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With everyone sitting at home nowadays, streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video have gained popularity. As the type of content is relatively newer when compared to traditional set-top box or cable. Moreover, they do not have to censor as they own the platform, due to which the content is enjoyable for every age group.

Netflix VS Amazon Prime Video

A few years ago, there wasn’t any competition as such, but now everyone wants a piece of the pie.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Basic Overview

Netflix Overview:

Netflix was developed in the United States in 1997 and from that, it has been constantly attracting viewers due to the kind of content and the ease of use. As of now, the total number of users in Netflix amounts to 167.1 million. Due to this increase, they made over $20.156 billion in revenue.

This made Netflix the leading streaming platform in the arena.

Amazon Prime Video Overview: 

Whereas Amazon Prime Video is relatively new with the launching year of 2006. The growth rate is somewhat different for Prime Video. In 2008 the company rebranded the streaming service to Amazon Video on demand, but still, it could not gain that much popularity. It was not until the year 2016 when Amazon Prime Video launched in India with one of the best-curated content and gained a lot of popularity.

Amazon Prime Video

As of now, Amazon Prime Video has a total of 150+ million users. The revenue generated by Amazon Prime Video is around $3.6 million, giving a very tough competition to Netflix.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Pricing Battle

Let’s have a birds eye view of the pricing plans offered by these online video streaming services.

Netflix Pricing Plans –

How Much Does Netflix Cost After free Trial

Netflix has a range of options when it comes to pricing and plans. Some features are relatively constant, no matter which plans you buy. These include watch on any device, unlimited movies, and TV shows, and you can cancel anytime.

  • Basic Plan: The lowest starts at $8.99 per month. This plan has a good video quality with up to 480p, and the number of screens a user can watch is limited to 1. With the flexibility of watching the movies,  shows on any device you want.
  • Standard Plan: It starts at $13.99 per month. The video quality is better than the previous plan going high up to 1080p. It supports up to 2 screens at a time. This is the plan for which the majority of people opt.
  • Premium Plan: As the name suggests, the pricing is also quite premium, around $17.99 per month. It supports 4K and HDR, so the viewing experience is the best when it comes to premiums. It will also allow a total of 4 screens at a time.

Amazon Prime Video Pricing Plans –

prime student prcing

Amazon has a different approach to this streaming business. You will have to buy the Prime for their delivery system to unlock Amazon Prime Video and other benefits. Prime Video is unlockable with Prime rather than a standalone streaming service, which favors Amazon Prime Video. It’s a different case in the US where you have an option to unlock just the Prime Video. However, as the pricing goes, there are two ways in which you can opt for Amazon Prime Video:

  • Monthly Plans: $12.99 a month will be charged with no limitation to the number of devices or screens or video quality. It supports full 4K and HDR. There is a difference that you cannot cancel anytime. You have to wait for the month to start before you wish to cancel.
  • Yearly Plans: This will cost you less than monthly because it starts at $119 a year. The features remain the same, but now you are paying yearly rather than monthly.
  • Amazon prime video (as a standalone only in the US): You can purchase the benefit at $8.99 a month. Everything will remain the same, but you won’t be able to have the benefits attached to their delivery system.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Video Content Catalog

Netflix –

The catalog of Netflix is quite an impressive one with features; no other platform can replicate.

Variety of movies/shows: It has quite a massive list of movies/shows which amount to 5665+ titles. There is no genre left untouched on Netflix, from anime to action and documentary. They also have a fair amount of originals, which is exclusive to them. Some of these include The Punisher with an IMDB rating of 8.5, Black Mirror IMDB rating of 8.8, House of Cards IMDB rating of 8.6, Dark IMDB rating of 8.8 many more.

netflix Video Content Catalog

The algorithm of Netflix can curate the content based on your preferences. After watching any show or movie, it will ask you to drop a like or dislike. When you do it, Netflix will show you the content you like and based on your preferences. This is one of the biggest reasons to opt-in for Netflix.

Netflix can provide the perfect age ratings and has the best parental controls. With the ability for parents to lock Netflix when their child tries to access 18+ content.

Amazon Prime –

Amazon Prime Video has a different take on the whole algorithm system. This has the most extensive collection of content.

Variety of movies/shows: The amount of shows present on Amazon Prime Video is huge, going up to 20,392 titles. The best part about Prime Video is that it can gain the rights of movies currently running in heathers. After a month or two, it can add the film to the library. Even Amazon Prime Video can provide some good originals. Some of these include the boys IMDB rating of 8.7, The Marvellous Mrs. Maisel IMDB rating of 8.7, Fleabag IMDB rating of 8.7, The Family Man IMDB rating of 8.3.

Prime Video Content Catalog

The algorithm of Amazon Prime Video can filter the content according to your moods. If you are happy and want to watch some light-hearted comedy, you can go to the moods section and be satisfied. The same goes for sadness, romance, or action. The best thing about Amazon Prime Video is that it shows the IMDB rating right next to the movies’ synopsis and shows. Due to this, the user can select the content according to their mood.

The rating system of Amazon Prime Video is not that strict as Netflix; it just rates according to the censorship, not heavy restrictions as such.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – User Interface

1. Netflix

The user-interface is very charming to the eyes, and a user is instantly attracted to the tiles. Quite a lot of information is provided in small cards, which does not take much time for the user to read. Also, it keeps on changing the cover pictures of the cards hence making the system more appealing. There are extra features like a skip or watch in increased speed and autoplay.

2. Amazon Prime Video

The user-interface is a domain where Amazon Prime Video lacks a lot. It’s quite simplistic. There are no cards or information displayed as such. As they are relatively new, they are working on improving the user experience. It does not have any extra features except skip.

Netflix vs Amazon Prime Video – Device Availability

1. Netflix Device Availability

Netflix is available on every device you can think of. It is ranging from mobiles to consoles to laptops. You will also get the option to continue watching right from where you left off on these devices. The user-interface, however, remains quite the same overall. It is also available for notched devices meaning the tools which do not have the standard aspect ratio. It can stretch the screen resolution without compromising the quality. HDR content is fully supported, and it takes quite a good advantage of it.

2. Amazon Prime Video Device Availability

Even this streaming service is available on every device. However, when you try to use the continue watching feature in android phones due to some bugs, it always lags. It also does not support the stretched resolution for notched devices. The aspect ratio is quite weird for laptops, and the content is mostly not available on the full screen.


So, who won in the end, let’s discuss?

  • Pricing- Winner Amazon Prime Video.
  • Catalog- Winner Netflix.
  • User Interface- Winner Netflix.
  • Device compatibility — Winner Netflix.
  • Extra Features- Winner Amazon Prime Video.

Netflix wins as it can score more victories than Amazon in a lot of areas. Though it is a little bit on the pricey side, it’s worth every buck. The Netflix originals are way better than those of amazon prime videos. UI expertise is quite good.

The device availability is also better. So, if you can shed a few dollars, do give Netflix a try. Yes, the good news is that it also gives you a free one-month trial. So, I hope you could decide which one’s better by reading our article. Please do drop your thoughts in the comment box below if you have any.

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