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So you want to buy a new Switch, but which version should you buy — Switch vs. Switch Lite? In today’s time of tough competition between huge companies, Nintendo has been able to pull out something different. Portable gaming, bringing back the good old days. The fun part is now you can play most of the AAA titles on a portable device. The Switch model comes in a red box.

Nintendo Switch Lite Vs Switch

Do not worry, in this article we will be going through all the reasons which one you should buy, and in the end, we will declare the winner.

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Nintendo Switch Lite vs Switch – Size Comparison

1. Switch Size Comparison

Switch Size Comparison

Compared to other giant consoles like Sony’s PS5 and Xbox Series, X Nintendo Switch is surprisingly small thanks to its tablet-like size users can pack lightly and not have to worry about carrying around a big box. Unfortunately, the original Switch is not that small that you can roam around carrying it in your pockets; you might want to grab a case or dock it on a table.

2. Switch Lite Comparison

Switch Lite Comparison

The Switch Lite is in a smaller size than the standard model but not by a considerable margin. The touch screen size is 5.5 inches. It’s big enough to allow 720p visuals to flourish, and as the name implies, it weighs less than the standard Switch. The console still feels comfortable in your hands without carrying its predecessor’s heft. On top of that, the lite is small enough to fit in any pocket.


1. Nintendo Switch Visuals

Nintendo Switch Visuals

We all want our games to look the best they possibly can, and while it doesn’t support 4k resolution, the Switch manages to bring games to life in two distinct ways. When in handheld mode, the console can support a screen resolution of up to 720p, which is remarkably higher than Nintendo’s previous handhelds. However, games get far more immersive once the Switch is stationed in its dock. With an inglorious 1080p resolution, Nintendo’s magnificent world springs to life with great detail. Switch’s gaming system is amazing.

2. Switch Lite Visuals

Switch Lite Visuals

If you don’t really care about a boost in visuals and still want a Switch, maybe you should look into getting the lite. The highest resolution that the Nintendo Switch lite can display is 720p. The system does not support the TV mode, whereas the standard model does. In contrast, the games look good enough in handheld mode. There are some titles worth experiencing on the bigger screen. So the loss in graphical quality is a little hard to justify.

Price Battle

Switch Pricing –

Consoles can get very pricey, and the Switch is certainly no exception. The standard Nintendo Switch holds a hefty price tag of 300 US dollars, which is around the same price as its competitors, the Xbox and PlayStation. Tough if you consider that the Switch can be both a home console and a handheld, then this is quite the deal.

Switch Lite Plan –

Suppose you are looking to save some money. Switch lite might be the option you are looking for. Unfortunately, the Lite comes with a few sacrifices. The 200 US dollar price tag is much more friendly for budget, but you aren’t getting a lot of bang for your bucks. The lite does not have detachable joy-cons and instead has them built into the console, so you are practically getting just one controller. If you are looking to play some games with your friends, you have to look for two joy con packs. After buying them, you almost spent the same amount of money as you would spend on a standard Switch.

Battery Life

 Switch Battery Life –

In an age where portability is everything, battery life is more important than ever. Nothing is more annoying than playing a game for an hour or two only to be met with a little battery notification. At first, the standard Switch did not have extraordinary battery life. It was lasting between 2.5 to 6.5 hours. Luckily, Nintendo put out a newer version of the standard model between July and August 2019 that boasts a much longer battery life. It lasts between four and a half to a whopping nine hours. That’s quite a bit of game time to squeeze in enough to stay an entire afternoon. You can easily play games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild on the original Nintendo Switch.

Switch Lite Battery Life –

Once again, getting a Lite all depends on how you spend your time gaming. If you don’t typically spend long afternoons powering through a meaty game, then you may not mind the lite’s battery life. Clocking in at three to seven hours, the lite has a smaller time frame than the standard Switch, but it is slightly better than the original model. That being said, a lite is best for those of you who don’t spend extensive hours chugging down something as fire emblem three houses. This might be better for a long car ride or if you need to kill an hour or two. This all boils down to personal preference.

Portability Comparison

Portability Comparison between Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite

Switch Portability –

 Imagine this, you play your Switch by yourself, and a stranger comes along and asks if they can play. Thanks to the joy-cons being detachable, you hand one of them to a stranger and enjoy a few rousing games before they leave. This was one of the most significant selling points of the Switch. Probably the main reason why so many people grabbed one. Two controllers that double as a singular one as if that wasn’t good enough. The standard Switch included a kickstand, so you could set the console without having to prop it up against anything. How cool is that?.

Switch Lite Portability –

Unfortunately, this is where the lite fails to impress. As we mentioned before, the joy-cons are built into the console. This makes it very difficult to play with others at a moment’s notice. On top of that, built-in joys make certain games like Sniffer Cliffs and Super Mario Party practically unplayable. While the Lite does allow regular joy-cons to connect to the console, the system lacks a kickstand. Which means you’ll have to play the lite-on a flat surface. Or pop it up against something. In other words, setting up is a hassle. You cannot use the charging dock with the lite as it does not support TV mode. Sadly, the Switch lite misses what made the Switch a must-have.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which is a better Nintendo switch or Nintendo Switch Lite?

Both Switch models are good options to choose from. Switch Lite is affordable, but if you’re looking for better visuals and good battery life, then you should go with Nintendo Switch.


What’s the difference between the switch and the switch lite?

The switch and the switch lite’s main difference is that the switch lite is a complete handheld device, and it is smaller than the switch, and then obviously, the price difference is there. Switch Lite costs around $200, and Switch costs around $300.


Do switch games work on switch Lite?

Games that support handheld mode can be played on Switch Lite, but if you want to play all the Switch games, you need to buy Joy Con controllers separately.


Does Nintendo Switch Lite connect to TV?

No, Nintendo Switch Lite can not connect to TV because it does not have any internal hardware to support TV. Even if you connect it with the Switch dock still it won’t give any response.



  • Size Winner — Switch Lite
  • Visuals Winner —   Switch
  • Price Winner  — Switch Lite
  • Battery Life Winner —   Switch
  • Portability Winner —  Switch

As you can see, the Nintendo Switch is the clear winner. Nintendo can win; though the Switch lite is a relatively lesser price, the Switch is quite advantageous. Are you still thinking about getting the lite? Or we sold you on the standard Switch. Let us know which model you plan on getting in the comments below.

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