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As everyone is now trapped inside due to the current situations, offices are searching for new ways to accomplish with the employees. It can be through video calls, screen sharing, virtual conferences, and other ways. Microsoft teams are one of the leading apps which can combine all of this into one application, and that’s it.

Microsoft Teams Download

No one now needs to hop between apps to share their work or to communicate.

Microsoft Teams Overview:

Teams is an application released by Microsoft in 2017. It was made available on all devices, including iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac.

Microsoft teams are the hub for teamwork that allows you to communicate and collaborate in a single location. So, you can think about it as a four solution. You have your messaging, which is a rich chat-based experience, your online meetings where you can always stay connected, as well as your calling capabilities built on their worldwide network.

Download Microsoft Teams

Also, you have your native integration with the most widely used office apps. Additionally, with all this comes their enterprise-grade security to protect your data. Some of the security features also migrate from Office, but that’s a topic for another time. As all of this is built around the web browser and the apps, you can cross platforms between devices.

Quick Steps to Download Microsoft Teams:

Steps to Download on Windows/ MAC:

  • Head on to the official website of Microsoft and navigate to Microsoft Office and download it by clicking here to get to Microsoft Teams.
    Download Microsoft Account
  • After the download is complete, install it by following the installation wizard. While installing, follow the steps and install the files on a location with free storage.
  • Once Microsoft Teams is installed on your system, create an account if you don’t have one or sign in if you already have a Microsoft account. Once done, you are good to go.
    Microsoft Teamson Windows

Steps to Download on Android:

  • Click here to install the application or visit the Play Store of your android device.
  • Search the application in the search box of the Play Store and install it.
    microsoft teams on android
  • After installing a sign in/signup to your Microsoft account and you are good to go.

Features of Microsoft Teams:

Microsoft to date is one of the best video conferencing applications, and this is because of the features it comes with. Let’s go through them one by one.

  • Activity feed: This is where you will see all the information coming in through the teams. You can use the filter button to filter out essential information present.
  • Chat: This is where you will have your private one on one chats and your group chats. You can also pin chats to the top that you use regularly. This way, you can stay efficient and also have your recent chats underneath. You can compare this section to any modern-day messaging services like WhatsApp.
  • Teams: This is where all the collaboration magic happens. You can also join in on multiple teams as an organization one can also decide whether they want to have a team on a department level or at a project level. Every team has a set of channels. Channels is a shared workspace where you can communicate and collaborate in a single location about a particular topic. There are different channels available too. If the channel is in bold letters, it means that there is new information in there that you haven’t read yet.
  • Translator: When you work with people worldwide, you can expect them to write in their native language. Don’t worry if you don’t know the language; with their inline translation feature, you can translate any English language. It supports up to 44 different languages, and their database keeps on updating regularly.
  • Working with external partners/guests: When people outside your team want to help you and contribute to your project, you can welcome them by using this feature. The outsider will be labeled as a guest. So, you can quickly know who is a part of the organization.
  • Composing a message: You can compose a message with some rich text editing options. Here you can add a subject, use bullet points, as well as make the message meaningful. You can even highlight the things which you feel are essential. Also, hyperlink text. The best part, you can also attach a file for someone to review. For some fun conversations, you can use emojis and GIFs.
  • Attachments: When you attach something here, it uploads the file into your team’s repository. Which is easily accessible to the top of the team’s column. In the back end, you will be using SharePoint, so all the features will be available on Teams. You can also upload Excel or PowerPoint or any other document and quickly start collaborating with your teammates. It becomes super seamless for an average person to download it and start integrating with teams.
  • Project management (Power BI): You can customize your shared workspace using this feature. You can do this by pinning the file or adding a third-party app or service. You have your content in real-time, just a click away. The possibilities are endless in this section. You can also integrate the to-do list. It’s not just Microsoft applications. Their app store has a wide variety of apps that will help you a lot in your projects.
  • Meetings and Calendar: Microsoft teams have a complete meeting solution. It supports sharing, video, and audio conferencing. There is a space where you can view your daily meetings. You can also schedule your meetings from the platform. You can also create a live event that can hold up to 10,000 participants and participate in real-time.
  • Meetings column: Here, you can see all the scheduled meetings, the attendees, chat with the participants; you can also set up text-based chat channels. You can click on join, and one of the best features of teams is: before actually joining the meeting, it gives a pre-join screen. If you want to mute your mic, or turn your camera off, turn off the audio. If many people are pre-joined into the call, the Microsoft Team will mute the microphone button by default.
  • Sharing in a meeting: When you click on the share button, you can share your desktop if you want that. You can also share individual windows using remote app capabilities, even PowerPoint files, or any other document files that are part of your most recently used documents.
  • Blur effect: You can blur your background to stay focused on the meeting. This also helps you maintain the privacy that you want.
  • Recording: They also added the ability to record your meetings. This is helpful if you miss a meeting, or you want to go back and review it. The recorded file goes into the team’s upgrade section. You can click on it and view the whole meeting. Sometimes if you don’t have the time to watch the whole meeting, with their transcription services powered by Microsoft Stream, you can turn on the caption and see precisely what’s being said. But here’s the catch you can also search for specific keywords. When you find your desired result, you can click on that, and the meeting recording will jump to that specific point. It’s also a great feature to see whether you were mentioned in the meeting or not.
  • PSTN calling: You have all of your call controls here; your phone number, you have your speed dial, your favorites, as well all your contacts, your call history, as well as your voicemail.
  • Teams admin center: This is where you can manage all the aspects around teams such as messaging, meetings, and other org-wide settings. You can check into teams, and you can see every other team you have created. You can edit a pre-existing one or create a brand-new team. In the user’s section, you will see all the users in your teams. There are also policies that you can assign to the meetings which you host. The Messaging section will define the chat experience that you have with someone.

Microsoft Teams: Pros & Cons



  • They can provide features that no other competitor has even thought of doing.
  • They have the best security as they are integrated with Office 365.
  • As Microsoft has massive servers, the quality of the meetings is relatively better in comparison.
  • The support with Microsoft apps helps the collaboration.



  • Requires a stable internet speed to make high quality video calls


Microsoft Teams can be managed the same way in which you manage the rest of your Office 365 apps. Do not worry about security. The same controls you are using in the security compliance center and apply it to teams. It is best for organizations that want to adopt the new normal. I hope you got some idea about Microsoft Teams after going through our article. If you have any opinions or questions regarding Microsoft Teams, drop it in the comment box below.

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