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YouTube floods with various trending videos daily and every hour. But which is the most viewed YouTube videos as of now? This could be the most trending question till now. Stay Tune here! In this article, we’ve compiled up the list of the top 15 most viewed videos on YouTube. So, check out what’s big rolling on the YouTube channel right now. Let’s read further.

List of Top 15 Most Viewed Videos on YouTube:

  1. Baby Shark Dance (7.4 Billion Views)
  2. Despacito ft. Daddy Yankee (7.1 Billion Views)
  3. The shape of You-Ed Sheeran (5.1 Billion Views)
  4. See You Again-Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth (4.9 Billion Views)
  5. Johny Johny, Yes Papa (4.5 Billion Views)
  6. Recipe for Disaster-Masha and The Bear (4.3 Billion Views)
  7. Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars  (4 Billion Views)
  8. Psy Gangnam Style (3.9 Billion Views)
  9. Sorry (3.3 Billion Views)
  10. Sugar (3.3 Billion Views)
  11. Roar (3.2 Billion)
  12. Counting Stars (3.1 Billion Views)
  13. Thinking Out Loud (3.1 Billion Views)
  14. Shake it Off (3 Billion Views)
  15. Bailando (2.9 Billion Views)

So let’s dive in.

Top 15 Most Popular Video on YouTube with Maximum Views

1. Baby Shark Dance-Pinkfong

Baby Shark Dance started its journey as the campfire video recorded by Eren Newton. The education company of South Korea shaped this video, but it quickly went viral. It instantly hit the bar of 7.4 billion views. Parents and children love this favourite video of all time.

Even though it receives so much popularity, this song video is also hitting its place in the most disliked video list. The reason might be the exaggerated parents who feel it is annoying.

2. Despacito ft Daddy Yankee-Luis Fonsi

Despacito is the global megahit in 2017. Besides that, this song also entered the list of top ten charts of 47 countries. It is the first song that touched the billboard 100 in Spanish. Plus, this is the only video that touches the bar of both three and four billion views on YT.

Overall, this music video received 6.65 billion views now and has become the first Spanish record that reaches the number one position in the USA. It also features the Puerto Rican rapper, the popular Daddy Yankee.

3. The Shape of You-Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran also joins Katy Perry as the second artist having two videos on the list. The shape of you is the most famous pop number that draws the number one place in 34 countries. This music video also features Jennie Pegouskie, a famous American dancer, and Yamamotoyama Ryuta, the retired sumo wrestler.  No matter which country you live in, you will probably listen to the Ed Sheeran song.

Besides that, this tracking number also grabs the first position in the singles charts of forty-four countries. This song’s immense popularity also makes it able to grab the place in Billboard Year-End hot 100 singles in 2017. The official video became the fastest music video to reach 1 billion views on YT.

4. See You Again-Wiz Khalifa ft. Charlie Puth

Wiz Khalifa wrote this track for the Furious seven movie to pay tribute to Paul Walker. But soon, this song breaks all the records on YouTube and finally breaks the Gangnam Style record.

It holds the number one position for a month. The main reason for this success maybe because it was themed for the movie Furious 7. This track uploaded to YouTube on July 10, 2017, and spent more than twelve weeks on Top US Billboard 100 and soon reached number one place in other countries. Moreover, this also holds the record of most-streamed single track on Spotify in the USA one day.

5. Jonny Jonny, Yes Papa-LooLoo Kids

This is perhaps the first of three videos made for the kids and become the popular viewed YouTube. By the time it joins the list of billion views YT video.

This animate rhyme originated in Kenya and was uploaded on YouTube in 2009, and its recent version went viral, and all thanks to the YT for this much fame.

6. Recipe for Disaster-Masha and The Bear

You must be surprised to watch this kid video on the list of the most-viewed videos on YouTube. Perhaps this is a non-music kid’s animated show that was initially made in the Russian language. Its episode 17 is also dubbed in the English language.

And all the episodes received more than 1 billion likes and views now. One of the exceptional reasons for this huge popularity is that the Masha was dressed in a folk costume, and her legs are covered. This is perhaps the first non-music viewed video on YT till now, which gained so much popularity.

7. Uptown Funk- Mark Ronson ft. Bruno Mars

The Uptown funk was the first song in the USA that stands in number one position for fourteen consecutive weeks. Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars also charged together on copyright issues and five other occasions.

Two of their cases were settled, while two other cases are ongoing. Despite the controversy, this record reached the top place in the charts on US billboard 100. Moreover, this song also grabs the title of the second best selling single song of the year 2015. Plus, this music video also wins two Grammy awards. This video received 2.8 billion views to date.

8. Psy Gangnam Style

Arguably the Psy Gangnam style grabs the top spot in the YT most viewed videos to the time. With 3.53 billion views, the song becomes the unexpected megahit that sets new records. The song has become popular in the audience until now, from the dance moves to its entertaining music.

On 15 July 2012, it was uploaded from the official account of Psy, and by November 24, this dance song was ready to break the record of Bieber’s songs and coveted number one spot on YouTube. But that does not just end, because this song remains on the top spot for 1,689 days. Moreover, it reaches 1 billion viewed on YT.

9. Sorry- Justin Bieber

There is no surprise that Justin Bieber has his music video on YT in the top ten. The Sorry song by Bieber topped the thirteen countries’ charts and remained for seven weeks on the top place. Moreover, people bought ten million copies of this dance song in 2016.

Sorry became the fifth-fastest YT video, which crosses the bar of 1 billion views and the fourth fastest to cross the 2 billion views. This song also received the title of most-viewed YT video and most video videos on YouTube.

10. Sugar-Maroon

With 3.14 billion views, this song joins the list of most innovative songs of the year. The video is genuine and featuring one attendee. It peaked over the number 2 place on the US billboard 100.

It impressively crashes the weddings shown in the video. This is the reason why it gained so much fame and became the second-best video on YouTube. David Dobkin and Maroon band worked together on this music video and created such a marvelous song.

11. Roar-Katy Perry

Roar is Katy Perry’s middle of the road pop music video that went to number one in many countries. She released this song for her Prism album. The lyrics of the songs depict self-empowerment and standing on yourself. This video wins the title of most viewed videos and is certified as the Diamond by the Recording Industry Association of America. Katy Perry is also the first female artist to receive three Diamond Awards.

This video tells a fictional story of Katy adapting to the jungle life after surviving the plane crash. In July 2015, this song crossed one billion views on YT. She is the artist who also has two video songs that exceed milestones.

12. Counting Stars- One Republic

This is perhaps the first video from the band to reach 1 billion views on YT. This music video comes from the most famous band in America, One Republic. After the release of the song, within a week, it sold more than one million copies.

This featured the band performing in the building’s melancholy ground floor, which is surrounded by the interspersed scene of the people and hanging light bulbs, in the religious revival service, dancing with the song.

13. Thinking Out Loud- Ed Sheeran

There is no doubt that he is the most popular artist on Spotify, and his success was depicted on YouTube. This video features Sheeran performing in the Ballroom dance with the USA contestant in the show. Thinking Out Loud spent more than 19 weeks in the top 40 list of UK popular songs before reaching number one spot.

In June 2015, this track became the first single song that spends an entire year on the UK top 40 list. More than that, it became the first video that streamed over 500 million times on Spotify. This is the first most viewed video on YT and the first video on its own, which stands for the whole year.

14. Shake it Off- Taylor Swift

We are talking about the most viewed YouTube songs and how one can forget the Shake it Off. This single track is a worldwide hit with 2 billion likes. Moreover, endless memes also produce on this track.

Taylor Swift streamed this song in August 2014 and made this song available to download digitally on the same day. Surprisingly, the Shake it off becomes the most successful Billboard’s hot 100 lists. Meanwhile, the track stays on the chart for fifty consecutive weeks. The hip-hop video features dances, which are choreographed by Tyce Diorio.

15. Bailando- Enrique Iglesias

Indeed, this was the first Spanish language video that collected one billion views on YouTube. Bailando is another popular video that internationally appealed to on YouTube.

Enrique Iglesias also records two of its versions in the Portuguese language. Bailando also acts as the theme track for the Soap opera Reina De Corazones.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the most viewed video on YouTube in 2020?

Baby Shark Dance and Despacito is the most viewed video on YT in 2020.

Suggest the top five videos on YouTube of all time?

See You Again, Gangnam Style, Baby Shark Dance, Shape of You, and Despacito are the top five videos on YT of all time.

How many YouTube videos hit the fastest one billion views?

Gangnam Style is the first video that hit one billion views.


For decades, YouTube is gaining popularity and keeps on entertaining us with these most viewed videos on YT. Some videos like Sorry, Gangnam Style, Despacito catch one billion bars within a week, while some still record the most viewed videos.