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Do you know your favorite Netflix shows going to be Off-Air and canceled soon? It’s sad but true! Dropping popularity, the rising cost of the cast members, and, of course, the pandemic crisis pushed the production to cancel some shows. Of course, we are fond of shows for years like Dead to Me and Dear White People. But as we know that good things soon came to an end, these shows also came to an end quickly.

Top Netflix Cancelled and Renewed Shows

It’s time to check out which one of your favorite shows has been canceled or renewed for another season. So, let’s gaze at these shows for the last time together.

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Netflix Shows That Has Been Cancelled/Renewed in 2021:

Here is the list of the top 20 Netflix shows that are canceled in 2021. Check out the list to know why they are canceled or whether they are returning with another season or not.

1. Ozark

  • Status: Renewed for the Season 4

Ozark is the fan’s favorite Tv series which will end soon in 2021 with two parts of the fourth season. This show was Netflix, one of the original content series that gained huge popularity in every season.


The show has received numerous nominations of awards and also won various titles, including two Emmy Awards and Guild Award. It’s fourth and also final season is split into two equal parts. Each part constitutes seven episodes. But now the director is taking a break from the series and giving it a memorable finish.

2. Dead to Me

  • Status: Renewed for Season 3

Unfortunately, this Netflix great series is coming to an end in 2021. Dead to Me will soon out and end with its final and third season with a great kick of comedy. The season 3 running on Netflix wasn’t enough to showcase the relevancy of the space culture.

Dead to Me

Time has changed, and now the audience and fans of the shows need to say goodbye to this show and Judy and Jenny. To the date, the show was stealing the heart of the audience with its knocking story and dark humorous comedy. However, it’s not off-air yet. So, let’s take a glimpse of this final season before it ends.

3. Lucifer

  • Status: Renewed for Season 6

Another great Netflix show that was coming to an end was Lucifer. Over time, Lucifer won the odds. But Fox production canceled the series after season three and season 4. Surprisingly, when Fox announced that season 5 could be the show’s final season, all the fans gave so much love to the season.

Lucifer Season 6 Release Date

That could be the reason production stopped twice to take this show off-air. But this time, the huge fanbase will be a little disappointed as this show will be off-air soon. The good news is the streaming services recently made a statement that Lucifer will return for the sixth season.

4. You

  • Status: Renewed for Season 3

There are only rare Netflix series that gain huge popularity and streaming success. This Netflix show is amongst the most famous series. But unfortunately, this popular psychological thriller series is also coming to an end. Another statement that the production has made that these series come with season 3 in 2021. So, soon you will get the most striking twist and turns.


This story of the You is based on the novel by Caroline Kepnes. Penn Badgley was starring in the movie as a bookseller. In the second season, this seller was a movie from New York to Los Angeles. This could be an irresistible show, but for now, the fans may not be able to resist its season 3. The question still strikes in mind whether this could be the final season or not.

5. Atypical

  • Status: Renewed for Season 4

The Netflix production has made a sad announcement that this popular show will also say goodbye to the fans in 2021 with its final season and four seasons. But Atypical will remain on the radar of millions of hearts.

atypical season 4 poster

There is no specific reason for this show why it is going off-Air, but some say the reason is this show shares the place in underrated shows. However, season 3 critically acclaimed to end with the final ten episodes. So, don’t miss out on these last seasons before it ends in 2021.

6. On My Block

  • Status: TBA

Some Netflix original Tv shows take a short gap to renew. However, sometimes it takes even several months. Likewise, On My Block is also going to end in 2021, its season 3 was released in March 2020, and in a Pandemic situation, it gained huge popularity and fame. But for now, it comes to an end, and the fourth season announcement is still unconfirmed.

On My Block

Season four could be the final season of this show. This series was centered on Los Angeles and based on the high-school teenage stories which are facing challenges. This series stands amongst the best series streaming on Netflix. But for now, fans will no longer see the season of On My Block in 2o21.

7. Dear White People

  • Status: Renewed for Season 4

Sometimes, the original Netflix series reschedule, whereas sometimes, the original series disappear, and this show is one of them. Dear White People will also come to an end in 2021. The final episodes will show you the natural conversational end. But Netflix streaming site also announced that this show would be renewed for the fourth and final season.

Dear White People

Dear White People started on Netflix with controversy and delivered the social message to all the fans. This could be the unforgettable legacy that fans are going to miss.

8. Ratched

  • Status: Renewed for Season 2

Netflix 2020 series Ratched will also go to be off-air soon in 2021. However, the second season of the Ratched will already be ordered by the audience. Sarah Paulson was starting in the series.


This is the story of Nurse Ratched and based on the original story. But for now, this two-season story will be twisted down and possibly wind up with a bang ended in 2021.

9. Glow

  • Status: Cancelled

Glow is the most famous wrestling drama on Netflix. But the production of this show has ceased in its fourth season due to a pandemic situation. The show’s cancellation was that the cost of the set and the star cast were rising.


Moreover, the star cast was concerned about their safety due to COVID-19. All these factors and the situation of the pandemic crisis pushes the production house to make a shocking decision to cancel the show.

10. Messiah

  • Status: Cancelled

Messiah is the first original series of Netflix that has some ups and downs. But for now, this high-profile show is the first show of 2021 that has been canceled on Netflix.


The reason for the cancellation might be the dropping popularity. Sadly, Messiah will no longer be able to secure its place to stream another season.

11. Teenage Bounty Hunters

  • Status: Cancelled in 2020

Teenage Bounty Hunters is one of the best teen comedy series streaming on Netflix. This show undoubtedly comes to gain massive popularity and receive so many positive reviews from the jury and critics. Sadly, the first season of this show fails to draw the attention of the audience.

Teenage Bounty Hunters

This could be the reason why this show came to an end in 2021. Maybe some people like this show the most but fails to grab the attention that it deserves. You might not be able to watch this again.

12. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

Status: Cancelled

The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is an Emmy-Winning series that is showcased on Netflix. People like this most implausible puppet art and work. Even after so many comedy gigs and scenic views, this show didn’t secure its place on Netflix to showcase the second season and canceled.

the dark crystal age of resistance poster

But there are many other shows, and original content will be available to you to watch on Netflix.

13. Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

  • Status: Cancelled

No Doubt the Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj entertains us during the pandemic situation a lot. But this American talk show was canceled on Netflix in 2020. Although, there was no specific reason given for the cancellation of the show.

Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj

But this is like an outcry for the huge fans of the show. But during the period of on-air, this show entertains the audience a lot.

14. Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

  • Status: Cancelled

The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, the Riverdale will not be on-air after the upcoming fourth season of the show. This epic crossover story has been canceled.

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

This is an American movie horror stuff that keeps you haunting for many seasons. But for now, this has come to an end, and you will no longer be able to stream this again on Netflix.

15. Altered Carbon

  • Status: Cancelled

Altered Carbon is a cyberpunk Tv series that gathers its fans. Maybe the story track and sci-fi drama are there, but it still fails to catch the audience’s attention. Unfortunately, this show didn’t grab the critic’s positive reviews much.

Altered Carbon

This could be why this show fails to secure the place for the third run. Because there are a lot more other popular shows in the run that grab the place and stream on Netflix over and over again.

16. V-Wars

  •  Status: Cancelled

The V-Wars is a Vampire drama series in which Ian Somerhalder was starring and playing the vampire’s role. Unfortunately, this show also fails to catch the audience’s attention and couldn’t survive long after the first season.


The dropping popularity of this show might be why this series cannot make the place and canceled to stream on Netflix again.

17. F is for Family

  • Status: Renewed for Season 5

F is for Family is an original animated series streaming on Netflix. There is good news and bad news at the same time for a fan. Its fourth season is going to be off-air soon. But don’t worry because after a short break you will be able to watch its season 5 again. for now, it’s going to an end.

F is for Family

This show is one of the fan’s favorites and receives many positive reviews from the critics. And this could be the reason this show was able to secure the place for another season. But we have to wait for the upcoming season.

18. Turn Up Charlie

  • Status: Cancelled

Turn Up Charlie is one of the famous British comedy series created by Gary Reich and Idris Elba. This show runs on Netflix for a long time, but suddenly, the official statement was made that this show has been canceled and no longer be available for streaming. Unfortunately, Turn Up Charlie is also not able to secure the place after the first season.

Turn Up Charlie

This is the story of Elba playing the role of disc jockey. She became the caretaker of the daughter of her friend. It premiered on Netflix in March 2019. But now this has been canceled, and you on longer will be able to watch this show.

19. October Faction

  • Status: Cancelled

October faction is another famous fantasy Tv series that has also been canceled and will no longer be available to stream on Netflix. The possible reason for this show’s cancellation was that this series doesn’t grab the place in the audience’s heart.

October Faction

Moreover, the critics also panned this series. That’s why this series has been canceled to stream on Netflix again.

20. I Am Not Okay with This

  • Status: Cancelled

I Am Not Okay With this is another fantasy drama that is going to end. The audience was expecting the second season of the show. But unfortunately, you will not get to see the season again.

I Am Not Okay with This

However, the reason for the cancellation of this show was not cleared yet. But this is the final that I Am Not Okay With. This is no longer going to entertain you anymore on Netflix.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which series have been canceled in 2021 on Netflix?

Atypical, Away, and Bosch has been canceled in 2021 to stream on Netflix.


What are the Netflix original shows canceled in 2020?

AJ and the Queen and Dead to Me were canceled on Netflix in 2020. There are dozens of shows that are canceled.


What Netflix shows are going to be renewed in 2021?

Dead to Me and Ozark are going to be renewed with their upcoming season.



These are the 20 shows that are canceled on Netflix. No matter how much these shows entertain you and how special these shows are for you. Sadly, these all are canceled for now.

But the good news is that some of the shows will be renewed with their upcoming season and final season after a short break. This means you will still get the final dose of these shows. So, stay tuned to know about the renewed shows and when you will be able to stream them.

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