Are you here looking for ways to watch your favorite series and movies on Netflix for free?

Sadly Netflix has stopped giving free trials or even one month free. Yes, you heard it right Netflix Free Trial has been discontinued.

How To Get Netflix Free Trial

With screens replacing faces, workplaces, and fun houses locked down, Netflix has engulfed the viewer base and the entirety of its leisure time. The media streaming giant opens up an unmatched collection of video content from series, movies to documentaries to its viewership worldwide. From tired weekends, lazy workdays, romantic dates, and dinner nights, binge-watching Netflix has now been named a hobby. But sadly, Netflix free trial is currently not available.

Are you looking for the Netflix 30 Day Free Trial? 

If you have been looking for the Netflix 30 day free trial, then you will be disappointed as the company has stopped for the free plans but do not lose hope as they might come up with the plans. Also, there is no trial period now offered by the company.


Also, Netflix doesn’t have any cancellation fees, no contracts, and no commitments. Thus, you have the freedom to cancel your plan anytime you feel Netflix is not for you or if you wish to change your plan. Sometimes, the company introduces a 30-day free trial; then, you can cancel your existing membership and watch Netflix free for that period.

How to watch Netflix for Free

Here are some DIY hacks to access tons of Netflix series and movies for absolutely free.

Sharing Accounts with Standard or Premium plans

Using separate profiles of a friend’s standard or premium plan. Netflix allows sharing multiple screens under one subscription in standard (or couple) plan and premium (or family) plan. Up to two programs can be simultaneously watched under the standard plan and four, in the case of the premium plan. So in case you have a friend or family who trusts you enough to give you their password, you can binge-watch as many shows as you like without spending even a penny.

Perks offered by Phone or Cable Companies

Find out if your phone or cable company offers perks s like a free Netflix account.

Verizon and T-mobile

Verizon also offers free Netflix accounts on its FIOS TV, and T-Mobile on some of their plans.

Virtual Private Networks

Virtual Private Networks (of course, the unpaid ones) is another way to gain access to the streaming platform, but this may or may not work all the time.

Are you the ones who watch Netflix on its free trial for thirty whole days and cancel it at the last second, right before you are charged? It might sound like a smart, fail-proof hack, but Netflix has decided to reverse its game plan. Netflix introduced new pricing plans which have no mention of any form of a free trial. It is a great disappointment for all the free trial lovers.

Netflix has taken back its free trial period in the United States. Some of us would have seen this coming, with the popular streaming platform discontinuing the free trial option gradually since 2018. But to most free trial folk, it is an astonishing development (or more like a backstab). The new pricing plans also see a slight rise in tariffs. This has been discussed in detail below.

Netflix Streaming Services Pricing Plans

Yes, you heard it right. The new pricing plans are in place now, and watch Netflix by activating any of these pricing plans easily with your credit card. This would be gradually made the uniform plan, with current members also made to follow the same in thirty days.

Netflix Plans

Basic plan => $8.99 per month

  • You can watch on one screen at a time.
  • Downloads available on one tablet or phone
  • Access to Unlimited shows and movies
  • Available on TV, laptop, phone, and tablet.
  • HD and Ultra HD are not available.

Standard => $13.99 per month

  • You can watch on two screens at the same time.
  • Downloads available on two tablets or phones
  • Access to Unlimited shows and movies
  • Available on TV, laptop, phone, and tablet.
  • HD resolution is available.

Premium => $17.99 per month

  • You can watch on four screens at a time.
  • Downloads available on four tablets or phones
  • Access to Unlimited shows and movies
  • Available on TV, laptop, phone, and tablet.
  • HD and Ultra HD resolutions are available.

Once signed up, you can choose to cancel or upgrade the chosen plan whenever you want. You might even have the chance to win a free upgrade, which you can choose to continue or not at the end of the upgrade period. Netflix also offers a separate DVD plan, which is not included in its regular streaming plans.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can the paid subscription be canceled at any time? Also will there be any cancellation charge?

Yes. You can cancel your plan anytime and no cancellation charge will be levied for the same.


How to make payment for a Netflix subscription?

Firstly, choose a plan that best suits your needs. And then you can make payments using debit and credit cards, virtual cards, prepaid cards, PayPal, or third-party billings by Cox and Comcast Xfinity.


Is it possible to update my payment method for a Netflix subscription?

Yes, anytime! For this login to your Netflix account and follow the steps given in Netflix Help Centre in very few steps.


Can we pay for a Netflix subscription in advance?

No, Netflix does not support advance payment for their accounts, even under the premium plan.


Is it possible to pay for Netflix lifelong subscription?

No, Netflix does not offer an option for its users to pay for more than a month. However, you can find how much yearly subscription costs by multiplying the monthly charge by twelve.


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Gone are the days when you sign up for a free Netflix account and cancel it right before it is billed. If you choose to have a Netflix binge-watch lifestyle, you must commit yourself to Netflix, almost like committing yourself to eat healthy, workout, and lose a few pounds (this time, you have to pay for fun!). So remind yourself that commitment is key as long as you do not want boring weekend nights or overworked holiday schedules.