Monster Hunter is the new hot topic on the internet, especially for users waiting for the release for a long time. With the release of the trailer, the wait is almost over! If you are curious about what comes with Monster Hunter, we have got your back.

Monster Hunter Movie

In this post, we have listed all the crucial information you need to know about Monster Hunter, including the cast and crew, release date, the plot, and more.

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About Monster Hunter: Story & Trailer

Paul W. S. Anderson and the movie are based on a very famous video game series named Campion, a huge fan base. Paul W.S. Anderson’s wife, Milla Jovovich, plays the protagonist in the movie; it’s the 5th time working together as director and main actress.

Paul W. S. Anderson started the creation of this movie in 2012. The formal announcement of this movie was by Capcom in October 2018 with Constantin film production. Monster Hunter movie is shot in Cape Town, South Africa. This movie’s shooting began on October 5, 2018, and it got completed on December 19, 2018.


Monster Hunter was released in the United States on December 18, 2020, and in China on December 4, 2020, by Sony Pictures Entertainment. Critics have appreciated the movie for its visual effects and action, but the screenplay and editing fall back in screenplay and editing.

Monster Hunter: Full Cast and Crew

monster hunter cast

  • Milla Jovovich played the movie’s protagonist; her character name is captain Natalie Artemis.
  • Tony Jaa played ‘The Hunter,’ one of the warriors that fight monsters.
  • Clifford “T.I.” Harris, Jr. as Lincoln
  • Diego Boneta played a character named Marshall.
  • Meagan Good played a character named Dash.
  • Jonah  Helman played Steeler.
  • Jin Au- Yeung played Axe.
  • Ron Perlman is seen in The Admiral’s role, who is a chieftain of a group of Hunters.
  • Hirona Yamazaki played  Handler.
  • Nic Rasenti played  Sergeant Roark.
  • Nanda Costa as Serious Handler
  • Aaron Beelner played Palico.

Monster Hunter Review – The Plot

The movie’s story goes with a ‘New World’, where the humans lived peacefully with the huge monster species. A ship is attached in which a ‘Hunter’( A warrior trained to kill monsters and creatures) gets separated from his teammates.

In the real human world, the Captain of the United States Army ‘Natalie Artemis’ and her army were looking for missing soldiers in the desert; suddenly, a massive storm appeared, which took Artemis and her army into a portal to the New World.

monster hunter release date

Artemis and the US army find remains of the missing soldiers in the New World. A subterranean monster called ‘Diablos’ approaches them. From another point, the Hunter keeps observing the Artemis squad and the monster. He tries to warn Artemis with bullets and grenades, because of which the Diablos attacks and kills many members from the squad of Artemis.

Running from there, the few survivors try to hide in a cave where they encounter a pack of creatures like spiders called Nersyllas. Later everyone gets killed, but only ‘Natalie Artemis’ survives; while trying to escape, she runs into the ‘Hunter,’ where they fight before agreeing to cooperate to stay alive. Hunter and  Artemis learn about the portal and that it is created by a Sky Tower( a structure located across the desert). Hunter also tells Artemis that to reach the Tower, they have to kill Diablos.

Artemis learns to fight with Hunter’s unique blade-like weapon and sets a trap to kill Diablos and Nersyllas venom. The trap was successful, but Hunter gets badly injured and wounded; Artemis dutifully carries wounded Hunter on a makeshift stretcher across the desert.

Both of them reach an Oasis polluted by herbivores tortoise-looking creatures called Apceros. Hunter tells Artemis that his family and the missing soldiers that Artemis was looking for was killed by Rathalos, a dragon-like creature who breathes fire.


Rathalos flies over, which creates panic in Apceros, leading them to stampede in this panic situation. Artemis and Hunter are rescued by a group of hunters and their chieftain, the ‘Admiral.’ Admiral & Artemis finds out that the first civilization created the Tower to inhabit the new world monsters are to protect them.

Artemis agrees with Hunter and Admiral to kill Rathalos so that she can go back home. The war begins between Artemis’ army and Ranthlos, but after the battle, Artemis falls through a portal into the Real World. Still, unfortunately, the portal does not shut down in time, leading the Rathalos to break and destroy the portal. Artemis tries to proceed for Hunter to slip through the doorway and deliver its fatal shot.

Artemis has the chance to stay in the real world, but she chooses to go back to New World and remain with the Hunters, but then the Admiral reaches to Artemis, informing her about another monster, a black wyvern called ‘Gore Magala.

He tells Artemis that as soon as the portal remains open, there will be a constant threat of monsters passing through the real world; with this, Artemis and the Hunters have a new mission to seal the portal for the sake of the real world.

Monster Hunter: Release Date 

  • The Monster Hunter movie was released in China on the 4th of December, 2020.
  • In the US, the Monster Hunter movie was released on the 18th of December, 2020.
  • In the Netherlands, Monster Hunter was released on the 3rd of December, 2020.
  • Monster Hunter movie was released in the United Kingdom on 29th of January, 2021

On digital movie services, the Monster Hunter release is scheduled to start from the 16th of  February, 2021, and the retail Blu-ray edition to release on the 2nd of March, 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions:


When will Monster Hunter 2020 release?

The Monster Hunter movie will be released on 3rd December 2020.


Where was Monster Hunter shot?

Like the last of the Residential Evil adaptations, the Monster Hunter movie is shot in Cape Town in  South Africa.


Does Netflix have Monster Hunter?

No! Monster Hunter is not available to stream on Netflix.



Monster Hunter movie is an entertaining movie for people who love the gaming and action-adventure films genre. The movie has a great cast and has the right critics in terms of its visual graphics. It’s a must-watch movie for teenagers and those who like science fiction. We hope you found all the information about the Monster Hunter movie in our article useful. Did you watch the movie yet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.

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