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Are you figuring out how to fix an unresponsive PS5 controller? Well, if so, we have got your back. There is sure short trouble when your PS5 does not work or becomes unresponsive. What can you do if your controller is console connected but still gives no response? Or chances are, it might be console connected. Look here to solve the PS5 controller not working issue.

PS5 Controller Not Working – Reasons

PS5 Controller Not Working

There might be many reasons for the PS5 Controller not working. The reasons for unresponsiveness and non-functionality can be.

  • The syncing is done with another piece of advice, if you pair your controller with your computer or laptop, any other console will be automatically unpaired.
  • There might be a problem with the Bluetooth connectivity of the PS5 controller.
  • There might be a problem with the USB-C cable as well. You might be using the wrong or a damaged cable.
  • There might be a problem with your USB port also. The ports might be either damaged or dirty.
  • There might be an internal problem with the PS5 controller.
  • You might be using outdated firmware. It should be updated from time to time.

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How to Fix an Unresponsive PS5 Controller?

You can follow the understated steps in order to fix the problem of your PS5 controller.

1. Syncing

Use a USB cable to the plugin. Then, press the PS button on the PS5 controller. If you don’t have a spare cable to use, use a controller for wireless syncing. Make use of the USB-C cable that has been provided to you along with the console. If it does not work, use any other similar type of cable to help you transfer power as well as the data.

2. Check the Ports

ps5 ports

Tug both the portends to ensure that they are in a secure place. Get away with any kind of dust or debris. It might be a problem, too. If the controller or the console is loose, get it changed. Also, make sure to disconnect any kind of peripheral hardware or similar accessories.

3. Unsyncing from other devices

It is better to remove any other connections connected with Bluetooth. Simply, turn off the Bluetooth of the devices with which the PS5 controller had been connected earlier. Or, you can also shut the device. Make sure that there is no other Bluetooth interference and you are well in the range of the connection.

4. Resetting

reset ps5 controller

You can undergo a reset. You can shut the console off making use of the power button. Else, you can make use of any other controller for the shutting as well. This will result in a cleared memory. Many issues will be resolved this way. You can also press the reset button making use of a straight paper clip. It is at the back end of the PS5 controller located inside a hole. This will result in the factory reset of the PS5 controller.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Which type of USB cable can be used?

Make sure to only use a USB-C type cable. No other wire or cable will give you the desired results.


How to remove any dust or debris in the USB ports?

You can make use of compressed air. Lightly spray it into the ports to get away with the dust or debris.


Can the PS5 controller be fixed if it is not charging in the reset mode?

The charging will be done when the console is in rest mode. This is a feature by default. In order to toggle it, select settings->system->power saving->features available in rest mode->supply power to USB ports->Always.


Can the PS5 controller battery be replaced?

Yes. You can look for an online replacement or can get a repair or replacement by Sony.



Follow these steps, to fix an unresponsive or non-functional PS5 controller and you are pretty good to go! Let us know which of the step worked for you. We hope this post suits your purpose well.

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