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Ok, so last night, you had a great time on your favorite Nintendo Switch game. The game went well, as the low battery is proving how amazing it was.  As usual, you had put the Nintendo switch on the dock for charging. But the next morning, as you wake up to complete the remaining tasks, the low battery in your Nintendo switch surprised you.

Nintendo Switch Not Charging

Many times, you switched on and off, but the battery is still constant and not charging. So what happened to it? Let’s get into this article and find out.

How to Fix if Nintendo Switch is Not Charging?

Here are some steps that you need to follow to get solved your Nintendo Switch Charging problem:

  1. Give it some time
  2. Check out your Charger
  3. Choose Force-Reset
  4. Contact Nintendo

If your Nintendo Switch is also not charging, there can be a couple of reasons behind why it is happening. That’s why you need to consider a few things if you want it to keep working the way it was used to be.

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1. Give it some time

Have some patience; avoid taking speedy actions. Sometimes, when the battery is entirely drained, and you then try to plug it in, Nintendo takes time to respond and doesn’t turn on instantly. In most instances, it happens. So give it one hour for rest. If it works, there’s nothing to worry about because, after an hour, the charging begins automatically, so check out the consol after an hour.

But sometimes, people connect the charger poorly. It later results in wastage of time, and that’s all. So make sure you’re not doing this, and the switch is correctly plugged in. If the power is smoothly transferred to the device, then there’s nothing wrong with your Nintendo switch. Look at the USB charger to know whether the device is now connected or not.

2. Check out your Charger

When you purchase the Nintendo Switch, you get a USB-C charger along with it, which is used to power the console. It’s a special charger that is highly recommended by the company. But if you’re using another charger, it’s likely to be an invitation to the problems in your device. Possible, it may result in damaging its battery, or your device may stop working.

Nintendo Charger

Such chargers are incompatible with Nintendo Switch; that’s why it’s best if you unplug the device right now if you’re using the wrong charger. It may lead to ruining your entire gaming experience on your favorite Nintendo Switch device. Wait for a few hours. Use the original USB-C charger, and after a while, see whether the charging has started or not.

3. Choose Force-Reset

In most cases, the switch gets frozen. Hence, if you also think that everything is fine, the USB charger and Switchboard are properly working, there’s no issue in it, then head to this step. The Switch has probably been frozen, and a force-reset will resolve the issue.

Force Reset

For the force-reset, simply press the power button. Hold the power button for at least 15 seconds. The step will lead to the shutting down of the device; if it happens, that means the device was genuinely frozen. Once the device shut down, release the button. Now wait for a while, plug-in the charger, and see the charging should begin.

4. Contact Nintendo

In the end, you’ve tried out everything, and still, the issue is steady; you need to raise a concern and contact Nintendo customer support. It’s the ultimate solution that can be the only way out of this problem.

Nintendo Services

Your device might be sent to the repair center, where they’ll check out the issues coming in your device. But till then, make sure your device is in capable hands. It shouldn’t be broken.

Why Battery Issue in Nintendo Switch?

Nintendo Switch is one of the best portable gaming platforms. But like any other gaming platform, users encounter an issue related to the power source in Nintendo Switch. Though, the company claims that the user can constantly use the device for up to 6 hours if the device has been fully charged. But it doesn’t last long enough because few games are more power-consuming. That’s why the device is required to be plugged in from time to time, which often turns out to be a very irritating situation.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Why am I unable to charge my Nintendo Switch?

After entire efforts, if your switch isn’t working well as it’s constantly experiencing battery issues, you can take a few steps to resolve the problem. The best practice is to leave the device free for a few hours. Turn the switch on and see the problem is resolved.


How do you know if the Nintendo Switch is Charging?

Plug the AC adapter into the Switch device and see the battery is being charged on the LCD screen’s upper-right corner.


How to fix the issue if the Nintendo Switch Dock isn’t charging?

Unplug the Nintendo Switch from the Dock, Unplug the AC adaptor and HDMI too and wait for a while. Plug everything again into the dock. Hit the power button and see, the device should start working, or else you need to contact customer support.


Can I Replace the Nintendo Switch Battery?

If your Nintendo Switch is still under warranty, there’s nothing to worry about; simply contact the customer support team of Nintendo Switch, and they’ll replace the battery if it isn’t working at zero cost.



Here you have got the general advice on what are the best possible steps you can take to get the Nintendo Switch again in working condition.

If everything fails to work, then undoubtedly, the time has come to contact the Nintendo Help Center. Still, it’s much better if you get the resolution at home before your device goes through a complex repair journey. It will turn out to be a big obstacle in your gaming experience.

That’s why you need to have some patience plus try out every point stated in this article to get back the device in its same position. Also, if you had hit some changes before playing the game, try to undo them all, possibly it may resolve the issue. Still, if it doesn’t work, then you know better what you have to do now.

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