Niantic pokémon go trade evolution

Do you know how to conduct Niantic Pokemon Go Trading? Trading has always been a prominent part of the Pokémon franchise for as long as one can remember. It was showcased in the Anime and has been a part of the Pokémon Games for long as one can remember.

Niantic Pokemon Go Trading

Therefore, it was inevitable that Pokemon Go Trading would get introduced to us eventually. Now that it has, there are so many aspects to it. Trading is not as easy as the other games that we’ve seen. Pokémon Go has a different mechanism and today, we are going to learn about it.

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About Niantic Pokemon Go Trading:

Pokemon Go Trading is a very enticing feature that seems pretty simple. All you need is a friend and you can indulge in trading. There are special trades, you can even get legendary Pokémon if the other person complies. More importantly, you can get lucky Pokémon, even trade evolution with this feature. You don’t have to pay anything for trading either, as long as you have specific requirements to cover stardust costs and friendship level.

Niantic Pokemon Go Trading Evolution Feature:

With the initial Pokémon Go release, we didn’t have any sustaining trading feature. As a result, most of the Pokémon required candies to evolve. Some of these Pokémon needed excessive candies. In the primary gaming franchise, to evolve certain Pokémon, you needed to trade them. However, the latest version has a trade evolution feature that has become a more appealing feature. There’s no strongly imposed limit like that. You can still use candies to evolve them.

Niantic Pokémon Go Trade Evolution

But if you use the trading feature in Pokemon Go, it allows you to evolve some of these Pokemon without any candy requirement. You can have zero candies and still trigger evolution. That’s what makes it such a great choice. Correlatively, it’s vital to remember that you won’t get any trade discount if you use candies first and then trade the Pokémon. The stardust costs remain the same. You will learn more about it below.

Pokémon Go Special Trade:

There are two different types of trades available in Niantic Pokemon Go Trading.

1. Pokémon Trades

Pokémon Trades

You can trade as many times as you like with any many people. There isn’t any limit other than stardust. These are the standard trading and works for regional exclusive Pokémon. It also works for the forms you don’t have in your Pokedex. Similarly, any Pokémon not in your Pokedex data also counts.

2. Special Trades

You can conduct Special Trades once per day. It resets each day when PokéStops and Research Quests reset for the region. This is where you can trade legendary Pokémon and Shiny Pokémon without any problem. However, there still isn’t any way for you to trade Mythical Pokémon in Pokemon Go. You can’t trade them at all.

Pokémon Special Trades

However, there’s a peculiar feature which people aren’t sure is whether a bug or deliberate update. Stardust cost when trading shiny Pokémon or legendary Pokémon is the same when you trade regional Pokémon you don’t own. It’s a complicated feature.

However, if you are trading a legendary pokemon with a regional pokemon, stardust cost multiplies significantly.

Other Special Features Of Niantic Pokemon Go Trading:

1. Bonus Candy

pokemon go bonus candy

Trainers will receive a bonus of candy with each trade. It would depend on the location between the two Pokemon in trade when they were caught. If the Pokemon were 30 km apart, you receive 1 candy. For up to 100 km apart, trainers receive 2 candy. Finally, if the two Pokemon were more than 100 km apart, they receive up to 3 candies.

2. HP And CP Rolling

When trainers initiate a trade, there’s a possibility of HP and CP reroll for the Pokémon you receive. It would depend on the friendship level. If you have a higher level, the difference will be less. You can see these changes before you trade, so it’s not entirely random. More importantly, players can’t trade Pokemon if they are too low level to handle the said pokemon. Remember, it works only for HP and CP. Size, moves, and other aspects of the Pokémon don’t change.

b 3. Lucky Pokémon

Lucky Pokémon - Niantic Pokemon Go Trading

Players have a chance of receiving a lucky Pokémon. It will cost less stardust when you power up the Pokémon.  These Pokémon almost always have higher stats.

Niantic Pokemon Go Trading Requirements:

There are three primary requirements that you have to fulfil before you can initiate pokemon go trading:

  • You need to be a level 10 player, at least.
  • The person you want to trade with should be your friend in the game (Pokémon Go).
  • Both the trading parties need to be 100 meters around each other. However, with the update in November 2020, you can trade with anyone within 12 km of distance, as long as you meet the other two requirements.

How To Conduct Niantic Pokemon Go Trading?

There are some specific requirements that you need to fulfil before you can conduct trading in Pokemon Go. Remember, Mythical Pokemon cannot be traded regardless of what you do. However, here’s everything you need to use that trade button with friends in the game.

Making Pokémon Go Friends:

The first requirement is to receive trainer level 10, at least. Once you have that, you can move to make friends in the game.

  • Go to the trainer section in the game
    open pokemon go app
  • Find the ‘Friends tab
  • Click on ‘Add friends
    add friend on pokemon go
  • You will get a ‘Trainer Code.’ It is a 12-digit serial number.
  • Share this code with anyone on any medium
  • Alternatively, you can get a Trainer Code from another person.

Once either player initiates the request, other people will get the notification. You can accept or reject it in the Friends tab. That’s how you can make friends in Pokémon Go.

Increasing Friendship Level In Pokemon Go:

If you have an increased friendship level with the person, you will benefit drastically as it reduces the trading costs, and gives you many other perks. To increase your friendship level with the person, here are some tips:

  • Trading with each other is a viable option
  • Participate and battle in raids together
  • Conduct Gym battles together
  • Exchange gifts as much as possible

Have you ever received some random or special gifts from PokeStop? Those are for you to give to other people. This is where it will come in handy. If you have these gifts, send them to the people you want to increase the level with.

These gifts are almost like random item generators. Your friends can receive a wide assortment of items such as yellow or pink egg to get Alolan. They might generally receive potions and poke balls. Of course, you’re allowed to send one gift per day to a friend. But gradually, you can increase the level.

Level Of Friendships In Pokémon Go:

There are a total of four different types of levels you can achieve. Each one will affect trading costs. Of course, there are a number of days, but giving each other or participating together is essential for this. You can’t reach these levels just because you have them on your list.

  • Good Friend: You can become a good friend with someone in a single day. This is where you can start trading partaking in Pokémon Go Trading.  You have to make sure that you have exchanged gifts at least once, as well.
  • Great Friend: Seven days is all it takes for you to become a great friend with someone. You would need this level if you want to trade Pokémon that you didn’t catch (or have the data in Pokédex)
  • Ultra Friend: You need to be friends for at least 30-days to become ultra friends.
  • Best Friend: After 90-days together, you will become best friends.

For raids and gym battles, you need to be at least Great Friends with the other trainer. You will gain many bonuses at these events. The higher your friendship level is, the more perks or better boosts you receive in Pokemon go.

Initiating Niantic Pokemon Go Trading:

Once you have met the above-given requirements, you can now initiate the trading. Remember, mythical Pokémon cannot be traded in any way. You have to earn them in the game.

  • In Pokémon Go, open your ‘Friends Feed.’
  • There you will have a list of friends. Select the one you want to trade with.
  • The option is next to the ‘Send Gift’ option.
  • Confirm the Pokemon you want to trade from the list and the stardust cost.
  • Initiate Trade
  • Select the Pokemon you want to trade. There, you will see the amount of stardust it will cost. It will also show you the CP range the Pokémon will get after the trade. It’s not exact but the range will be around that, depending on your trainer level, receiver’s trainer level, and friendship level.
  • Once you’re sure, confirm.

Niantic Pokemon Go Trading Cost:

The mechanism for determining the amount of stardust cost is quite distinguishing and almost seems unfair at a time. There are too many factors at play here. For example, whether you have the data of the Pokémon in your Pokédex, standard or special trade, the level of friendship, and much more.

Pokemon Go Trading Cost

1. For Standard Trade

  • Good Friend costs 100 stardust
  • Great Friend costs 80
  • Ultra Friend requires 8 stardust
  • Best Friend requires 4 stardust points

2. Special Trades

  • Good friend: 20,000 for caught Legendary or shiny Pokémon. 1,000,000 for uncaught.
  • Great Friend: 16,000 for caught shiny or legendary Pokémon. 800,000 for uncaught.
  • Ultra Friend:  1,600 for the caught legendary or shiny.  80,000 for uncaught.
  • Best Friends: 800 for the caught ones. 40,000 for uncaught.

As you can see, the trade discount isn’t too much until you reach a higher friendship level in the game. So, the trading gift is one of the best things you can do. Uncaught pokemon will always cost more as you don’t have their data in Pokédex. Special trade will always cost more than other options even if you have a higher friendship level. Still, the amount is considerably less if you compare the list. If you have a best friend, you will always get some perks.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Can You Trade Pokémon Go From Far Away?

The initial range required the players to be at least 100 meters in range for trades. However, now players within 12 km of range can also trade with each other. That’s the maximum limit you have to trade Pokémon from far away. You can’t initiate from locations that are farther than that.


Which Pokémon Can You Evolve With Pokemon Go Trading?

You can evolve the following Pokémon without any candy cost through Niantic Pokemon Go Trading:

  • Kadabra to Alakazam
  • Machoke to Machamp
  • Graveler to Golem
  • Haunter to Gengar
  • Boldore to Gigalith
  • Gurrdurr into Conkeldurr
  • Shelmet to Accelgor
  • Karrablast to Escavalier


How Does Pokémon G0 Trade Work?

The method is explained above. There are many features that are at work here. You need friends, then you need to fulfill the cost for trades. There are two different types of Pokemon Go trading. Finally, you can evolve some Pokémon through trade. It’s possible to receive a lucky Pokémon. More importantly, there is the random CP and HP generation, as well.


How Many Times Can You Trade A Pokémon In Pokémon Go?

You can’t trade a Pokémon more than once in the game. However, you can conduct the standard Pokémon trade by using different Pokémon, as many times as you’d like. This is to ensure that CP and HP features don’t get abused. Otherwise, players would trade as much as they like to get the desirable HP and CP rolls for the Pokémon.



There you have everything related to pokemon go trades, including the special trade. So get ready to spend 90 days for friendship at least if you want to reap the best rewards in the game.

We hope that all of your doubts are clear and there isn’t anything left for you to learn about it. Pokemon games can be quite enticing and this one is certainly worth the while. So go ahead and become the ultimate Pokemon master today!

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