Philo free trial on fire tv

Looking for a Philo TV free trial? We give you the best method to watch the cheap streaming service absolutely free of cost. Some of the channels that you can watch for free are IFC, AMC, MTV, BET, BBC America, TV Land, Lifetime, BBC America, Nickelodeon, Hallmark Food Network, Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, and many more other channels.

Tired of looking at curated content and miss some good ol’ cable? What if we told you that you can watch cable without having to pay the expensive bill? Introducing Philo TV! Philo TV is every cord cutter’s dream come true. If you want, you can have a free trial, before subscribing!

Philo TV Free Trial

You all must have heard about OTT Platforms are media services that provide media streaming services for a cost offered to consumers directly via the Internet. This means that viewers can consume content on the go, on electronic devices such as desktops, laptops, Ipads, tablets, mobile phones, with the requirements of a stable internet connection. Philo TV is one such OTT (Over The Top) Platform that provides streaming services as well as live TV and On-demand TV.

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Philo Free Trial is Available on Many Platforms like:

Philo TV is an inexpensive streaming experience that provides viewers with live and on-demand tv for as low as 20$ a month!

  • Philo website
  • Fire TV
  • The Android app
  • iOS app
  • Roku
  • Fire tablet

How to Get the Philo Free Trial – Multiple Methods

Depending on your device there are different ways to set up the Philo free trial service.

Steps to sign up for Philo Free Trial on the Website:

  • Go to the Philo website
    Live & on- demand TV
  • In the subscription box, enter either the mobile number or else email address.
    enter email on subscription
  • You will get a link to your mobile or email mentioned.
  • Open the link and confirm your sign in
    sign in philo
  • If you want to sign up and use any add-on, go and select the add-on you want on the homepage then confirm subscription.

Steps to sign up for Philo Free Trial on Android Device:

If you are an android user and want to stream on your mobile follow the following steps.

  • Go to Google Play Store
  • Download the Philo app
    Download Philo App
  • Go to the Philo app
  • Opt the Start Free Trial
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Open the link you get from Philo
  • Click Confirm sign-up.

Steps to sign up for Philo Free Trial on Roku Device:

Philo Free Trial on Roku Device

If you are looking to get Philo on your Roku device, Just follow the below steps I explained:

  • On your streaming channels search for Philo.
  • Then add Philo channel.
  • Now go to the Philo app.
  • Opt for the Start Free Trial option.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Open the link you get from Philo.
  • Click Confirm sign in.

Steps to sign up for Philo Free Trial on Fire TV:

Philo Free Trial on Fire TV

If you are looking to get Philo on Fire TV, Follow the following steps:

  • In the home screen search bar on your Fire TV remote
  • Go and search for Philo
  • Once you get Philo, click the get now button
  • Open the Philo app
  • Opt the Start Free Trial option
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Open the link you get from Philo
  • Click Confirm sign in

Steps to sign up for Philo Free Trial on Fire Tablet:

If you want to access Philo on Fire tablet, you should sign up for a free trial in the Amazon App Store. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Download Philo app from your Amazon App Store
  • Go to Philo
  • Opt the Start Free Trial option
  • Enter the mobile number
  • Open the link you get from Philo
  • Click Confirm sign in

Steps to sign up for Philo Free Trial on iPhone or Another iOS device:

If you want to access Philo free trial on any iOS device. Follow the instructions given below:

  • Search for Philo in the App Store.
  • Click Get on the Philo App
  • Go to Philo and click on getting started
  • Opt the Start Free Trial option
  • Enter your mobile number or email
  • Open the link you get from Philo
  • Click the Confirm sign-up button
  • Select Subscribe
  • Click on OK

Why Choose Philo TV?

Philo TV gives viewers access to 60 plus channels as well as gives them the choice to add on Epix and Starz at an additional cost of 6$ and 9$ a month for more exclusive content to consume. Philo has a range of channels starting from BBC World News, to Paramount, to the DIY Network as well as the Food Network. As you can see, the channels provided do not restrict to one particular theme or topic. They even have Nickelodeon, History as well as MTV to satisfy your kids, history buffs and your music needs respectively.

Philo TV consists of over 50,000 television shows and movies, which all play in high definition (HD) resolution. Additionally, the viewer gains access to 9500 titles if he or she chooses to add on Epix and Starz along with a subscription. The viewer can record his or her favourite shows on Philo TV’s unlimited DVR to view later(now nana has all her shows recorded and you don’t have to fight her, haha). The recorded show can be saved up to 30 days for viewership.

All you need is a mobile number or an email address, a payment method, a broadband internet connection, and a supported device. You can stream up to 3 devices at a time and create 10 profiles per account. Since there is no contract as such put in place, one can cancel their Philo TV subscription anytime and resume again at their convenience. You can always avail the free trial period before committing to a subscription. Philo TV allows you to obtain a free trial period for their add one, Epix, and Starz as well.

Popular Genres and Channels offered by Philo TV:

Philo TV offers consumers a wide variety of genres and channels, as mentioned before. The actual range of their content offered are:

  • Genre: Cooking

Channels: Cooking Channel, The Food Network, Tastemade channel

  • Genre: Fictional Content

Channels: Comedy Central, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Drama, A & E Channel, AMC Channel, Lifetime Channel, Paramount, Sundance Tv

  • Genre: Crime

Channels: Crime + Investigation, Law & Crime

  • Genre: Music

Channels: MTv, MTv Classic, MTv Live, VH1, MTv 2

  • Genre: Travel and Lifestyle

Channels: TLC, People Tv, Trvl Channel, Destination America, People TV

  • Genre: News

Channels: BBC America, BBC World News, Newsy

  • Genre: Discovery and Knowledge Learning

Channel: History Channel, Discovery, Animal Planet, DIY Network, Cheddar Channel, Motortrend, Discovery Family

  • Genre: Children oriented content:

Channels: Nick Jr., Nickelodeon, Nicktoons, TeenNick

There are many more quality channels such as Gameshow Network, Logo, SCI Channel are provided for consumption than the above-mentioned channels by streaming service Philo TV.

What we do after the 7 Day free trial period of Philo TV?

The free trial period for Philo TV lasts up to 7 days and gives you access to their wide variety of channels. Two days into the free trial, you would be given a choice to extend it to a week, whereby you would be required to enter your payment information. After the week, the trial subscription would be converted to a paid subscription, if you have entered your payment information.

Philo TV always gives you the choice to discontinue your subscription whenever you want to. It can be streamed on the web, iPhones, and iPods, the Apple TV, Android TV, Android phones and tablets, Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, as well as Chromecast via Android. Philo TV is perfect for you if you enjoy watching popular channels.

And as a bonus, it allows you to skip advertisements played during the movie or tv show. Philo TV’s interface is designed in a manner that allows an easy navigation experience.

Philo TV main screen includes the following sections:

  • HOME: This is the main screen that displays suggested top titles, upcoming episodes, and content that’s being aired live. It also showcases movies and series according to set themes and genres so that viewers can navigate the streaming device according to their interests. At the same time, it keeps a record of movies or shows that you have not completed watching so that you can resume at your convenience.
  • GUIDE: The guide is a similar sectional to that of a customary TV guide. It is in a grid-like format that lets the viewer know what is being aired live with a small blue box that says LIVE, what would be coming up next, and what would be played in the future on the channel.
  • SAVED: It is the page that consists of your recorded content and saved titles. So all the titles saved from other menu pages would show up on this page.
  • SEARCH: The search bar allows you to look for specific movies, tv shows, or even specific channels as per your choice. These sections keep your viewer content organized and easy to find.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Does Philo TV allow the recording of content?

Yes, Philo TV’s unlimited DVR space allows viewers to record and store their favorite movies and shows for up to 30 days.


Are multiple streams allowed?

Yes, Philo TV allows streaming up to 3 devices at the same time.


Can you skip advertisements on Philo TV?

Yes, you can skip advertisements on Philo TV.


Does Philo TV provide On-Demand TV?

Yes, it does. Philo TV airs live tv at 720p.


Does Philo TV have local channels?

Unfortunately, Philo TV does not provide local channels but it does provide a variety of 63 popular channels.


How do you sign up for the free trial?

To sign up for the free trial at Philo TV, the following steps are to be performed:

  • Visit
  • Enter your mobile number or email address and click Get Started.
  • Enter your payment information and click subscribe.
  • Open the link texted or emailed to you.
  • Select the Confirm sign-up button and you are in.


How many plans does Philo TV provide?

Philo TV does not have multiple plans to choose from. In fact, they only have one plan. With Philo TV, you get value for your money. They provide streaming services at an affordable charge of 20 $ per month.


Is there any notice period to be given or a specific period that has to be awaited before I cancel my subscription, in case I want to cancel my subscription?

Since there is not a contract as such present, you can cancel your subscription at any time and resume again at your convenience


How do I pay for Philo TV?

Philo TV accepts both credit and debit cards. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express debit and credit cards are accepted. If you are using Roku TV, you can pay using Roku Pay, debit cards, credit cards, Paypal. If you are using Fire TV, Philo TV has partnered with Amazon to make sure your subscription through Fire is easy by billing your subscription payment fee to your Amazon account. Similarly, Philo TV has partnered with Apple TV to make streaming easy for you. If you stream on any Apple device, you will be billed by Apple using the payment information linked to your iTunes account. You can pay with Apple Pay, Paypal, debit and credit cards as well.



Philo TV’s aesthetic on live streaming devices is retro and a refreshing theme from other platforms. It streams in the standard 2.0 stereo audio at 720 pixels at 30 frames per second. Philo TV is value for your money. It is way more affordable than most streaming platforms as well as offers consumers a wide choice of content to consume.

You get what you pay for with Philo TV, that is there are not any confusions with many packages made to be available. It may not provide original content but it does provide many channels with ample DVR cloud space. Philo TV also provides coupons, vouchers, and referral codes that can help consumers avail of additional discounts on subscriptions. In addition to the above features mentioned, Philo TV allows you to see for yourself, its value by giving you the option of a free trial period.

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