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Do you want a fitness tracker that helps track your calories, count your steps, and monitor your heart rate? A fitness tracking watch can help to track all your activities. But wearing it all day long isn’t a great option. That’s being said, finding the right fitness tracker that can be wearable all day is quite a tricker. Because now a plethora of high-tech fitness gadgets are available to you, and that creates a puzzle while searching for the best one. In that case, the Motiv Ring can be a breeze for you. In this post, we have featured Motiv Ring review to help you get detailed insights into it.

Motiv ring review from experts

In this post, I will explain everything about Motive Ring and what features it offers to you. Before that, let me explain what it is.

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What is Motiv Ring?

Basically, it’s a fitness tracker ring that helps to track your sleep cycle, count down your steps, monitor heart activity, and how many calories you have burnt while exercising. Isn’t great to wear a ring instead of a fitness tracking watch.

Here, I will provide you with a detailed Motiv ring review that helps to decide whether this Motiv ring is worth you or not. So, let’s start with its detailed features.

Motiv Ring Review – Features & Compatibility 

While reviewing this Motiv ring, I consider all the basic features available in a fitness tracking watch. So, let’s together take a deep dive into the post and know about every feature that it offers to you.

1. Size of the Ring

Motiv Ring available to you in seven different ring sizes so that you can choose accurately what suits you best. You will get a ring sizing kit that helps you find the ideal ring size for your finger.

Size of the motiv Ring

Moreover, you can select different colors and sizes from the smart ring sizing kit. Once you select the perfect ring size, your Motiv ring will be delivered to you. The design of the Motiv ring is super sleek and doesn’t look bulky over your finger.

2. Sleep Tracking

Agree that many fitness gadgets available to you aren’t comfortable to wear while sleeping. But thanks to this Motive ring that is comfortable to wear even in the nighttime. More than that, it allows you to track your sleep cycle. Its sleep tracking feature helps to fall asleep much faster.

Sleep Tracking of motiv ring

It tracks your resting heart rate and analyzes this data to check when you fall asleep. Additionally, this tracker will monitor all the sleep moments, such as sleep interruption or the restless behavior that disturb your sleep.

This Motiv ring will also show you how many hours you sleep during the night. The information that you collect will help to make changes in sleep and reduce your sleep interruption. Besides that, it could be your perfect answer to the question of how many hours you sleep daily.

3. Heart Rate Tracking

This smart ring features a heart rate sensor that is present inside the Motive ring’s flat edge. It comes on the bottom side of the ring to quickly read the capillaries’ activity. Heart rate tracking sensors allow you to monitor the heartbeat rate and other things as well.

The best part is you can easily sync the data you have collected into your phone to have a record of everything at your fingertips.  This is amongst the best fitness trackers available to you because it also helps to count down the resting heart rate. You can say that you have an eagle eye on your overall health and body activities with this small Motiv ring.

4. Battery Life

The Motiv ring has a Lithium-ion battery and a three-axis accelerometer. This provides you long-lasting battery life that makes it workable for three days without charging. Besides that, you’ll get two USB chargers out of which one is attached as a key chain, so you can charge it anywhere without worrying. This motive ring takes around 90 minutes to charge it completely. The extended battery life will help to keep you away from the hassled of charging over and over again.

Battery Life

This ring has magnetic strips that help to connect to the charger quickly. The LED light flashed green light when it charged fully. Another impressive feature of this ring is that it is highly resistant to water up to 165 feet. This means you can wear it even if you are relaxing in the pool, taking a shower, or while washing your dishes.

Additional Features:

This smart ring offers you complete personalized tracking insight so that you can monitor all the activity levels such as total distance traveled, number of steps taken, calories, heart activity, and your sleep cycle.

All the information that you collect will be displayed in the Motiv app. You can even set your own fitness goals. I love this smart ring because it automatically adjusts your fitness goals once you reach your target. So, you can seamlessly improve your health and avoid all the issues.

Motiv App

You can check the apps available for different operating system below:

For AndroidClick here

For iOSClick here

There is a “Circle” feature that allows you to share your information with friends and family. Another impressive feature of this Motiv ring is you can measure your active minutes and how many calories burned.

Motiv App

When you reach your fitness goals, it automatically flashes the indicator LED light to the top of this. The only downside is you cannot check the device’s activities, and you need to sync all the data either into your phone or watch through the app. This also provides you a security key and two-step verification process that is functional using Motiv’s WalkID technology.


Motiv Ring is one of the best trackers that I have seen till now. Firstly, when this ring was launched, the ring was only compatible and available for iOS only. But now this ring has huge popularity as the best fitness trackers. So, this ring is now compatible with Android devices as well.

Along with the Android support, you will also have Motiv App to export the data to the Apple Health app. Plus, this also provides you various integration options like Alexa and Google Fit. All these options make data syncing a breeze. Moreover, you will also have a Bluetooth connectivity option that allows you to sync data easily. The daily activity data that you collect can easily be transferable with the Motiv App.



  • Sleek design and comfortable to wear all day long
  • Three days battery backup
  • Three days battery backup when fully charged
  • Accurate data analysis and available in rose gold color



  • A sleep tracking graph can be better.
  • It doesn’t show you accurate timing when rates are low.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Does this Motiv ring help to track down the steps?

Yes, this will help to track down the steps. This Motiv ring is also helpful in tracking the sleep cycle and heartbeat.


Is this Motiv Ring being costly?

No, it is not costly. This will hardly cost you around $200.


Which one is better, a Motiv Ring or an Oura Ring?

Motive Ring is undoubtedly better in terms of features and price. It provides you an accurate rate and is highly compatible with android and iOS phones.



Motiv ring is one of the best fitness tracking devices available right now. It has titanium coating over the top that makes it extra durable and long-lasting. More than that, its sleep cycle recording feature allows you to track down your sleep cycle, heart activity rate, and step counting, etc. The best thing is you can wear this fitness tracker all day without worrying.

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