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Netflix is the biggest and most viewed streaming platform globally, with around 182 million subscribers jointly streaming its content for 1 billion hours per week. This USA-based streaming platform has its presence around the world, providing its service to 190 countries currently.

How To Fix Netflix Not Working

Today, in this article, we will go through the problems that Netflix’s users face while trying to use the platform. We’ll provide you with step-by-step solutions that will be guaranteed fixing Netflix not working issue.

Let’s get into it without any delay.

General Netflix Troubleshooting Steps:

This section will recommend some steps that you can quickly practice if you have any errors. It may not solve all the issues, but they’re so easy and quick that they are worth a try, and also, they work the majority of the time.

  • Check your internet connectivity. Make sure everything is properly connected and functioning.
  • Sign out and back in on the Netflix application.
  • Keep a check on Netflix updates. Keep it up to date.
  • Check for OS update of the streaming device.
  • Restart your streaming device.
  • Reinstall the Netflix app
  • Try signing out of Netflix from all devices.

Netflix Not Working Errors & Fixes:

Netflix shows many kinds of errors while accessing it. In this part of the article, we’re going to look at these errors and how to fix them yourself easily. Just follow our given steps, and you’re good to go.

1. Error 0041

Error 0041

According to Netflix, this error has to do with the data stored on your device or your internet connectivity.

Ways to Fix this Error:

  • Clear the application data. This means clearing the cache buildup and other app data from your device.
  • Restart your internet connection. By restarting, we mean completely turning off the connection and starting it again and not just reconnecting the device to the connection.
  • Use a different Connectivity option. Shift to different wifi or cellular data and check if the content is loading.
  • Check if your internet connection or streaming device is using any proxy network. If so, shift to your regular settings and try loading the content.
  • Contact your Internet Service Provider and ask them to check if your router is functioning properly.

2. Error (AIP-701)

Error AIP-701

This error again relates to internet connectivity. And can be solved with few troubleshooting steps

Ways to Fix this error:

  • Check your internet connection and see if it’s working properly. Try restarting the modem or router and turning off proxy services, i.e., VPNs and DNS.
  • Try clearing the app data. Sometimes, cookies and cache buildup don’t allow the app to function properly, and this may also lead to error AIP-705.
  • Make sure your app and OS are up to date.

3. Netflix Error 100

Netflix Error 100

This error is triggered when the information stored in the streaming device needs refreshing.

Ways to fix this error:

  • Clear app data from the device.
  • Restart the streaming device.
  • Try a different internet connection.

4. Netflix Error NQL.22005

Netflix Error NQL.22005

 This type of error is associated with the licensing of content and legal agreements. You may get this error when you have downloaded content from the same license agreement simultaneously, which may be prohibited by the owner of that content.

Ways to fix this error: There is the only way to fix this error. You have to remove the downloaded content from your device, which you’ve already seen. What this will do is that it will create room for other stuff you want to download, which may be from the same owner. And as the room was created by deleting the unwanted downloads, you won’t get this error.

5. Netflix Error NQM.407

Netflix Error NQM.407

This error of Netflix is related to payment issues while making a purchase. The cause of this issue can be that the payment method that has been used is no longer available, or the financial institution from which you are trying to pay has declined the payment.

One more cause is that the credit card zip code on the Netflix account is different from the one registered with the Bank.

Note: This cause is for USA subscribers only.

Ways to fix this error:

  • Update your payment information. If you’re not able to update the information yourself, contact your Financial institution, and they will do it for you.
  • Try using another payment method to make the purchase.

6. Netflix Error S7111-1957-205002

Netflix Error S7111-1957-205002

This error is caused by outdated information on your browser that needs to be updated.

Ways to fix this error:

  • Sign in to Netflix from another device.
  • Check the Email that is registered with your Netflix account. Sometimes, Netflix may reset your password due to breaches or phishing or malware attacks that have been detected.
  • Sign out and then sign back into your  Netflix account

7. Netflix Error S7111-11101

This is a Mac Computer-related issue of Netflix. It is triggered when the information stored on the Mac PC browser needs to be updated and refreshed.

Ways to fix this error:

  • Visit  from your web browser, and this will clear the cookies and log you out of your Netflix account.
  • Log in to your Netflix account.

8. Netflix Error TVP-832

 This error is again caused because of network connectivity. The troubleshooting ways are going to be the same as other connectivity errors.

Ways to fix this error:

  • Restarting the internet connection. By restarting, we mean completely turning off the connection and starting it again and not just reconnecting the device to the connection.
  • Use a different Connectivity option. Shift to different wifi or cellular data and check if the content is loading.
  • Check if your internet connection or streaming device is using any proxy network. If so, shift to your regular settings and try loading the content.
  • Sign out of Netflix and try signing back in.
  • Connect your streaming device directly to your modem instead of being connected through a wireless connection.

9. Netflix Error UI-120

Netflix Error UI-120

 This error is triggered when the streaming device you’re using finds it difficult to contact or be in touch with Netflix.

Ways to fix this error:

  • Check your device compatibility with Netflix. You can check it here. Use a Compatible device only.
  • Restart your device.
  • Try signing out of Netflix. Sign back in.

Netflix Not Working – Device Specific Errors & Fixes

1. Netflix not working on Smart TV

Netflix is widely played on smart TVs, and just like any other device, they’re prone to errors and issues. We’ll look at how you can fix these issues on your own.

  • Unplug your Television from the power socket, wait for a minute. Plug your Tv back into the power socket and relaunch Netflix.
  • Make sure your Tv set is well connected to the internet. Check other apps on the Tv set; if they are experiencing problems too, then the chances are high that the internet is at fault; if they are running without any issue and only Netflix is having trouble, go ahead and try the next troubleshooting steps.
  • Sign out from the Netflix app on your Tv and Sign back in.
  • Reinstalling the Netflix app will clear the old information and renew it on the Tv. This might help the app to launch correctly.
  • Check for updates for both the Netflix app and the Tv OS. Make sure that both are up to date.

2. Netflix not working on Roku

In this section, we’ll discuss how to troubleshoot Netflix issues on Roku devices. No matter which model you are using, these steps are common for all.

  • This step works the majority of the time. All you gotta do is unplug the Roku device and plug it back in to see if the issue has been solved.
  • To deactivate Netflix from Roku, follow these steps. Press ‘Home’ to enter the Roku home menu > click on ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Netflix settings’ > click on ‘deactivate this player from my Netflix account.’ After successfully deactivating it, make sure you rerun it.
  • Check for updates on the Roku device and make sure that it is updated to the latest version. Follow the steps to check for updates.
  • Press ‘Home’ to enter the Roku home menu > click on ‘System & updates’ > click on ‘check now.’

3. Netflix not working on Amazon Tv Stick

Let’s take a look at the troubleshooting ways to fix Netflix on the Amazon Tv stick

  • Make sure that the Amazon Tv stick is well connected to the Home internet router. See if apps other than Netflix are working fine. If other apps have trouble loading, then Connectivity might be the issue. If only Netflix is having trouble, then go on and follow the next troubleshooting steps.
  • Turn the fire Tv stick completely off and turn it back on. This is the quickest and easiest fix, which works most of the time.
  • To clear the Netflix data, follow these steps. Click on ‘Home’ button > click on ‘Settings’ > click on ‘Applications’ > click on ‘Manage installed applications’ > find Netflix in this list and click on ‘Netflix’ > click on ‘Clear data’.
  • Go to the ‘setting’ menu > click on ‘System’ > click on ‘About’ > click on ‘system update,’ and the system will look for updates. If asked, agree and update the firmware. Reboot the Tv stick.

4. Netflix not working on Xbox Console

Let’s troubleshoot Xbox issues with Netflix in this section.

Steps 1:

  • Resetting Netflix can often troubleshoot most issues, and Netflix proceeds to work fine. So we recommend doing this first. Below is a step-by-step guide on resetting Netflix.
  • Using the arrow keys on the controller, go to Netflix.
  • Once you’re on the Netflix icon, click on the menu button on the controller. This will show you a list of options associated with the Netflix app.
  • Click on the ‘Quit’ option in the list.
  • Relaunch the application after quitting.

Step 2:

If connectivity is the issue, switch off wireless networks and connect the Xbox to the Ethernet. This will improve the connectivity by a margin and help Netflix run easier.

Step 3:

Cortana is a built-in assistant in Xbox developed by Microsoft, enabling it has helped many users solve the Netflix issue. Below is the step-by-step guide for turning Cortana on.

  • Open settings in Xbox.
  • Click on the ‘System’ option.
  • Click on ‘Cortona settings.’
  • You’ll be shown a pop-up of an agreement.
  • select ‘I agree.’

You’ve now enabled Cortona successfully.

5. Netflix not working on Playstation Console

In this part of the article, we’ll learn how to troubleshoot Netflix issues on PlayStation. Let’s get into it.

  • Unplug the Playstation from the power socket. Let it rest for a  minute, and then plug it back in. This is a fundamental troubleshooting step but does wonders and may solve the issue instantaneously.
  • Disconnect Playstation from the wireless network and connect it with ethernet. What this will do is that it will give very stable connectivity to run applications as compared to a wireless network.
  • This step will help totally clear the old data, and also, the downloaded app will be the latest, so you don’t have to worry about checking updates. Below is the step-by-step guide on how to Reinstall Netflix on Playstation.

Follow the Steps:

  • Go to the main menu
  • Click on ‘Tv & video’
  • select ‘Netflix’ from the list
  • Press the options button on the controller & click on the ‘Delete’ option
  • you’ve successfully deleted the Netflix app from Playstation.
  • Download it again from the app store and install it.



Can it be a case that everything is correct on my end and Netflix’s server itself is down?

Yes, it most certainly can be this issue sometimes. You can check whether Netflix’s server is down by visiting this site.



what if despite trying all the steps, I’m not able to troubleshoot the problems?

In that scenario, you need to contact Netflix’s customer support team.


On how many devices can I use Netflix at a time?

It totally depends upon your purchased plan. The basic plan allows one device, whereas the premium plan allows up to 4 devices.


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We’ve tried our best to cover all the platforms that Netflix runs on and have given you all the necessary troubleshooting steps for the issues that arise. You can fix these issues very well on your own with our step-by-step guides and have your cravings for binge-watching satisfied.