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Is Pokemon Sword and Shield worth the investment? What makes it the right choice for a game? In this review of Pokemon Sword And Shield, we will cover the points that matter. Therefore, you will receive a complete evaluation and information regarding the game. It will enable you to make the right buying decision. So, without further ado, here’s everything you need to know!

Pokemon Sword And Shield Review - Overview

It’s time for you to be a pokemon master! Nintendo Switch is here with an enticing world of Pokemon! This time, you’re going to explore the Galar region as you embark on your journey!

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Pokemon Sword and Shield Review:

This is the first thing that will pop into anyone’s mind. Let’s be honest! Pokemon games are notorious for dragging the introduction to the game. The tutorials can be annoying, especially if you are an experienced player of this gaming franchise.

Thankfully! The developers have reflected on their mistakes and make the tutorials entirely skippable. You can go out and even catch the pokemon right away.

That’s not all! As battle animations can get a little too dull after consistently playing, you can change them. It can be minimalist without any animation like throwing the ball and Pokeball emerging.

Alternatively, the Dynamax feature makes everything become more enticing and live size that could elevate the experience. It’s almost like watching an animated version of the fight.

Anyway, the point is, you can indeed skip through unnecessary things in the game. Thus, saving you time to play the game.

Grass Encounter Randomness – Is It Still A Problem?

One of the most annoying but signature concepts of Pokemon games has been the grass encounter. As an older player, you might enjoy it, but even you would agree that it can get annoying. Too frequent pop-ups would make you want to flee the battles as they become less eventful.

Grass Ecounter Randomness

Once again, you see a drastic improvement in this aspect. Instead of random grass or terrain encounters, you can ‘spot’ the pokemon on the map.

Thus, you can choose to approach the pokemon to fight it or avoid it. It’s almost like being in a real pokemon world. There’s more! If you miss that grass action, it’s still available.

When you move through a patch of grass or a pokemon dense area, an exclamation mark will appear on top of your player’s head. Thus, you can decide whether you want to engage in a random battle or not. This makes the game quite entertaining.

Pokemon Variety – Is There Overcrowding?

Overcrowding is when a single pokemon appears too much in the game to become too common or ‘unrewarding’ for you to own.

That’s not all! The pokemon loses its value and becomes annoying as it appears consistently. Many players call it the ‘Zubat’ effect as that has been the pokemon that appears the most.

Pokemon Varriety

You see drastic improvements here. The Galar region is full of a wide range and variety of pokemon. It’s hard to bombard a specific pokemon in a single map. Therefore, you will find various pokemon varieties everywhere you go.

As for the type of pokemon and their variety, the Galar region has one of the densest ranges of pokemon.

You will find old classics like Gyarados and Snorlax to new ones like Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble. The aesthetics and design of these pokemon would be admirable to old-times and new-gen players! That’s certainly a plus point.

The World Map And Travel – How Is Transportation?

If you look at the world map, it feels quite breezy, and you have a lot of conveniences when it comes down to traveling. The game has eliminated the old school pokemon riding and walking travels.

If you want to go somewhere, you can use pokemon flying taxis, trains, even bikes to cross the world and travel efficiently. There aren’t any prolonged animations either. You can skip through them to get to the region.

Pokemon World Map

It means that you will play the game according to your terms. Nothing is getting forced or imposed on you. Players have complete freedom to decide how much they want to indulge in the game. Therefore, you can finish the game within 40 hours if you play the game right.

Training & Grinding – How To Level Up Your Pokemon?

No more exhaustive grinding for the new pokemon! That’s right! If you’ve traveled around and leveled up your pokemon, you can catch up with the older pokemon, as well.

It’s not that challenging. There are EXP Candies you can use (XS and XL types) to boost your pokemon experience. Thus, it will enable you to level up your pokemon quickly.

Training And Grinding Pokemon

If you play in the Wild Area, you will level up plenty. Overall, you don’t have to waste too much time. You may find new pokemon with lower levels in a new part of the world.

It becomes challenging to use them in the game. However, you can now level them up quickly by using EXP candies. It is undoubtedly a convenient method for you to enjoy the game without making it dull.

A Unique Feature – Wild Area

Pokemon Wild Area

Are you looking for some stronger catches? Then the Wild Area would be something you will like. It is a feature available for you according to the part of the map you’re in. It doesn’t have too many amazing animations or graphics.

However, the purpose of the Wild Area is to bring you a collection of pokemon. Now, most of these pokemon would be at a higher level than you. There may be missions and quests you can do.

The wild area’s point is to make it easier for you to capture higher-level pokemon and train your pokemon by challenging them.

National Pokedex Limitations:

NAtional Pokedex Limitation

However, there’s a significant drawback in the game. There’s no way for older players to connect their national Pokedex to the local, in-game Pokedex. Thus, you can port older pokemon and whatnot, which the games have been known to do.

So, it might be a little turn off for some. But not everything can be fun and games, right? After all, with so many arrays of compelling tweaks and updates, it was bound to have some sort of a deal-breaking drawback. It’s not that bad if you don’t mind porting or collecting pokemon from older Pokedex.

Authentic Pokemon Adventure:

In the end, you have a 100% original pokemon game that stays true to its predecessors. Many people find the gameplay easier than in previous games.

However, that’s due to the added conveniences and features. The game is still relatively hard, especially for new players who don’t know how older games worked.

Gym battles are enthralling as people are cheering and hooting the music might not be up to the hype, but that is negligible. There is a little lack of animation for the advanced graphics that Switch brings you. Overall, as a game, you can enjoy a great pokemon game on your Nintendo Switch.

Conclusion: Pokemon Sword And Shield Review

Pokemon Sword And Shield are worth every penny you might invest in it. There’s the same old sense of adventure as you become a pokemon trainer. Remember, the game is available for Nintendo Switch. It is worth a purchase and certainly something that might set a new ‘norm’ for the future pokemon games.

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