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Do you use Netflix to entertain yourself in your leisure time? But the Netflix download limit is becoming an obstacle in the path of your entertainment.

In 2016, for offline viewing of content, Netflix announced the feature by which the users can download any Web Series, Movies, or TV shows streaming on it in their Android, iOS, or Windows and can watch anywhere and anytime offline.

What is Netflix Download Limit

This feature became very famous in Indian Market, and a large number of customers took its subscription to amuse themselves even though they don’t have an internet facility.

This feature also becomes convenient for those who don’t have unlimited data plans on your android/iOS or some areas where WIFI charges are very high.

But this downloading feature of Netflix comes with a limitation that you can experience if you are a heavy user. The drawback is that if you cross the download limit, it will show an error the next time you try to download any content.

What’s the Netflix Download Limit?

When the Netflix download limit was introduced, they set the limit on downloading and watching movies and TV shows offline. The limit was if you have already downloaded too many movies or shows beyond the limit, then they won’t allow you for some more content to be downloaded.

As per the Netflix support page, a person can download up to 100 contents on one device at a given time. If you go beyond the limit, it will start showing an error while downloading that particular device’s next content.

Moreover, it will depend on your Netflix subscription package that within how many devices, whether one, two, or more, you can download the content at a time.

Download Limit On Netflix

The content that you will download will also have an expiration period. It depends upon the content through the licensing agreement that Netflix has with the maker of content.

The user will get to know about the expiry 7 days before, and by chance, if your downloaded content gets removed, it means that it is expired immediately.

Why Does Netflix Have a Download Limit?

Since the upcoming years, Netflix has financed highly originated content and made robust movies, series, and TV shows, but lots of content is licensed than other creators.

Actually, these downloading limits of Netflix are controlled by the license holders and differ from content to content. Netflix doesn’t show the limit every time you download it; it only shows only one download left as an option.

The titles’ expiry also varies from content creators, where some downloaded contents won’t expire for a week while some content can expire in just 48 hours of downloading. You cannot ever find the exact expiry date of the content. Specifically, if you don’t watch the content within a week of expiry and count in the downloaded watch later list.

If you exhaust the number of downloading a particular content, you have to wait for long to download the same content until the content creator has provision for Netflix’s agreement.

Although the same reason for download limitation should not apply to the original Netflix, it does not clarify why there is a limitation on original content.

3 Common Netflix Download Limit Errors:

Subsequently, Netflix is not clear with their downloading limit and there is no chance to know about the surpass of limit. Whenever you try to download something every time it will show you an error. There are diffuse download different errors ing Netflix movies, documentation, or TV shows to see offline and you should know what all these errors actually mean.

So, let’s observe some of the most common errors you can face while watching downloaded content offline.

1. You have too many downloaded videos (Netflix error code: 10016-22005)

As per Netflix, this error tells you that users can download up to 100 contents on one device at a time. By chance, if you exceed the limit you will see this error because you have already downloaded so many videos on your system.

If you are willing to download new videos to your system, then you’ve to delete the previous content system’s previous content have downloaded on too many devices (Error code: 10016-23000)

Error-10016-23000 on Netflix

It depends upon the package of subscription by which Netflix permits you to download your movies or TV shows from one, two, or more devices at a particular time.

By default, if you try to download the content beyond the limit then the message will arise that you have already downloaded enough content on many systems.

If you are willing to download some new movies, web series, and TV shows and that too in any new device that you have to delete all of your old downloads from the previous system or you may ask to update your subscription to make it available on different devices.

3. You have reached the yearly download limit for this video (Error code: 10016-22007)

Error-10016-22007 on Netflix

Netflix won’t allow the same title to be downloaded every time because of the licensing agreement of the content creator. By chance, if you download that particular content more than twice then it will alert you once you reach the yearly limit of downloading for that particular content.

There is no tactic to evade the download limit and you have to wait for a specific period of time until you get an option to start downloading again.

How Can You Resolve these Netflix Errors?

Now as you are intimate with all kinds of most common download limit- a related error which may occur on Netflix whether it is associated with too many downloads, downloading on different devices, or yearly downloading limit, so let’s take some measures to prevent these errors: –

How to Fix “You Have Too Many Downloaded Videos” Error?

If you are deliberately trying to download a movie, web series, or any TV show and Netflix has sent you an alert that you already have lots of downloaded videos then you have to delete older downloaded videos before ensuring towards the latest download.

There is an option to delete previous videos by steering through the download section in the Netflix application on any android, iOS, or Windows 10 and then choose the title you are willing to download.

This program also gives you an option to delete all the previous videos at the same time, to make some space for the latest downloaded files.

In case If you are not able to delete the whole stuff at once then visit the Netflix support page list and there will be quick instructions on how to delete all the downloaded video through Android, Windows 10, and iOS at once.

How to Fix “You have downloaded on too many devices” Error?

If you get to see the ‘you have downloaded on too many devices ’error and you need to remove all the previously downloaded files from the older system and start downloading in the new system.

You can delete all the older files together as discussed above and by default, if you are unable to delete all the content together then take the help from the Netflix support system. By if you don’t have any other system to access with then you can follow the following steps: –

  • First of all, open your Netflix account and put your mouse cursor on the profile icon in the top right corner and select the ‘account ‘option from the drop-down menu.
  • Select the ‘Manage download device’ option within ‘settings’ and you will be sent to the page which shows all the devices connected that have downloaded videos.
  • To remove the previous system from the list, click on the ‘Remove device’ button under the corresponding device.

Use Netflix Smart Downloads to Manage Downloaded Content:

In case you don’t want to keep all the downloaded files on your system then make sure that you are using the NETFLIX SMART DOWNLOAD feature.

The feature was announced by the android device earlier which automatically downloads the next episode of what you are watching right now and also removes the previous episode.

Android users can only use the smart download feature. You can easily access this feature on your android device by heading towards the download tab and clicking on the smart download option on the top left corner.

It only works if your show has further episodes and if you reached the last episode of that show and you have watched then it won’t delete that episode.

Frequently Asked Questions


Why does Netflix say I have too many downloads?

Because you can download up to 100 contents on one device at a time, in case you exceed the limit, you will see this error.


How do I bypass the download limit on Netflix?

When you try to download a particular content twice, then Netflix will notify you about your yearly downloading limit for specific content. There is no chance to know the downloading limit, and you have to wait for a period of time to download that content again.


How long does it take to download a 2-hour movie?

It totally depends upon your broadband speed. As per the apples’ technical support site, if you are downloading a movie with 5mbit/s, then the estimated time of downloading is 18-24 minutes.


Can you save Netflix downloads to USB?

Netflix videos are kept in custody format, and those videos can only be seen on an app. These videos cannot be transferred to a USB device.


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After reading all the information discussed above you will not find any difficulty with the limitation of downloading videos, documentations, movies, etc from Netflix.

But you have to take care of the number of downloads of that particular content or you have to wait for the whole year to download it again. If you have downloaded a maximum number of videos than the limit and you can’t download anymore, then you catch it online.