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Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, we received a fresh show that took us on a journey to the shores. Outer Banks was the much-needed virtual retreat to the exotic beaches of North Carolina Island. The first season was a remarkable success and so popular that Netflix didn’t waste too much time announcing the next season. So let’s dive in to know everything about Outer Banks Season 2 like the release date & cast.

Outer Banks Season 2 - Release Date & Updates

This makes one thing clear. The teen drama is here to stay, and we can see a lot more in the second season. Let’s find out what we are going to get!

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Outer Banks Season 2 – Release Date & Cast

Outer Banks Season 1: Revisiting

Season 1 did a commendable job at setting up the story. We get a group of high-school teenagers with a group called ‘Pogues.’ It is a unique name while we get most of the ‘slice of life’ and teenage drama like high school bullies, crush, casual romance, and much more.

However, as we watch ahead, we learn that the show is much more than meets the eyes. You soon get a glimpse of the treasure hints and lores. Apparently, they are going to explore these possibilities and see if there is a treasure. This soon turns into a treasure hunt with the Pogues taking the wheels of the boat.

Outer Banks Season 1

Of course, that’s not all. The main character, John B, starts to uncover the mystery behind his father. Soon, he learns that Big B was killed. That’s not all! There is a rising body count around them. That’s right! The officer is dead, and John B is getting framed for this. What’s that?

The couple, John B And Sarah, didn’t get arrested. Rather! They snuck out in the stormy night on a boat and found themselves lost. Woah, what a cliff hanger! Suddenly, it isn’t just another teen soap show. It is much more, and we will uncover this mystery.

Speculation For Outer Banks Season 2:

From the looks of it, we will have a complete package for Outer Banks Season 2. The group is going to face some significant challenges. John B and Sarah have discovered who the killer of Big B was. They are also on a journey to explore and find the treasure. A lot is going on. While John B and Sarah are presumed dead, they find themselves in the Bahamas.

Outer Banks Season 2 Trailer

Sarah’s brother also seems to be the culprit, along with her father, Ward. Yet, the two didn’t let the differences dissolve their friendship or teen romance. So, we will probably see them explore the Bahamas while trying to find the treasure that links it to John B’s death and disappearance.

From the sources, we already know that there was a shooting there. Hence, it took a while to get the production for the season finished on time.

Outer Banks Season 2: Production & Release Date

After the phenomenal success, the producers were all set for the green light from Netflix. As soon as they received it, they started working on the production. However, due to the pandemic, it took a while for them to wrap things up. Let’s not forget that they had to focus on the Bahamas for some part of the show for Season two.  The production started in September 2020, and as of January 2021, it is completed.

Outer Banks Season 2 Release Date

Now, all we have to wait for is the official release date. Let’s look at the facts here. Netflix released Outer Banks Season 1 on 15th April 2020. If we know something about Netflix, it follows a similar schedule. Although, there have been significant changes in the recent releases and their timings.

Still, we will likely get the show in early 2021, in other words, March or April of 2021. A similar release pattern will follow, as always. They might let season one brew for a little longer before deciding to toss out the second season. Season 3 might be under work already, as well.

Outer Banks Season 2: Cast & Crew

Of course, Chase Stokes and Madelyn Cline are going to reprise their roles. So, we will see John B and Sarah for sure.

As the first season was about ‘Pogues,’ we can see the main cast returning. Madison Bailey will reprise the role as Kiara. Jonathan Daviss will be Pope, and Rudy Pankow will continue to play JJ.

outer banks season 2 cast

As we learn Ward is the killer of John B’s father, we might see him as the main antagonist for Season 2. Which means Charles Esten will reprise his role.  Drew Starkey will also reprise the role of Rafe Cameron, Sarah’s brother. We might also see Austin North returning as Topper (Sarah’s Ex.)

According to the sources, Elizabeth Mitchell will be joining the production, as well. Perhaps, she will be the one John B encounters in the Bahamas. Limbrey, a Charleston native and a highly compelling woman with a great level of toxicity and powerful menace underneath her seem-to-be courteous appearance. Getting her in Outer Banks Season 2 will significantly increase the popularity as she is popular from Lost and Once Upon A Time. It also shows us how popular the second season might get.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Will There Be More Than Outer Banks Season 2 In The Series?

According to the producer Pate, there will definitely be more seasons in the future. Although they are betting on a four-season finale at best, there may be around four to five seasons. Therefore, we can expect to see more of Outerbanks in the future.


Where Can You Watch Outer Banks?

The show is available exclusively on Netflix to watch. You will get the second season on Netflix, as well.


Is John B’s Dad Alive?

According to everything we know so far, he is most likely dead and will stay dead with Ward as the killer.



Good News! The filming for the second season is complete! Therefore, you might expect the show to come to the screens very soon, in March or April of 2021. That’s everything we know regarding the show and season 2. It is indeed a fresh take and something worth watching for people.

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