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Nintendo Switch was a grand success among gaming enthusiasts looking for a budget-friendly modern alternative. Both Microsoft and Sony have released their signature flagship consoles recently. With them, we are kicking into a new era of ray tracing, immersive gaming, and 8K resolution that will impact the tech industry across the globe.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specs & Release Date

With the next-gen gaming frontier starting in 2020, there are certain speculations regarding a possible second version of the Nintendo Switch. The New Nintendo Switch 2 Is rumored to be a tweaked-up version of its predecessor with the possibility of a dual-screen. However, these are just rumors.

Nintendo hasn’t affirmed any of these rumors, but they have made it clear that there will be a second Nintendo Switch 2. Hence, this article aims to help you learn everything you possibly can about the Nintendo switch. It will confirm rumors and possible speculation, among other aspects.

So let’s begin!

Nintendo Switch 2 – Brief Information

Before you jump onto this gaming console, you need to learn about the current version of Switch. There have been the most significant improvements in the battery life of the Nintendo Switch. The earliest version offered 2.5 hours of battery life, which was tweaked up to 6.5. Meanwhile, New Nintendo Switch Lite brings you battery life up to 9 hours.

You get 32 GB storage space with a 720P resolution. Of course, it doesn’t sound too compelling, but it is remarkable for entry-level gaming. There are several fantastic games and titles that Nintendo owns. Therefore, it makes up for a powerful standalone gaming console.

Information Nintendo Switch 2

More importantly, you get the ability to connect your Switch to the TV and turn it from a portable console to a full-fledged gaming console. This is the quality that attracted people worldwide the most. Along with a comprehensive Nintendo controller and device compatibility, it was a very decent addition.

Possible Tweaks To Nintendo Switch 2:

If you look at the above-given specs of the current model, rumors make it seem like the new version would be around twice more potent than the previous device. While the battery life is still under speculation, you could very-much get a 64 GB SSD with dual USB-C ports.

It’s highly unlikely that Nintendo will compromise the console’s portability as it is one of the console’s unique selling points. There will be another new Nvidia Tegra Xavier processor based on Volta architecture prominently used in other gaming consoles. If this becomes possible, then you can expect HD gaming at remarkable processing.

Nintendo Switch 2 Specifications:

Given below are all the rumors and specs that you can expect from this console

1. A New Controller

If you didn’t know already, there’s a Nintendo Switch Pro Controller in the market. It’s has been an outstanding performer that helped you immerse in an authentic gaming experience. Similarly, there are rumors that Nintendo might overdo itself once again with a better controller.

Nintendo Switch Controller

Well, it only makes sense since Microsoft’s Xbox Series X controller didn’t get any innovations. Thus, many gamers received it poorly, while Sony PS5 brought a new hepatic gaming controller that is enticing even the Xbox lovers. So it’s fair is Nintendo decides to invest in a new and better controller.

There’s been some demand for a new controller as it stands. So, Nintendo should certainly pay strong consideration here, even if it is just a rumor.

2. Mini LED Display – 4K Display

There’s a strong possibility that this console will comprise a mini-LED or a similar display for the device. It brings you high contrast, better colors, and performance comparable to other latest displays at high power efficiency. With high yield and dynamic controls, it drastically reduces cost in comparison to its OLED counterpart. Therefore, it could help make Switch 2 more affordable while keeping the display enticing.

LED display

This would be the most significant leap Nintendo would and should make. If not, they should upgrade from 720P resolution if they want to stay in the game. Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 is already making 4K UHD gaming a piece of cake and supports 8K Gaming graphics, best-in-class.

Therefore, at least 1080P has become an indispensable requirement for Nintendo Switch. Even if they don’t want 4K, they could work on supporting it for TV connection. After all, Nintendo Switch is known for conveniently connecting with the TV to become a full-fledged gaming console.

3. Dual-Screen Consideration

There have been compelling rumors regarding the dual-screen integration in this console. It wouldn’t be the first time we’ve seen Nintendo DS previously a remarkable success.

Let’s not forget that many smartphones and tablets bring dual-display and turn it into a norm. If Nintendo does work on dual display, it can enable people to multitask. However, it’s not something that the gaming industry immediately requires.

4. Deep Learning Super Sampling

DLSS has been something almost every gaming company wants to keep a strong dominance over. It allows a gaming console to work more efficiently. The console will work with smart technology to reduce the resolution to boost performance where graphics are not the primary focus.

At the same time, it can later take more power to boost individual graphics. DLSS allows for more efficient gaming, and it is prevalent in the new PS5 console.

5. Health Tracking Device

Nintendo is trying to level up its fitness tracking games with a new patented device that tracks users’ sleep and mood and can even help control other functions like ambient smell and whatnot.

It’s unknown if it helps with players’ well-being or provides more immersive ‘fitness’ games Nintendo is known for. Either way, if this comes to Nintendo Switch 2, it could be an attractive addition.

Nintendo Switch Pro:

That’s the rumored name you might hear a lot in the coming days. New Nintendo Switch 2 or Switch Pro could be worth searching on the internet if you want to keep yourself updated regarding the developments.

Nintendo Switch Pro

If the company plans to provide a ‘tweaked’ up version of the previous Switch, Pro certainly sounds better than Switch 2. However, it might be off-putting for some as a marketing scheme that companies are known to tag on their smartphones like ‘Pro and Pro Max.’

Frequently Asked Questions


What Nintendo switch should I buy?

If you want more battery then you should definitely go with Switch version 2 because with it you will get 4 to 9 hours of gameplay in a single charge. However, with switch lite, you will only get 3 to 7 hours of gameplay. The battery life also depends on the game you play.


What Nintendo Switch games are VR compatible?

You can play famous games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild and Super Mario odyssey on VR. There are also other popular games that are VR compatible.


Is Nintendo Switch 2 released?

The new Nintendo Switch 2 will be released in early 2021. It will have a 4k display which will give you a better experience in playing games.


Can Nintendo switch work without the internet?

You only need to connect your Nintendo to your account with the internet after that you don’t really need a wifi connection to play the game.



There has been a clear statement from the company that there will be no release in 2020. It could mean that you might see something in the first half of 2021. After all, the companies are known for being notorious. Perhaps they are trying to keep the competition on the toes.

However, if you go to the rumors and sources like Bloomberg, Economic Daily News, and The Edge Marketers, there has been a demand for 4K resolution for New Nintendo Switch games. It could mean that there could be good news in early 2021 for Switch lovers.

It falls in alignment with the standard release schedule of Nintendo. The first Switch model was released in 2017. In 2019 we saw an upgraded Switch and Switch Lite. Two years of gap means 2021 could be another year for Nintendo to release something new.

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