One of the best and latest Instagram features is that anyone can pin their favorite comments on the post. By pinning the right words, one can create a positive vibe among followers. So, let’s learn how to pin comments on Instagram.

How to Pin Comments in Instagram on iPhone & Android

Many public accounts are spammed with hatred comments, which can create negative vibes. You can pin your comment replies or your follower’s comments. The best part about this feature is that it is available on Android and iPhone. One can get this feature on a smartphone only and not on a PC.

Let us see how to pin their Instagram comments quickly with iPhone or Android phones.

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 How Can One Pin Instagram Comments on iPhone?

One can pin Instagram comments on the iPhone in less than 2-3 seconds, and it is straightforward at the same time. Let us see how one can pin Instagram comments on the iPhone.

  • Open your post and select the comment icon.
  • Select the comment you want to pin and slide the comment right. (You can’t pin your own comments)Pin comment on iPhone
  • You will see a pin icon; click on that.
  • The comment will be pinned, and to unpin the analysis again, slide right and unpin it.

*NOTE* After you pin a comment, one can see the little pinned word beneath it.

How can one pin an Instagram comment on Android?

This feature is also available for Android users, but the steps are slightly different for Android users. Android phones’ functioning is different from iPhones, so pinning Instagram comments is different for Android users at the same time. Let us see how one can pin Instagram comments on Android phones very quickly.

  • Select the post and tap on the comment icon.
  • Select the comment and hold it for 2-3 seconds.Select Comment
  • One will have a few options on top of the screen and select the “Pin” option.Click on Pin Comment
  • Your comment will be pinned, and you can unpin it by doing the following steps.Pinned

Note: You can pin 3 comments with a personal account.

Frequently Asked Questions:


How to unpin a comment on Instagram for iPhone users?

Open your post and select the pinned comment and slide right and click on unpin and you are done.


How can I pin a comment on Instagram for Android users?

Pinning a comment on Instagram is very easy for Android users. Just tap and hold the comment and click on the little pin icon.


Can I pin a text on my Instagram story?

Yes, by tapping and holding the text for 2 seconds, one can pin the text on their Instagram story.



Now pin your favorite comments on Instagram and spread joy and positivity on your Instagram feed. Unpinning a statement on Instagram is easy as pinning it on Instagram. One of the main motives of Instagram is to curate the conversation using this feature. Pin top-3 comments on your every post from now onwards, whether you use iPhone or Android phone.

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