Can you use netflix party anywhere

Are you trying to learn more about Netflix Party? Here’s everything you need to know! Netflix Party is a Google Extension that enables you to watch your favorite movies and shows with your family and friends. People can connect together, chat, and stream content in perfect sync. It’s much better than separately watching the show or movies and missing the moments as other people might get busy!

Netflix Party

So, how can you download Netflix Party? If you have many other questions and doubts like those, this article will help you clarify everything. So, let’s begin by asking all the right questions:

Note: Netflix Party is now Teleparty

What do you Need for Netflix Party?

For Netflix Party, you need a subscription to Netflix. There aren’t any extra charges you have to pay to use Netflix. However, every participating member of the Netflix party needs to have a subscription. This means all of your friends should have a subscription.

The extension is free and available for Google Chrome Browser. Hence, the second requirement would be a Chrome browser. Next, it will work with devices that can run the Chrome Browser efficiently. Thus, you can use it with your Mac or PC and laptops without any problem.

Netflix party won’t work on Android devices as you can’t add an extension for chrome on it. However, if you have a smart TV with a chrome browser, and if it adds an extension, you can use it with that device. But don’t hold your breath.

Can you use Netflix Party on the Same Account?

Yes, two people can share an account and use Netflix Party to watch something together. For this, the account needs to have a subscription that allows you to use it on multiple devices or screens. If you have a single-screen subscription, it won’t work.

Is there any way to use Netflix Party on TV?

Use Netflix Party On TV

Well, if you want to view Netflix on a bigger screen of the TV, you can try screen sharing or a similar method from your PC directly to the TV. It will enable your PC’s screen to work with the TV. Connecting your laptop or PC via an HDMI port to the TV will also work. Those are the only known methods available for using Netflix Party on a bigger screen like TV.

How to Download the Netflix Extension?

You can visit and download from there. It will redirect you to the Chrome Extension store. Alternatively, you can directly search for it on the chrome extension store. The process is similar to adding any other extension:

  • Click on add to chrome.
  • Accept the download
    Download Netflix
  • Wait for the download to finish and the extension to appear.
    add netflix

How to Use?

It’s relatively straightforward to use.

  • Visit on your Chrome Browser
    Login to
  • Login with your Account(s) on each device
  • Make sure that everyone has a Netflix Party extension.
  • Now, whoever has decided to watch the show or movie can click to stream it as they do for regularly using Netflix.
  • As you start streaming, the extension’s icon will turn red, and you can click on it.
  • From there, it will provide you an option to host the party. Click on it and follow-through.
  • Now you can share the URL link with other members you want to watch the show with.

That’s all you need to know. Everyone with the link and Netflix account can join the Netflix Party and watch together.

What Communication Options are Available?

Currently, you can only chat or share reactions and emojis. There isn’t any other method available like Video or Voice call. It’s still convenient, and the chat box appears on the same screen you’re watching on. Thus, you can get real-time updates from your friends.

Additionally, the videos will be in Sync, and if the host pauses the video, it will pause for everyone. It’s indeed like watching it together. The only thing missing is the physical presence of your friends or loved ones. But Netflix has done a commendable job.

Is there any way to Voice or Video Call while using Netflix Party?

You can use your smartphones to host a video call while watching the show or movie. Alternatively, there are many third-party apps, such as Discord, that will allow you to voice or video with each other while watching the movie. There are many other similar options available. However, there’s no way to do it from Netflix itself.

Are Chats On Netflix Recorded?

Netflix currently doesn’t store chat data or uses it in any manner. The company clearly states it. Thus, you can use a chat without any worries. However, it’s always better to practice caution. After all, it is still an extension, a third-party app on your chrome.

Can You Use Netflix Party Anywhere?

Can You Use Netflix Party Anywhere

Yes. The country or region doesn’t matter for using Netflix Party. You can share it with everyone as long as the content is available in all the relevant areas. Some content might be blocked in one country, and for that, you might have to use a VPN. Apart from that, anyone with a Netflix Party extension and subscription to Netflix can join Netflix Party.

Is Teleparty and Netflix Party Same?

Yes. Netflix Party is the former name of Teleparty. It is now known as Teleparty as it is bringing more apps for you to stream together and watch with friends.

Can You Stream From Other Apps?

Yes, Teleparty brings you an option to stream content from other apps as well. Currently, it offers Hulu, Disney+, and HBO along with its signature, Netflix. Now, you have access to a broader range of content to watch with your friends. You can now watch anything and chat at the same time.

Is Netflix Party HD?

Yes. It supports HD. However, every user needs to have an individual subscription to Netflix’s HD pack to access HD content. It won’t work just because the host has a subscription.


If you want to enjoy endless streams with your friends, Netflix Party is undoubtedly a worthy app to add to your extension. However, it’s always wise to practice caution as these are still extensions. Moreover, you would have to ensure that you have everything that would enable you to stream anything with your friends.

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