Are you looking for the best Nintendo Switch deals? Then you’re at the right place! It’s challenging to grab a Nintendo Switch as it’s popularity is off the charts. Last year, it was short on stocks and also became one of the most gifted consoles during Christmas. Therefore, as Nintendo understands its cost-effective console’s value, it will not reduce the price easily.

Nintendo Switch Deals

Still, you can find many offers available, and we are bringing you the ones that are great for the time being. These deals may change, the price may drop or increase, but you can always enjoy them. So, let’s take a look at what we have right now!

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Nintendo Switch Console And Game Deals:

1. Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart + Membership

Starting right off the bat is one of the best Nintendo bundle deals! You have one of the best deals available for a grab! Nintendo Switch console is available with Switch dock, and joy-cons left and right with a grip. Here, you will get HDMI cable and AC adapters in the collection as well. More importantly, there are joy-con straps. It is a high value for money package.

Nintendo Switch + Mario Kart + Membership

You get Mario Kart 8 Deluxe that is available for a full-version download. Additionally, they are tossing in 3-months of membership for Nintendo. It is certainly one of the best bargains you can get. The model is standard, lasts around 4.5 to 9 hours of battery life. Given that Mario Kart 8 is an exclusive game, it is quite a fantastic deal.

2. Nintendo Switch – Animal Crossing: New Horizons Edition

Here you have another one of the Nintendo bundle deals. Here, you’re getting an enticing new color theme for the joy-cons and the switch console to stand out. More importantly, you are getting Animal Crossing: New Horizons in the package. Thus, if you’re someone who enjoys that popular game, it is worth investing your money into.

nintendo switch - animal crossing new horizons edition - switch

You won’t be disappointed as it is the new Switch with better battery life. It is up for quite a bargain than before. If you want to own Switch consoles distinguishable from the standard color themes, then this is one of the must-have deals on the list.

Nintendo Switch Console Deals:

1. Nintendo Switch (Neon Red/Neon Blue)

This is the standard Nintendo Switch model available with neon red and neon blue joy-con. It is available in three different modes. You get hand-held TV and tabletop mode in a single console. It brings you the same HD experience and extensive battery life.

Nintendo Switch - Neon Red-Neon Blue

However, there’s a little difference in the game. It would seem that the console deals have seen a cut in the price. It could be to make up for what’s coming in the future.

2. Nintendo Switch Lite

Here you have four vibrant colors of Yellow, Coral, Turquoise, and Gray available for Nintendo Switch. Although there is a price cut, it is available for around $199 to $250 depending on the offer you choose. That’s the most exciting part. These Nintendo Switch are pairing up with different memory cards. Hence, you can take advantage of anything from a 64 GB memory cart to up to 256 GB at a high bargain price than before.

Nintendo Switch Lite

It is a good way to expand your gaming collection and to store more data than before. There is also an offer available with a screen protector as one of the best deals you can get for Switch consoles at the given moment.

Nintendo Switch Games Deals:

1. Mario + the Rabbids Kingdom Battle

This is a must-have Nintendo Switch deal available right now for your consoles. Team Mario is teaming up with Rabbid Kingdoms. The game is going to be action-packed and full of fun. You have the two universes colliding with all Rabbids heroes and Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Yoshi as playable characters. It is a co-op and turn-based combat to bring you complete online multiplayer fun.

Mario + the Rabbids Kingdom Battle

There are various options available such as Season Pass, Gold Edition, and Nintendo Switch Digital Code. You can use any of these deals. Although it is not a bundle, it is quite a fantastic series to play.

2. Nighthawk Interactive Disney Classic Games

If you are looking for Game bundles, then this one will perfectly set with your holiday season. Here you have the magic of Disney ready to take you on tour again. Here you have two games, Alladin and Lion King, ready to take you on an adventure full of mini-games and much more.

Nighthawk Interactive Disney Classic Games

Yes. These are the old classics making their appearance with better graphics and cut in prices. You can enjoy them with better content, more extended gameplay while indulging in the old-classics of Disney that Nintendo was once known for.

Nintendo Switch Accessories Bundles:

1. Nintendo Neon Purple/ Neon Orange Joy-Con (L-R)

Here you have three options available to grab two more joy-cons. You have Nintendo Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in the bundle at a high bargain. While other games are top-of-the-charts costly, this one would cost around maybe $50 extra if you buy them with the joy-cons.

Nintendo Neon Purple/ Neon Orange Joy-Con (L-R)

If that isn’t your cup of tea, there is a charging grip option available in these bundles. You can also buy the joy-cons as a standalone controller. These have everything like an accelerometer, gyro sensor, and much more. Hence, you get motion sensors and much more with these Nintendo switch controllers.

2. SanDisk Memory Card For Nintendo Switch (256 GB)

Memory cards are up for a big bargain! Here you have Micro SD available in 64 GB, 128 GB, 256 GB, and even 512 GB storage space. You will get marginal savings if you decide to grab any of these for the prices these are offering. It is quite a cut on the standard price, and if you are looking to expand your storage space, now would be the time.

SanDisk Memory Card For Nintendo Switch (256 GB)

A 256 GB would cost around $50, and that should suffice for most of the gaming. It won’t be wise to get a 512 GB, as it is more than double than cost. Still, if it is your requirement for the system, you can stock it right now. You won’t get any better deal!

3. Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

A pro controller is certainly worth investing in if you’re an avid game lover. This time, Nintendo is bringing you different options to buy Switch Bundles with a pro controller. First of all, you have the standard color theme and Xenoblade Chronicles 2 theme available for the pro controller.

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Next thing, it has the game options in the bundle. You have Super Smash Bros, Mario Kart 8, and The Legend Of Zelda. All of these are available for you to buy with the controller. If you’re already buying Mario Kart 8 from above, it would be better to get Super Smash Bros from this option. It would give you more range to stock games and play them whenever you like.

The Ultimate Accessories Bundle:

Now, this is truly the mega bundle Deal for Nintendo Switch that would be a must-have for any player. Here you have a wide assortment of accessories bundle ready for you to use either with Nintendo Switch Lite or any other Switch consoles.

First of all, you get a travel case and screen protectors. These make it easier for you to carry them, even store your cartridges in the bag conveniently. There is a charging station for your joy-cons so that you won’t run out of fun playtime. The silicone grips further reinforce the firm quality of your joys and Nintendo Switch console. You also get a steering wheel to enjoy games like Super Mario Kart or other racing games.

If you’re into sports and love Nintendo’s sport collection, you have tennis rackets with sensors and everything else that works very well. There is also a stylus pen. Overall, all of these accessories ensure you get the best Switch Bundles for accessories for an impeccable gaming experience.

The Ultimate Accessories Bundle

There isn’t any compromise to the quality either. It remains a deluxe and high-end collection for you. You can play Super Mario Maker, and if you bought the New Nintendo Switch, then these accessories should certainly be one of the deals you get.

Anti-yellowing TPU cases, scratch-resistance, and much more! You have a high-quality mesh ready to take care of your Switch bundle without any problem. All of these ensure convenient gameplay without any hassle. This Switch bundle was hand-tailored to meet the requirement of any switch place across the globe.

It is one of our primary recommendations as there is a significant cut in the prices. You can get all of these for lower than $100, even at around $60. Although the price might change, this is one of the sales you should stock on immediately.

Controller Gear Nintendo Switch Skin & Screen Protector Set – Super Mario Evergreen “Super Mario”

And finally, here you have Super Mario Party theme switch bundles for the controller. It comes with a screen protector and brings you Super Mario Evergreen. Whether you play Super Mario Odyssey, Animal Crossing, or any other game, this is the bundle that will always entertain you with various themes and topics.

The color themes offer you everything from the classic Mario Logo to Princess Peach. You can get settings for any character, including Luigi, Yoshi, and much more. Overall, this is one of the best deals if you want to give your controller a new tweak or skin.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is It Worth Buying Nintendo Switch In 2021?

Yes. Nintendo Switch is one of the best and highly future-proof consoles available. As the company is consistently working on upgrading or remaking the older game for the console, you can be assured that it is here to stay. Therefore, it is worth buying a Nintendo Switch in 2021. There are many fantastic line ups of Video games waiting to hit the New Nintendo Switch.


Is There Any Upcoming Deal For Nintendo Switch Bundle In 2021?

You will get Super Mario 3D World with a new Nintendo Switch color theme. It will be available in signature Mario colors. It also bundles a collection with Bowser’s Fury, another great take in the Mario world. It is one of the deals from Nintendo that is worth keeping the eyes out for.


Can You Expect Nintendo Switch To Be A Part Of Sales Offers and Events In 2021?

Yes. You can expect Nintendo to roll out several sales in 2021. As there is Super Mario ready, you may see some drop in prices and hike in others. You may even get a promo code and discount on switch controller over much more. 2021 can be the year for Nintendo if it plays the cards right. From a simple memory card to a Switch Pro controller, this will be the year to keep an eye out on Switch Deals.


Where Can You Buy Nintendo Switch?

You can buy Nintendo Switch deals either on Amazon or various other affiliated Retailers. If you use our links, we may earn an affiliate commission, but it won’t affect your account or increase the prices in any manner. You can enjoy all of these deals. Another option would be to check out Best Buy, which also offers various Nintendo Switch Deals.



These are all of the Nintendo Switch Deals worth keeping an eye out for. It includes the Nintendo Switch line, Switch pro controller, and much more. Some of these bundle deals are up for a grab right now, and you can expect many more to be available later. However, make sure that these items are available in your country. Some of these games or consoles might be exclusive to the U.S or U.K.

Hopefully, you found these deals informative and worth the investment. So, go ahead and enjoy the sale or wait for the new ones to pop up eventually. 2021 is going to be full of Nintendo Switch Consoles. After all, there is news of a new model under development.

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