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Which is the most liked video on YouTube? If someone asks to make the list of most-liked YouTube videos, you may end with Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, or Justin Bieber. However, you’re probably far from the truth. YouTube nowadays acts as a gold mine for budding entrepreneurs trying to get name and fame by uploading their content. Not all the videos get millions of likes and views from the audience. Some videos may end without getting single like too. That’s why, in this article, we’ll talk about the top ten most liked YouTube videos and how many likes these videos received. So, let’s get started.

Top 10 Most Liked Youtube Videos

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List of Top 10 Most Liked Videos on YouTube:

  1. Despacito
  2. See You Again
  3. Shape of You
  4. Baby Shark Dance
  5. Dynamite
  6. Faded
  7. Boy with Luv
  8. Psy Gangnam Style
  9. Alone
  10. How You Like That

So let’s dive in.

1. Despacito- Luis Fonsi Featuring Daddy Yankee

  • No of Likes: 42 million

Luis Fonsi Despacito’s song claims to beat all the competition and grab the top place in 10 most liked videos on YouTube for 900 days. Besides that, Despacito also won the title of the most-viewed watched video on YouTube and made history with 6.6 billion views and still counting.


One cannot deny that this mega-hit record also places its name in the Guinness world record by its achievements with seven more variants. Though the Malaysian government banned it due to its offensive lyrics, it still wins millions of hearts.

2. See You Again- Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

  • No of Likes: 32 million likes

See you again dedicated to Paul Walker, who died in the car accident in 2013. This mesmerizing video became the most liked video on YouTube. Wiz Khalifa’s single record now sits in the second position.


Start with a beautiful scenic sunset shot accompanied by the sweet voice of Puth and gentle piano. The picturesque scene of the Fast and the Furious is interspersed in all videos. Like the song Taki Taki it also has different fan bases all over the world.

3. The Shape of You- Ed Sheeran

  • No of Like: 25 million likes

Sheeran is back with another mega-hit dance song. More than that, it also became the fastest to hit one billion views on YT. It was originally written for Rihanna, but he kept this song for himself because he didn’t satisfy the lyrics.


But today, this record also became the biggest hit of the year 2017 and the second most-watched video on YouTube and other platforms. There is something about boxing that makes this video the biggest hit or probably the sumo watch of the year.

4. Baby Shark dance- Pinkfong

  • No of Likes: 24 million likes

You may wonder how a kid’s song became so popular and the biggest viral hits of the day. It leads to a dance craze in kids. The Lebanese protest used this baby shark by Pinkfong to calm the 15 months old boy.


It, so far, is the best and one of the most bizarre entries on the top list. Although this dance video received so many likes, this was also the truth that it also won the place in the most disliked video of the year.

5. Dynamite

  • No of Like: 23 million likes

Dynamite by BTS is another new entry in the list of top ten most liked videos on YT. This was the first video by BTS that made huge success and earned the place in the best videos to watch right now.


The song was picturized well with different color contrasting backgrounds. The official trailer was uploaded in August 2020. But, today it gains the place in the list of most liked videos on Youtube.

6. Faded- Alan Walker

  • No of Likes: 21.88 million likes

Faded track by Alan Walker reached the top ten list in all countries in 2015. This was the first commercial success video by Walker that translated into massive YouTube likes. Faded also became the top-performing singles around the world but doing phenomenal in Scandinavian countries.


The song was filmed across different landmarks in Estonia, and it has quite an edge and has mostly dilapidated settings, which is too much to get on No 1 place on the list.

7. Boy with Luv- BTS ft, Halsey

  • No of Likes: 20.49 million likes

BTS boys is another best track that hit the list of most liked videos on YT. This time, the American pop star, Halsey, joins the top ten most like YT videos. Moreover, this track was also their last appearance, but no one believes that this record will last forever in everyone’s hearts and become the most liked video on YouTube.


Nevertheless, it was not so far, the song uploaded on YT. Still, this song remains on the top of the most-liked and most viewed videos on YT.

8. Gangnam Style- Psy

  • No of Likes: 20.43 million likes

The dance track was uploaded on July 15, 2012, and it feels like history now. The Gangnam style got viral and came out as the biggest hit of the year, making everyone hit the dance floor. Spawning endless radio plays and dancing movies, this was the first YT video to hit one billion views and remain the most liked YouTube video for more than 1400 days.


To date, no one forgets about the iconic dance movies. The additive beats and funny horse trot dance moves made this song the most like video on YT. Despite receiving some negative criticism, the popular song wins millions of hearts.

9. Alone- Marshmello

No of Likes: 19.07 million likes

With the most significant number of people subscribed to YT, it was expected that Marshmello would receive a huge number of likes too. DJs video and music producer Marshmello video came out in July 2016.


Alone is one such video to which the high school survivor can relate quickly and tells a boy who gets bullied in the school outcast. The little thing that everyone knows is that a classmate discovers the hidden talent, takes out DJ equipment, and starts a dance party. Rest is the history that we know. This song seems to be the biggest hit and achieve the place in the top ten most liked videos on YT.

10. How You Like That: Blackpink

  • No of Like: 18.53 million likes

Last in the list of top ten most liked videos on YouTube is by Blackpink. How You Like That, becomes the mega hit and thumbs up with 18.53 million likes now. More than that, this video also gained a name in the fastest one billion views list.


The premier of the How You Like That by Blackpink was launched on YouTube in June 2020 within seven days this video became the most viewed video on YT. However, the story of success didn’t stop here, because now this video is on the way to snatch the place in the top ten most viewed YT videos and keep on earning likes.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which music video wins the place in the top ten most liked videos on YT?

Despacito is the music video that wins the place in the top ten most liked YOUTUBE videos.


Which music video receives the highest number of comments on YouTube?

Psy Gangnam Style is the music video that receives the highest number of comments on YouTube.


Which is the non-music video to receive maximum likes on YouTube?

PewDiePie rewind is the first non-music video that receives a maximum number of likes.



YouTube is all set to make new records and history with iconic videos and songs. But so far, these are the ten videos that received billions of likes on YouTube till now. However, the list is never-ending, and millions of artists are sending in the queue to get maximum likes and win audience hearts.

Let’s see which video crosses the bar of these songs and grab the place in the top ten most liked videos on YouTube.



All the information present in this article is sourced from online resources and YouTube. Also, it is subjective to changes based on location, date, and other such factors.


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