Netflix vs hulu device compatibility

The era of streaming apps is currently reaching the peak. Almost every company is investing in a streaming app. You have Live TV streams, original content, music, radio, even food apps are investing in streaming services. However, in this race, you can’t overlook the two giants.

Netflix Vs Hulu

Netflix vs Hulu has been a long time debate. Many people get confused between deciding which app is better for them. Therefore, here you will find a full-fledged review that cuts down to the chase and brings you precise information.

No more estimation on expansion, investment, costs, and other features. It’s about user convenience and leisures the app brings. That’s what makes an app truly successful. The content and entertainment are what matters the most. So let’s begin this battle of the streaming giants!

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Netflix vs Hulu – Best Comparisons

Hulu is available exclusively in the USA. Hence, you will have to utilize a VPN if you want to access Hulu from other countries and regions. However, Netflix is constantly expanding and available in a large number of countries.

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Netflix brings you original content, as well as local content. However, it also means that the availability of content on Netflix depends on the region. Due to some licensing rights and other requirements, some content might not be available in your region.

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However, if you look past that, then in terms of regional access and availability, Netflix surpasses Hulu. However, if you can get your hands on a credible VPN service, then you can access Hulu from anywhere without any problem.

Netflix vs Hulu – Device Compatibility

Both Netflix and Hulu support a plethora of devices. They support iOS, Android, Windows, and other platforms. Thus, you can access them on Smartphones, Tablets, Smart TVs, Laptops, and personal computers. Hulu and Netflix are also available on prominent gaming consoles. However, this is where Hulu slightly surpasses Netflix.

Netflix Vs Hulu Device Compatibility

Hulu is also available on the Nintendo platform, specifically Switch. Nintendo Switch has gained remarkable popularity, especially in the USA. So this availability is certainly convenient for the users.

Netflix vs Hulu – The War of Content

If you talk about content, then Netflix is known for providing original content. It is consistently increasing its budget to invest in original content it provides. In 2020, Netflix invested over $17 Billion to offer premium and original content to the users.

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There are many popular shows and movies available exclusively on Netflix that you won’t find anywhere else. Netflix has managed to create a niche of its own. It does encompass some well-known movies and TV shows, as well. However, Netflix battles to get the rights for most of the TV shows and movies.

Recently, Netflix is working on providing enticing Anime content to get a competitive edge over other streaming apps. It is certainly playing in its favor. However, Netflix’s original anime are not as well-liked as the actual anime from Japan.

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On the other hand, Hulu brings you most of the primarily available content on TV channels. It has rights from NBC, ABC, Fox, HBO, and other prominent TV channels to offer content. Thus, you can browse and stream your favorite TV shows and movies without any restrictions. Hulu does offer its array of original series, but they are not as successful as the other popular content.

Netflix vs Hulu – Live TV & Add-Ons

Netflix doesn’t offer any add-on package or Live TV. This is where Hulu remarkably excels. While Netflix has achieved its dominion through excellent original content, Hulu dominates by bringing convenience to the users.

You can access Live TV channels, and Hulu has a vast collection of these channels. Its subscription allows you even to download (substitute to a recording) content from TV channels and some movies. Additionally, there are plenty of Add-ons for you like Starz, HBO, and other channels.

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By adding these subscriptions, you will save remarkably, and there’s no need for you to download these apps separately. Hulu has been partnering with many streaming service providers like Disney, ESPN, and others to bring you more feasible subscription plans as Add-ons and Live TV.

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This option from Hulu certainly puts it leagues above Netflix, as far as content race goes. However, it still can’t match the quality of content Netflix is known for. You can even say that in terms of content, Netflix is now a standalone channel.

Netflix vs Hulu – Content Quality

Both Netflix and Hulu can support HD content. Both of them offer a standard definition for basic plans that you can tweak up by getting better plans. However, Hulu has a significantly less range of content and movies available in 4K Ultra HD.

Meanwhile, Netflix offers 4K Ultra HD content with this Premium plan that you can use on any device. More importantly, all of its content is available in 4K HD. So if you’re someone who loves crisp quality, Netflix might have won this round.

Netflix vs Hulu – Subscription Plans & Trials

Hulu’s first and cheapest plan has advertisements. There’s no way for you to skip them, and these commercials can decline your watching experience. This is where Netflix excels as it offers no form of advertisement whatsoever.

How Much Does Netflix Cost After free Trial

Both Hulu and Netflix can offer you streaming up to two devices with proper plans. However, if you consider the pricing, Hulu is significantly more costly than Netflix.

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However, in the long run, with a plethora of channels, it could be a cost-effective investment as it reduces the requirement to have too many apps on your phone. Nor would you have too many subscriptions to keep track of.

Free Trial:

Netflix doesn’t offer any more free trial or subscription for its patrons. Meanwhile, Hulu has a 30 months free trial for the first two plans. For Hulu + Live TV, you get a seven days trial. Thus, you can decide whether you want to subscribe to Hulu in the future or not. This considerably puts Hulu ahead of Netflix.

Netflix vs Hulu – The Final Verdict

Netflix wins with flying colors if you think about the excellence of content originality and availability across multiple regions and countries with 4K HD and universal compatibility. It is also considerably cheaper than Hulu’s subscriptions. Even if there isn’t a trial available, Netflix has gained recognition for providing great content. Thus, people are more likely to subscribe, and the basic plan is highly affordable.

However, if you love Live TV or want to subscribe to other streaming apps, but at a feasible range, Hulu might prove to be a winner. Despite that, you can’t look past the fact that Hulu is exclusively available only in the USA. It also offers advertisements for a basic plan. Hulu would have to considerably level up its game because all it has going for itself is the add on feature and live TV at best.

There are many other streaming apps and service providers that offer Live TV at a feasible range. Youtube TV is one of the prominent examples. Thus, in the long run, and if you don’t mind adding two or more apps to your device, Netflix is a clear winner.

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