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Are you looking to play PUBG mobile right on your PC — Windows or Mac? If so, you have come to the right place. As in this post, we have listed step by step guide to playing PUBG Mobile for PC. So let’s dive in.

Download PUBG Mobile For PCDownload PUBG Mobile For PC

PUBG mobile is probably a game about which you would have heard at least once in the past two years. It has become the talk of the town since Tencent released it in 2018. A game developed by a Chinese company named Tencent games took the world by storm after completing 100 million downloads in six months.

Now that you have a rough idea of what PUBG mobile is let’s dive into the specs of the game.

PUBG Mobile Review:

The past two-year battle royal as a genre has gained the attention of every gamer. Nowadays, huge companies like Activision and Ubisoft are trying their hands on this new genre, but Tencent did it way before and established the groundwork. A perfect combination of gun mechanics and huge maps keeps getting updated through every season; more on that later. Talking about the graphics has the most realistic graphics that a mobile game offers; of course, it does not stand a chance when we compare it to modern-day AAA titles. Compared to other developed games, it crushes every competition there is. There is no storyline; as such, you can hop in and play anytime without worrying where the story is taking you.

Steps to install PUBG mobile on PC [For Mac]:

  • Visit the official website of BlueStacks or download BlueStacks on your Mac by clicking here. BlueStacks is a program that enables you to impersonate an android device on your Mac device and allows you to use all the android apps without any restriction.
    Download BlueStacksDownload BlueStacks
  • Install BlueStacks, and do the normal sign-in process as you would do on an android phone.
  • Go to the Play Store and search for PUBG mobile and install it.
    Install PUBG Mobile On BlueStacksInstall PUBG Mobile On BlueStacks
  • Once the installation is done, customize the key binding according to your game controls.

Steps to install PUBG mobile on PC [For Windows]:

  • First, You need to download an Android Emulator on your windows.
  • Once it is downloaded and installed on your Windows pc, you can start downloading PUBG right for your Windows pc. Actually, you will see various games to install. However you need to choose the PUBG Mobile from the list and start the downloading process.
  • Once PUBG is downloaded, it will automatically be installed, and please wait for some time until the installation is finished. Once it is installed, you can adjust the key binding according to your needs and launch the game.

What is PUBG as a Game?

Pubg mobile is the android/ iOS version of the famous Player Unknown Battlegrounds game for PC/consoles. It’s free to play. There is also a lite version for mobile/ PC for a user who doesn’t have high-grade hardware. You may be wondering why to play PUBG mobile on an emulator rather than directly downloading on PC. Firstly, PUBG mobile is free, where the PUBG version for PC/consoles costs around $29.99. Your waiting time in the lobby will decrease as many players play the game as it’s free. Coming to the game concept, it’s a 100 player battle royal when 100 players fight with each other to secure the #1 position to become the only survivor. You will be on a plane, and then with the help of parachutes, you will land at different locations according to your strategy.

There is a vast circle closing in on you. When you are not inside the circle, you will start losing your health. You can develop strategies like camping, rushing, looting. Camping is when you and your squad decide to stay in one place and wait for other players to come to you. You should be very attentive and hear the footsteps of enemies. Rushing is precisely the opposite of camping. You and your teammates will rush towards enemies before they spot you and kill them instantaneously.

Different Modes in PUBG Mobile:

There are many modes of PUBG mobile. Let us go through them one by one.

1. Solos

 Here, you are alone, stranded on an island with 99 people ready to kill you at any given point in time. You can strategize by finding the best location with the highest loot pool, but there is one sequence to that. There will be other players aware of it, too, so you will need to land on the location very silently and loot as much as possible without falling prey to others.

Solo ModeSolo Mode

Solos are the best way to sharpen your skills, and when you play with your friends, you will be able to show off how good of a player you are.

2. Squads

This is a much more enjoyable version of solos by the name; you might have guessed it right. The situation remains the same, but 25 teams are trying to hunt you down, but you are not alone. You and your friends can team up and go against them, strategize the loot pool, and the attacking position to your wish.

Squads ModeSquads Mode

Either camp or rush its your choice; use the vehicles to rotate from a place where many predators are hungry for your blood.

3. Solos/squads in the first person

It’s a choice rather than mode; there is a button in the bottom right corner of the screen when enabled, you can jump back and forth from the first person to the third person viewing angle; many players prefer the first-person mode as it is more immersive and shows the true potential of the game.

Solo Vs Squads ModeSolo Vs Squads Mode

4. War

Don’t have enough time? Consider War as an option. It’s like a deathmatch on a mini-map with full experience, you will finish the game much early, and you don’t have to worry about dying as you will be revived by the game every time you die. So just for playing and improving your skills, this is the perfect match.

War ModeWar Mode

5. Deathmatch

This is the best mode for weapons training; even in this mode, you need not worry about your lives. It’s unlimited. Five v Five, you will fight against the red or blue team players depending on the team you get. Sharpen your shooting skills with this mode and score those headshots in the real game.

Deathmatch ModeDeathmatch Mode

It’s very similar to the deathmatches provided by other competitors, so many of you will be familiar with the concept.

What is Royal Pass In PUBG?

A Royal pass is when you are rewarded for playing. It consists of 100 tiers wherein you will earn skins depending on the tier you are in. You need to complete till tier 100 to get all the collectibles. But be sure to reach level 100 by the season ends; a season lasts for one to two months.

Royal Pass On PUBGRoyal Pass On PUBG


In this section, you will get to know about all the different types of weapons that PUBG mobile has to offer and you have to master (this list contains the best guns to use):

Assault rifles:

  • AKM: as we all know, AKM is the best in every game; it has a capacity of 30 rounds, and the gun can hold 7.62 mm ammo. If you control the spray pattern and score a headshot, you will quickly kill the enemy.
  • SCAR-L: It is not as effective as AKM but still earns body shots. Even this gun can go for 30 rounds and holds 5.56 mm ammo. As the size of the bullets is smaller, the damage will be lesser.
  • M416: You do not need to control the spray pattern as much as the gun spits bullets in a straight line. This gun goes for 30 rounds and has a capacity of 5.56mm. Body shots, as well as headshots, work the best when an enemy approaches.
  • Beryl M762: This is the best gun you will ever find in the loot pool; it has a capacity of 30 rounds and stores in 7.62mm bullets, but there is one thing the spray pattern is quite challenging to master, you need a lot of practice in War and deathmatch modes to master this gun, but when mastered you will be able to wield the real power and use it to your advantage.

Sniper Rifles:

  • AWM: Love sniping the enemy from a distance? Well, you might be thinking what sniping is? When you are quite far from the enemy and want to assassinate the target, you use a sniper rifle. With the help of 9mm ammo and ten rounds, you will get ten chances to kill your enemy but be cautious sniping is not for everyone. You will have to practice it a lot to master it.
  • M24: This could be your second-best option at sniping as the bullet size is smaller than AWM, and the accuracy is relatively less, but you don’t have to worry about controlling your spray pattern.

SMGs (Submachine Guns):

  • Micro UZI: This gun is relatively small and goes for 25 rounds with a capacity of 45 ACP ammo. No need to control your spray; start rushing towards the enemy by blasting the gun off. You will score a kill.
  • UMP45: This gun is similar to UZI but not that effective earlier; this gun used to be a charm, but now, when the company nerfed it, it’s hated among professional players.

  Other things you need to take care of:

  • Healing items: Med-kits, Band-aids, Energy Drinks, Tablets.
  • Damage protection: Helmets, Vests.
  • Gun-enhancements: Scopes, Additional magazines.
  • Extras: Flare Guns, Grenades.


  • With PUBG, you get a vast map; you can rotate around and camp.
  • Due to its popularity, PUBG has a considerable fan base that makes the game highly competitive and exciting.
  •  With PUBG, you get different gaming modes that you can play depending on your mood.
  • Tencent has also developed an emulator that will help you to play PUBG on PC with ease.


  • You might get addicted to a game if you are not able to control yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can you play PUBG mobile on PC?

PUBG mobile launched for PC and mobile, but the mobile version is quite popular. PUBG Mobile can be played on PC using Tencent Official Gaming Buddy and BlueStacks.


Is PUBG mobile free on PC?

Pubg lite pc download which is a free version of the game for Windows. Due to its low-end specification, it is easy to run PUBG lite on your computer and Laptop. The same goes for PUBG mobile, it is free on mobile and PC as well.


Is PUBG emulator safe?

Yes, PUBG emulator is safe, if you use it to play PUBG, you will be matched to those players who also use an emulator. So it is safe to use an emulator.


Is PUBG banned in India?

PUBG mobile is banned in India because it was believed that PUBG was engaged in activities related to defence and security of the country.


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I hope you have got some insight into the game after reading this post. You should try and experience a battle royal; this will help you develop the great mind and hand coordination. But with all these advantages, make sure that you do not entangle yourself so much in the game that you become an addict. So, what are you waiting for? Go and download PUBG mobile on your PC and MAC.

If you liked this post, let me know by posting your opinions on PUBG Mobile, and if you have any questions regarding PUBG Mobile, drop them in the comment box.