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Are you also wondering which one would take the reign as the best show? Is it a Money heist, or would you take a side with Breaking bad? Let’s be honest. Breaking Bad still hosts the record for being the highest-rated TV show of all time. Various critics and websites admire it, and it is something that everyone ‘must watch.’ Even if it is for social or peer pressure, people have watched it to stay in the loop. So let’s move into the in-depth comparison between Money Heist vs Breaking Bad.

Money Heist VS Breaking Bad

Meanwhile, La Casa De Papel (Money Heist) has also managed to stir up a similar kind of Phenomenon. It has become well-loved and something everyone should watch. Both of these are crime-thriller-dramas with a lot going on and multicast production. Both of these are among the top-rated shows of all time. So, let’s find out which one is the best in the article!

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Money Heist Or Breaking Bad – Synopsis

1. Breaking Bad – Synopsis

Breaking Bad is about a regular and sincere chemistry teacher, Walter White. He is quite a genius but leads a simple life. One day, he gets diagnosed with lung cancer, which sends him spiraling down. After that, the family’s concern regarding financial stability leads Walter White to get caught up in the drug world. It all starts with Jesse Pinkman, a meth-head boy who was also Walter’s student once upon a time. This rag-tag duo ends up in a lot of problems.

Breaking Bad

We see the series evolving from Walter White being a simple man to turning into a ‘badass’ drug lord over time. There is good light on the personal, professional, and crime world. So much that we see family drama to crime drama all in this delightful show.

2. Money Heist – Synopsis

Money Heist is about ‘Professor’ who gathers around a team. It is also a rag-tag group of Misfits. However, they are all quite good at what they do. Their objective was to rob Spain’s greatest bank ‘The Royal Mint.’ Over time, we see a lot happening between the group members. Some develop friction while others get along better. In the end, they end up becoming more like a family. In these regards, it even gives the feeling of the ‘Fast And Furious’ movie franchise, and you can’t help but compare it to it.

Money Heist Season 5 - The FInal

After Netflix’s renewal, we see the stakes getting higher with the gang as they have to rescue a friend that was theirs. However, it remains a brilliant show and something you can’t stop watching with intelligent plans, innovative break-ins, and much more. It is quite an enthralling approach to a simple ‘heist’ type show.

Money Heist VS Breaking Bad – Themes, Characters, And Other Aspects

Breaking Bad is about a guy who is indeed turning into a bad person. He was a simple man making a living until his life got into havoc and activated a series of events. One after another, we see Walter rising higher in the ranks, and each season brings higher stakes.

We can see a similar approach with Money Heist. However, the two shows are completely different in Setups. First of all, Money Heist is set in a specific day or two heists. Meanwhile, Breaking Bad happens over the course of days, weeks, or even months. So, in the time span, it is longer.

The next thing to notice is that Breaking Bad’s theme seems to be like ‘Family Isn’t Everything’ As he grows closer to Jesse, almost like his son. Meanwhile, in Breaking Bad, we also see the people not getting along together at first, but they become a family. There isn’t any real angle about the Family unless we get Denver with his kid.

In both of these series, the characters are often pushed off the rails to their sanity. They have to make challenging decisions that can change everything for everyone. Often, we come across something that feels heartbreaking or even leaves us breathless that we can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next!

Seasons & Episodes:

Breaking Bad had five seasons with a total of 62 episodes. It was a brilliant conclusion to the fascinating story. Meanwhile,  Money Heist is also set for the fifth and final season in the series. It seemingly has fewer episodes on the counter, as well.

Breaking Bad seasons

In the fourth season, we have up to 31 episodes. Even if we get our hopes up for up to 10 episodes in the series finale, it will still reach 41 episodes, maybe 42 at best. That is still remarkable.

money heist all seasons

Now, if you’re someone who likes to watch longer series, Money Heist is great but won’t match Breaking Bad’s length. Meanwhile, if you’re a quick watcher and prefer a shorter time with expansion on the story, Money Heist is great.

Documentaries & Movies:

Both of the shows have had documentaries made on them. These documentaries expand on how or why these shows have become a world phenomenon. There’s no doubt that Breaking Bad is widely recognized as one of the best TV shows ever. But we have seen a similar uproar for Money Heist, especially with the season that aired in April 2020 that pushed it to world fame. If you check that out, you understand it is quite catchy, as well.

Breaking Bad is a little ahead of the curve with a brilliant movie El Camino, a continuation of Jesse Pinkman. Meanwhile, we have a documentary for Money Heist, but there isn’t any specific movie available. There’s no announcement either.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Where Can You Watch Breaking Bad And Money Heist?

Both of these series are available on Netflix, and you would need Netflix’s subscription to watch them. However, there is a complete collection of all seasons, documentaries, and movies. You can easily watch it there. Some other streamers might also have the right to it, but this is the best option you have.


What Are Some Other Shows Like Money Heist Or Breaking Bad?

If you are looking for mystery, thriller, love, crime, drama, and everything, the list can include way too many shows. But we will try to talk about some of the most acclaimed shows (Critically).

Prison Break is quite similar to La Casa De Papel because of it’s ‘breaking out of high-security facility’ approach. There are two brothers, and it is all about using your genius to get out of a pickle.

Ozark is very similar to Breaking Bad. We have an average accountant who ends up going into a drug trade business and ultimately has to resort to extreme measures to safeguard his family.

Apart from these two, Bodyguard is becoming quite an anticipated and high-rated show that you must watch.


Will There Be Another Season For Money Heist And Breaking Bad?

According to the sources and producers, money Heist will receive the fifth season, and it will be the finale. Meanwhile, Breaking Bad has already received its final season, and there was a recent movie. The El Camino movie answered the question of whether Walter White is still alive or not. So, there won’t be any further seasons, it seems.



Breaking Bad remains the top-rated show and would be, by default, the best. However, if It wasn’t for the lack of rating, Money Heist is quite appealing as well. Both of these have a different approach to things and still maintain a brilliant story, script, and characters’ personality. Therefore, if you’ve seen both, that’s great! If not, then it’s about time to watch both of them!

If you still need an answer to which one is the best. Then it will come down to your decision and preference. Everyone in this world has a different taste.

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