How does oura ring improve your health

After publishing the in-depth review of a plethora of wearables and activity and fitness trackers, readers keep on asking about the Oura Ring. So, finally, we are here with a detailed Oura Ring review. It’s a couple of weeks since we are reviewing this device, and paying extra attention to all the features, including sleep tracker, respiratory rate, heart rate, and many other features.

Oura Ring Review

In this article, we’ll explain everything that you are all eager to know about this wearable health tracker. So, let’s continue reading and find out whether this product is worth investing in or just a regular fitness tracking device to slay in the market.

Oura Ring Review – In a Nutshell

Oura Ring is a smart ring-like sleep tracker from Oura that collects your body’s data using optical heart rate monitoring. Well, it’s a standard technology that you find in almost every fitness tracking device. But what makes it stand out amongst the other fitness is it helps to track the vital signs, including respiratory rate, temperate, and even your sleep pattern.

This device will be a futuristic-looking wearable device with tons of advanced sensors but is packed in a tiny space. It’s simply the engineering masterpiece that is going to fit nicely in your middle finger, index finger, and even ring finger.

Oura Ring Info

Experts still say that Oura is one of the exceptional expert-vetted wearable trackers that are available in the market right now.

Features of The Amazing Oura Ring:

In a nutshell, we must say that this Oura Ring is one of the finest wearable trackers to help you if you’re looking to improve your health. It hardly weighs around 6 gm; despite its small size, it bangs on with features that quickly make wellness information accessible.

The advanced tracker has the following features that allow you to track health metrics as follows:

1. Heart Rate and Variability

Arguably, this gadget proved to be pro for all of us because it monitors the heart rate variability (time lag between two heartbeats). Besides monitoring your HVR, it is also helpful in calculating the heartbeats too. So, this means you can completely track your health and combat health issues quickly.

2. Body Temperature

Fluctuation in the body temperature during sleeping time may be a reliable indicator that your body isn’t well and there is something disturbing. That’s why Oura Ring came up with this feature that immediately warns you if your body temperature deviates from the normal line.

oura ring features

3. Respiratory Rate

Another valuable feature provided in the Oura Ring is the respiratory rate sensor. Well, this must be good enough because even the sudden spike in the breathing rate can warn you instantly about your health issues. With this feature, you can easily track your breathing rate during exercise, walking, and even during sleeping.

4. Sleep Stages Count or Sleep Tracking

Sleep tracking is the most powerful feature of the Oura Ring. This feature allows you to track your total sleep time, restfulness, efficiency, REM sleep, deep sleep, timing, latency, and rhythm of rest too. The sleep tracking is highly accurate, so; you can say it would be worthy enough for you to monitor whether you have a peaceful sleep with this device. As it provides an accurate sleep score.

How Does Oura Ring Improve Your Health?

As we discussed earlier, the Oura Ring has a fitness sensor that senses the body’s physiological signals to give accurate data about your body, heart rate, sleep rate, body temperature, and even respiratory rate. Thus, by having accurate data of the body, one can improve their health by taking some measurable steps and altering their lifestyle.

For instance, if your device shows you have a low HRV rate, this could be the sign of the sympathetic nervous system in overdrive, responsible for the flight and fight response. So, you can use the data to recover from stress or fight disease accurately.

How Does Oura Ring Improve Your Health

Similarly, you can track down your body temperature, steps taken daily, breathing rate, heart rate. So, you can treat the abnormal condition on time and cure yourself of the health issues.

Regular monitoring of the sleep stages could help you in improving your sleep cycle. So, you can win half of the battle of health issues properly with this small wearable gadget.

Is the Oura Ring worth it?

Exceptionally, yes! This ring is worth having these days. Wearing this small gadget can do so much to improve your health issues. Everyone here knows that quality sleep is the key to a healthy life. So, I must thank this device that helps to improve your sleep to an extent. Every morning, the smart ring user sees a report on how they sleep, how many hours they sleep, and even monitoring their REM dreaming phase.

Moreover, other essential data, such as heart rate, a step is taken, breathing rate, and calorie intake collected from the device, will help achieve your significant health goals. So, yes, this device is the best buy and value for money product for anyone. If you have so many health issues and tried visiting too expensive clinics repeatedly, you must go for this device.

Pros & Cons: Oura Ring Review



  • Comfortable to wear the whole day.
  • Value for money.
  • Long battery backup.
  • 100% accurate heart rate tracking.
  • Easy to share data facility.
  • Futuristic design.
  • User-friendly Oura App.



  • The readiness score is not that accurate

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which activity tracker is better, Oura Ring or Fitbit?

There is no head-to-head comparison of both because the Oura Ring is specially designed for resting while the Fitbit is for activity tracking. Both of them have their purpose so that you can choose either according to your needs.


Is this Oura Ring is better than the Apple watch?

Yes, the Oura Ring is better than the Apple watch if you want to have maximum information about sleep and recovery. But if you prefer to monitor only a few things, such as heart rate, then the Apple watch will be great.


Can we wear the ring all day long?

Absolutely, you can take it the whole day. Since it rings, you don’t feel any discomfort while wearing it the whole day. Besides that, it is lightweight, so you don’t feel bulkiness even if you wear it regularly.


Is Oura Ring safe?

Since it is made with titanium, it is safe for you to wear. This is non-allergic so that anyone can wear it without worry.



In this Oura Ring Review, we can conclude that the Oura Ring is potentially great for monitoring everything that matters to your health. The experience of wearing this fitness tracker ring is impressive, and the best thing is one can improve their health odds honestly with the help of this. Apart from accurate tracking, this ring also allows you an easy data transferring option so you can quickly view it on your mobile and any other devices. So, without any doubt, one can go ahead to purchase this ring and enjoy tracking their sleep.

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