

Microsoft dominates our lives with many essential apps. It shouldn’t be a surprise, but the Microsoft Edge has all of these apps in its launcher. You can directly access them from there. There is a word, outlook, and one drive. You wouldn’t expect it, but there is Skype, as well! Right there! All you have to do is launch it in-browser. So, there’s no need for you to download these apps.

Of course, Chrome has a similar approach to the apps. There’s Earth, Docs, contacts, shopping, and so on. If you’re more of an android-focused user, then it would be convenient. However, there’s no doubt that it slacks because we don’t use Google services that much.

Excellence Of Features:

microsoft edge vs chrome - Features

Truth be told, Google Chrome has become the industry’s standard (and example) for web browsers. Therefore, any feature you have on it, you will find on other Chromium-based web browsers. The same applies to Microsoft. Every feature that Google Chrome has, Microsoft Edge can do it better. Some more notable features in Edge would make this Google Chrome vs. Microsoft a one-sided match:

1. Import Everything

The New Edge allows you to import everything from Google Chrome to the browser. You can get everything like user data, extensions, bookmarks, settings, interface, and much more. So, if you’re worried about shifting to Edge and losing data, there isn’t any problem with that.

2. Collections

Chrome has bookmarks, and Edge has favorites. However, there’s another addition. Collection on Microsoft Edge allows you to store images, web pages, documents, and much more available online. By doing so, you can organize things better and access them whenever you feel the need for them. Collections even work with Pinterest, so you can save ideas too. While Bookmarks and Favorites are about saving websites and pages, collection saves complete data.

3. Immersive Reading And Read Aloud

Edge focuses more on the ease of reading and how users can have a better time on the browser. Many features like reading Aloud allow the built-in voice system to read whatever is on the web page. An immersive reading feature would focus the website for you and hide all those extra ads and data as you read any article or blog. Both of these are not available on Google Chrome.


As mentioned earlier, Old Edge was a horrible browser, but New Edge is similarly better. It seems like whatever Chrome can do, Microsoft Edge can do better. That’s not all! You have more features and ease of use with complete accessibility of Windows 10. Therefore, Edge would win this anytime. Let’s not forget it is easier on the system, doesn’t lag or consume excessive memory. Therefore, Microsoft is worth using.

Google Chrome is more for the users who significantly rely on the android apps and platform. For a regular user, Chromebook users, and other casual PC users, it would be an ideal choice, especially if you have high-end systems.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Are Chrome And Edge Free To Download?

Yes. You can download both of them for free from their official websites.


What Are Some Things To Use With A Web Browser For Security And Privacy?

You can try opting for a VPN for better privacy. These can provide you complete internet security. You will have ad-blockers, tracking prevention, anti-adware, anti-malware, and block third-party content conveniently.


What Is Chromium?

Chromium is an open-source web browser that is available for users to develop and customize in any way they like. It is a great playground for developers and a fantastic choice to develop your own web browser.



So, that’s everything you need to know about Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge. There’s no doubt that compared to the old Edge, the new Edge is significantly better. If you sincerely want the best internet performance, then Edge would be the way to go. Although Edge is great, Chrome Browser would be better for smart devices if you want cross-platform compatibility.

That’s all! You can always give both of them a try and judge by yourself.

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