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Netflix announces a free subscription in India for 2 days. It is a trial period that will help you to see the endless possibilities with streaming. Netflix is one of the biggest streaming brands in India. It is quite beneficial for those who enjoy streaming tons of content online. It is a platform that is full of exciting shows and content from all around the world. India has a huge market potential for those who are streaming content online. They are calling this the StreamFest for India.

About Netflix StreamFest:

Netflix Free Subscription for 2 days

StreamFest is a weekend event that will happen on December 5th and 6th across the country. You will be able to try out the platform without paying a single rupee. In these 48 hours, you will be able to watch pretty much anything. There are, however, a few restrictions in place for those who are visiting the checking out the platform.

What Will You Get from StreamFest?

The StreamFest offers you tons of benefits and different streaming options. Users can gain access to hours of content for free through this event. The StreamFest is a necessity for those who want to explore the features of Netflix. Here are the benefits of signing up –

Update – Netflix StreamFest IndiaEnjoy 2 Days Free Streaming on Netflix (Indian users). You can click below button & Sign Up.

1. Two-day free access

The 48 hours will be full of unlimited entertainment. You can watch multiple amazing shows, movies, and anime on the website and app.

2. Standard Definition

Netflix Standard definition

The Stream Fest will enable you to watch shows only in the standard definition. However, it is completely free to use for everyone, so it shouldn’t be a major problem. The standard definition offers great quality for streaming on mobile and other devices.

Netflix Free Streaming Requirements:

You might be wondering how to sign up for the Netflix free streaming event. It is completely free of cost for everyone to join. Users can easily add information to the website and start streaming. The process is very simple. There is no requirement for any credit card or payment information. The website accepts your details and reminds you.

netflix content

You don’t have to spend a single cent on this free subscription. Anyone staying in India can take advantage of the free event. Netflix India is starting this to boost their subscriptions in the country. It is a way of offering free trials to everyone for a small-time. Netflix was no longer offering a one month trial period to new users. They stopped this to make sure more people are paying for the service. It is difficult to create accounts and then cancel them at any given time.

How long is the offer?

The offer is going to be available to users only for two days. The dates are set to be December 5th and 6th for the same. You can start accessing it as soon as the clock strikes midnight. It will be valid till 6th December at 11:59 PM. The free streaming service is available for the entirety of two days.

Steps to Signup For Netflix StreamFest:

The StreamFest is starting from the 5th and 6th of December. Users can sign up today and receive the benefits. It is the perfect way to stream content for free of cost on the platform. You can follow the steps given below and enjoy amazing entertainment. Here are the steps to follow for this process –

Signup For Netflix stream fest

Users can start by visiting the Netflix website. It is ideal for those who enjoy a great streaming timeline. We recommend users to visit this link. Here you can sign up using your email account or phone number. Upon entering your details, it is quite easy to get a reminder.

Signup For Netflix stream fest Steps

Amazing! Now Netflix will notify you once the StreamFest begins. You will receive automatic updates as soon as possible.


Netflix announcing a free subscription in India for 2 days is a smart move. It is their way of doing free promotions for their service. We hope you can gain tons of benefits through this free promotional event.

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