Pokemon Go Chart Type – Strengths & Weakness (2021)

Pokémon Go showcases different kinds of Pokémon, each with its abilities and flaws, just like other Pokémon games. There’s a category for each Pokémon, like trees and bushes, fire, or water. This also implies that every other Pokémon has several strengths and weaknesses.

Pokemon Go Chart Type

For instance, toward flying-, fire-, bug-type, and rock-type moves Pokémon are unbalanced. Moves of the bug-type are powerful toward moves of the grass, dark, and psychic type.

However, that said, the flying-, fire-, and rock-type activities would double harm against bug types, such as Caterpie.

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Pokémon Sword and Shield:

Two types of certain Pokémon further indicate they can also have a decreased disadvantage or withdraw their strong and weak points to take ordinary destruction. A flying-type, and dragon-type, Rayquaza takes three to fourfold the destruction from ice-type movements.

Pokémon Sword and Shield

Shuckle, bug-type, and the rock will take reasonable destruction from fire-type movements on the contrary because the rock-type is robust against any fire-type.

  • Healthy Towards: portrayed as Powerful Verses on our category chart, attacks from its identified type against all the categories mentioned here will interact the attacker extra damage. This is ‘Ultra Appropriate.’
  • Weak Towards: portrayed here as Fragile Vs., the opponent will be less harmed by attacks of the mentioned category against any of these types. This is ‘Not that successful…’
  • Resistance: As a resist, it will do you significantly less destruction by trying to take strikes of this category.
  • Vulnerable: The weaknesses of the type. Strikes of such kinds will inflict significant harm.

Aggressively, a Ground-type Pokemon/move is decisive towards Rock, Poison, Fire,  Electric, and steel forms, dealing with double deterioration. For Bug, Flying, and Grass Pokemon, these do just 50 percent harm. Positionally, the same Ground-type Pokemon can suffer decreased Rock, Electric, and Poison Pokemon injury and gain maximum Grass, Water, and Ice damage, which would be sensitive.

Pokemon Chart Strengths Weakness in Detail

A significant part of battling and fighting is understanding the advantages and disadvantages of Pokémon. You must make sure that although the actions of those Pokémons are right against everything battles to do all the maximum harm you could.

Take into account their kinds and attempt to construct your squad so you’ll have the appropriate Pokemon combination and the correct motions connected to such a Gameplay to create wars go your moment when a Pokemon gives you difficulties at a workout and during an attack. Recognize that there are also types for both Pokemon transitions and Pokemon itself!

pokemon go type chart

Everything will get a little complex because, indeed, you can also have a Battle of the Dragon and  Fire category that does have a movement of the Flying-type, and all that might be a component with how successful that transition is when you’re using it.

As their website on Eevee Growth in Pokemon Go describes, in the presence of Pokemon, which does evolve several ways, versions can also impact the style you would like. In combination with that of the Strongest Pokemon from Pokemon Go, the whole Pokemon Go-Style Chart can essentially be enough to create a superior squad for combat in gymnasiums and attacks.

Pokemon Go Type Effective Chart Super Modifications:

Overall the decades, the bulk of the form chart stayed the very same, although there were a few improvements. The Steel and Dark forms were introduced in Generation 2, whereas the Fairy form was introduced in Generation 6. Based on the existing style table, here are all the variations. Mostly on the Old Style Charts tab, the charts could be seen.

Generation 2 to 5 –

pokemon go type chart Generation 2 to 5

There wasn’t any existence of fairy types. Moves of the Dark and Ghost-type weren’t quite as successful towards Pokémon of the Steel type. They perform favorable destruction through generation 6.

Generation 1 –

There were hardly any forms of Dark and Steel. On Paranormal Pokémon, Ghost-type movements had almost no impact.

pokemon go type chart Generation 1

It was a software glitch: many game manuals said that Ghost on Psychic was super-effective, and an instructor at Saffron Town claims that such bugs and ghosts are afraid of Psychic Pokémon! In Generation 2, these were fixed after Ghost turned incredibly over Psychic.

Bug on Poison became super-effective, and vice-versa. This has been altered because Bug wasn’t very successful towards Poison again, and Poison is doing daily destruction towards Bug now.

Moves of the Ice category were impartial against the Pokémon Fire-type. They aren’t very successful now.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What form of Pokemon has by far the most powers?

Yeah, well, Steel’s got much more strength. Rock, Grass, Insect, Ice, Regular, Flying, Dragon, Ghost, Steel, Dark, Psychic, adds Immune to Poison.


What is the weakness of the dark type?

Ans: The weakness of Dark Form Fighting, Fairy, and Bug-type pokemon attacks are vulnerable against dark category pokemon attacks. Dark style pokemon is resistant to Pokemon of the psychic type.


Could you do the Snorlax solo?

Snorlax is among the most potent Raid leaders to date available throughout the game. It isn’t alone, and it’s going to need at least two superbly trained challengers to pair it, or 3+ high CP and healthy HP Pokemon enthusiasts who profit with SE actions versus Snorlax.



We hope you have a clear idea about the Pokemon Strengths and Weakness. The chart is updated most recently; thus, the information provided will help you excel in the game.

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