Transfer game data from ps4 to ps5

There have been many speculations in context to the PlayStation 5 like whether the PS5 backward is compatible with PS4 or not. Is it possible to play the PS4 games on PS5 or not? As per the announcement made by parent company Sony, PS5 is backward compatible with the PS4. This shows that it is now possible to download the games that have been purchased on the PS4 from the PS store.

PS5 Backwards Compatibility?

Is The ps5 Backward Compatible - Guide

Also, it is possible to insert the physical PlayStation4 discs into the new model to play on the console belonging to the next-gen. However, the use of physical media on the digital edition of PlayStation 5 is restricted because of the absence of a disc drive.

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PS5 Compatible with Most PS4 Games?

Sony has further stated that a majority of the games of PS4 will be working well at PS5. as expected 99% of the games can be well played.

PS5 Compatible with Most PS4 Games

The PlayStation 5’s console’s game boost is an added benefit that ensures a smooth run of the PS4 games on the device. However, it is better to play these games cautiously. There might be some games that might undergo functionality errors.

How to Transfer Game Data from PS4 to PS5?

Being backward compatible, it is easy to transfer your saved data from the PS4 to the PlayStation 5, a new console. All you need is a good internet connection or a LAN signal. However, the game developer might not support all kinds of game data transfer.

Transfer Game Data from PS4 to PS5

However, it is important to note that the PS3 games cannot be played on the PS5 console. Also, some of the PS4 games might create errors as well. Below stated are names of some games, as published by Sony, that is not PS5 backward compatible. They are:

  • Joe’s Diner
  • DWVR
  • Afro Samurai 2 Revenge of Kuma Volume one
  • Shadwen
  • Hitman Go: Definitive Edition
  • TT Isle of Man – Ride on the Edge
  • We Sing
  • Just Deal with it
  • Robinson: The Journey

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which PS4 games are likely to create errors while being played on a PS5?

There are many games that are likely to create errors while being played on a PS5. some of them are stated as follows:

  • Anomaly 2
  • Arcade Land
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4
  • Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare
  • Chicken Police
  • Clan N
  • Daylight
  • Entwined
  • Feral Fury
  • GRIP and many more


Can the PS4 game discs be played on the PlayStation 5?

Yes. You will be able to insert the discs in PS5 and play. You can also download the digital software from the play station for the same.


How will the PlayStation 4 games play better on the PS5?

This can be done by selecting the ‘boost’ mode but is likely to create some issues related to compatibility.



Try these out for a good gaming experience of the PS4 games on the PS5 console. Also, no game from the earlier version like PS3 can be played on PS5. Also, some games on PS4 might give certain errors while playing. Thus, we have listed certain PS4 games that can be easily played on PS5.

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