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Are you unable to download content or access Nintendo eshop on your Switch, Wii u, and Nintendo 3ds? It’s rare for Nintendo eshop to go down! If it’s down, then it might be due to some maintenance. Sometimes, an abrupt spike in the use of the services may also lead to overloading. Let’s help you find out everything about Nintendo eshop and how to fix the issues.

Nintendo Switch eShop Down

Why Is Nintendo Switch eShop Down?

There can be several reasons for Nintendo Switch to go down abruptly without any pre-issued notice. Maybe the servers got overwhelmed, which is common in December. It happened around Christmas when many new players either used the gift cards or logged into the latest Nintendo Switch online. As a result, Nintendo’s network services took a hike and became unresponsive for hours.

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The company made a prompt reply regarding the problems and got right down to fixing the issue.

How To Fix The Nintendo Switch eShop Down?

If the server is down for maintenance, it will take time before the services are restored. So, there’s nothing you can do. However, if it’s not working from your end, you can check if it is up in other countries. Then you can check if it’s your network services that might be causing the issue. If not, then you can try resetting your Nintendo switch. Finally, there’s an option to clear the cache listed below. Nintendo doesn’t use cookies, so the cache is the best option.

You can also avoid these issues by using a Nintendo shop or gift cards on less popular days. Avoid occasions like Christmas in December or some other celebrations around the years. Those are the times when the internet can get very busy, including the servers. It is better to use a couple of days before or after such festivals.

How Do You Reset The eShop Switch?

It’s similar to resetting the use of cookies for any other platform, like your browser or apps on the mobile phone. By resetting cache, you won’t lose your save files. It won’t delete your games, either. However, you will lose the saved password and other similar information. To follow through, here’s the complete list of steps to reset the eShop for Switch.

  • From the home screen, go to the ‘System Settings’
    System Setting
  • Find the ‘System’ and select it.
    System Setting Nitendo
  • In there, you will find ‘Initialize’ and launch it.
    System Update
  • Once the process is complete, you will get some options.
  • Choose ‘Reset Cache’.
  • Select the User you want to reset the cache for.
  • Once the cache is clear, reset your switch device.
  • To reset the Nintendo Switch, press the power button and down arrow. It should prompt the reset button.

Can You Change Your Region On Nintendo eShop?

Yes, you can change your region. However, if the currency changes in the area, the funds will not carry over. In other words, you have to use up the funds you have in your account before changing your country or region. Here are the steps to successfully change the region:

  • Go to
  • Log in to your ID
    Nintendo Account - Nintendo Switch eShop Down
  • Now go to My Nintendo settings.
    Account Overview
  • There you will find everything that you can change. It includes the country.
  • You would have to relink the NNID because it will get removed. Before re-adding, change NNID’s country as well.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why Is My Nintendo Switch eShop Not Working?

If you’re unable to connect, you can try the different methods explained in the article. However, if your eShop isn’t working specifically, it might be related to the cache. You can also try a different network or ID to see if the problem is specifically with your connection or not. It will help you narrow down any problem.


Are Nintendo Switch Servers Down?

If you’re concerned about the servers’ downtime or maintenance, you can visit Nintendo’s official website. Click here to get complete information regarding network services and maintenance of the servers. They keep the database up to date with accurate information. You can also follow the official.



If Nintendo eShop goes down again, then it is going to be anything other than server maintenance. There is no scheduled maintenance for Switch, Wii U, and Nintendo 3ds servers until the first half of January 2021. Don’t worry if you’re unable to access the service. You won’t lose your saved data. It is most likely backed up.

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