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The 28th of May 2022 witnessed the collaboration of Unique Care Initiative with Marvellous Nnaji Foundation to mark the WORLD MENSTRUAL HYGIENE DAY 2022.
Over 150 young girls from several locations and LGAs across Kaduna state were present for the program as sensitization that centred around females and their menstrual health was carried out. Pads were also distributed to the girls as they were enjoined to embrace their periodic flows with pride and shun any feeling of stigmatisation.

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The Unique Care Initiative, and Marvellous Nnaji Foundation are Non-profit organisations that are geared towards improving the lives of females across Nigeria and beyond, as they have become notable organisations enhancing the rights of girls in the society.
Mrs Uju Nice, the Founder of Unique Care Initiative, emphasized the value of morality and the need to safeguard the dignity and bodily integrity of girls, help them feel empowered in their bodies, and also harness the power to shapen their lives, while Miss Marvellous Nnaji, the founder of the Marvellous Nnaji Foundation, on the other hand spoke on the increasing need for females to maintain proper all-round hygiene and body wellness.
Dr. Sandra, one of the keynote speakers at the event demystified myths and taboos that cause young girls to feel stigmatised during their periods, and encouraged the girls to be proud of their periods.

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The girls were engaged in a brief interactive session where they asked questions and discussed some factors which impede their efforts to practice proper menstrual hygiene. Some of these factors include: financial constraints and inability to always afford menstrual pads and other hygiene products, lack of water, poor toilet facilities in their schools and even at home.

At the end of the programme, the girls expressed their sincere gratitude to the foundations for carrying out such a commendable project. They also assured the sponsors that they would henceforth practice proper menstrual hygiene and that they would no longer see their monthly menstrual period as a limiting period, but would go through the phase with pride and carry themselves with dignity.

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The Foundations called on members of the society to encourage improved menstrual health in young girls as poor hygiene can lead to long-lasting effects on the education, health and general well-being of these girls. The Foundations also called on the Government, and other concerned societal groups to take action in tackling the issue of period poverty by giving out free sanitary pads to girls, especially in rural areas of Kaduna State.

The actions and notable projects carried out by these organisations is a testament that they ENVISION A SOCIETY WHERE NO ONE IS LEFT BEHIND.

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