In recent years battle royale has become one of the most played genres of the world. Hundreds of thousands of people log in every day to their accounts and for hours play battle royale games.

PUBG Mobile Vs Call of Duty Mobile

As most of the developers have only focused on the console/PC market, there is a ray of hope for mobile players. The best part is it’s free. In this post, we will be examining the titans in the world of gaming. You guessed it PUBG Mobile(Player Unknown Battlegrounds Mobile) and Call of Duty Mobile. These two games will only work on specific mobile phones.

PUBG Mobile vs Call Of Duty – Overview

In this section, we will be discussing the basic overview of both the games and give out the little details about both games. Consider this a gist for the other sections.

PUBG Mobile: Overview

With over 100 million+ downloads, PUBG has changed the future of mobile gaming. It has now become the benchmark for judging whether a phone has good hardware. Even though both games have a similar gameplay experience, PUBG Mobile has a different approach towards the gameplay. PUBG Mobile is powered by Unreal Engine.

PUBG Mobile

Though it is not as good as a single-player storyline, they do make sure to include some story through battle pass seasons. However, the storyline is not linked at all. Every season starts with a new intro video, and there you go. The graphics are pretty strong, and the gameplay goes up to 90 FPS. Download PUBG Mobile From Play Store by clicking here.

Call of Duty Mobile: Overview

The downloads are the same for COD Mobile. However, it came one year later to PUBG Mobile. Call of duty has always been in the game. Whatever the trend is Call of duty, makes sure that they follow it. It is true even in this case. Even though it was released later to PUBG Mobile, it gained popularity due to its hardcore fans.

Call of Duty Mobile

People were talking about this game even before it was released. The graphics of this battle royale game are no less than PUBG Mobile. The gameplay mechanics are one of a kind, and the attention to detail will make your jaws drop. Download Call Of Duty Mobile from the Play Store by clicking here.

Graphics Comparison: Call Of Duty Vs PUBG Mobile

Well, this is one of the most important metrics where one judges a game. Even though both the games have a similar genre let’s see who comes on top with graphics.

PUBG Mobile: Graphics

The game mainly consists of Smooth, Balanced, HD, HDR, Ultra HD(Ultra HD being 4K). As the game came way back in 2018, the graphics weren’t that good at the time. However, with constant updates, the graphics did improve.

PUBG Mobile Graphics

The game became more demanding for better hardware. Due to this, they had to release a Lite version which cranked down the graphics. Even though space kept on increasing the graphics are above average at best. There is not much attention to detail. This game has an 8X scope meaning the distant graphics should be great, but no, the game is not able to increase them, rather while scoping a person has to poke their eyes onto the screen.

Call of Duty Mobile: Graphics

The graphical and the frame rate options are as follows: Low, Medium, High, very high, Max. This has one of the best graphics seen on a mobile game. Due to their history in gaming, the graphics are quite good as they have the experience. The attention to detail is superb, from seeing the bullets fly to blood gushing out when people take damage.

Call of Duty Mobile Graphics

Even when you shoot bullets at wood or brick, you can see the pieces chopping off. The viewing distance is best; sniping situations are a better fit for this game. Options like depth of the field, real-time shadow, and anti-analyzing are available which are not available in its competitors. The multiplayer mode brings back memories by 5 V 5 matchmaking.

InGame Modes Comparison: Call of Duty Vs PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile: InGame Modes

With every season there are some new LTMs introduced. However, PUBG has a classic, arcade, arena, and play lab. The most notable two modes are arcade and classic. In classic, you will be able to play ranked matches, and your matches will be mostly based on skill-based matchmaking, however in an arcade that’s not the story. In the arcade, you play mini-games like team deathmatch and war which does not affect your ranks at all.

In Game Modes Of PUBG Mobile

The ranks in PUBG are bronze, silver, gold, platinum, diamond, crown, ace, and conqueror. As you increase your skills, you move from bronze to conqueror. In classic mode you can play with your friends in Squads or duos, if you don’t have any, then PUBG Mobile makes sure you play as it has a solo mode too.

Call of Duty Mobile: InGame Modes

What is a Call of duty game without zombie mode? There are mainly three gameplay modes—COD Mobile Battle royale, zombies, and multiplayer. Multiplayer is every Call of duty game ever. If you ever played Call of duty, then you will recognize these modes: frontline, team deathmatch, domination, search, and destroy. However you have the options of both ranked and unranked matches, these will not hamper your battle royale ranks.

In Game Modes of Call of Duty Mobile

The battle royale mode takes a similar root as PUBG Mobile based on your ranks you will be matched with the opponents. The ranks are as follows: Rookie, Veteran, Elite, Pro, Master, Legendary. In these ranks, the rookie is the smallest, and the legendary is the highest.

Maps Comparison:

PUBG Mobile: Maps

There is a vast collection of maps containing all the types of climates you can think of. The names of the maps are as follows: Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi, Sanhok. Erangel is a normal town-like map and is quite basic for a battle royale game. Miramar is based in the desert region and Sanhok is based on a temperate climate. Vikendi is a chilly place, covered with ice.

PUBG Mobile Maps

Sanhok is a smaller map; hence you can opt-in for it when you don’t have the time to play. The most popular map is Erangel, as the loot spawn ratio is quite high and it is unlikely for you to land on a hotspot and not find any loot. However, these maps are only limited to classic mode; the LTMs normally consist of the zombified version of the map, meaning there might be some tweaks to change the appearance of the map.

Call Of Duty Mobile: Maps

For battle royale, they have only one map, but for multiplayer they have quite a good collection of maps. This will be a journey down memory road. The maps are as follows: Cross-fire, Standoff, Crash, Killhouse, Firing range, Nuketown, Takeoff. All these maps were present in the good old Call of duty games.

Call of Duty Mobile Maps

However, these maps are only available for multiplayer, and do not worry; you will be given ranks according to your performance. So you aren’t losing much. It is also not that time-consuming as a multiplayer match is over within a matter of minutes.

Guns/Loot pool Comparison:

PUBG Mobile: Guns/Loot pool

It contains all the famous guns from AKM to M4A1. The gun mechanics are quite good with accurate spray patterns. The SMGS will have a straight spray pattern whereas the assault rifles have a curvy spray pattern; hence you will need to master it. It is rightly able to stimulate gun mechanics which makes the game more fun. The loot spawn is quite good, and chances are you will find a gun if you land on the hotspots of the map.

Looting the Ammos is also not an issue as the spawn rate is quite high. However, if you are more of a sniper, then there drop boxes with AWM which will make you happy. In summation, this game has something for everyone.

Call of Duty Mobile: Guns/Loot pool

They also have a similar loot pool to PUBG Mobile, but the stimulation is not up to the mark. Most of the guns do not have a spray pattern, and somehow it feels that the auto-aim is always on. Maybe they have a lot of bots. However in this game, the real names of the guns are used, so that’s probably the only advantage over PUBG Mobile.

Frequently Asked Questions


Which is better: PUBG or Call of Duty?

According to categories we compared both games in, Call of Duty trumps over PUBG. COD Mobile is a fast-paced game in comparison to PUBG Mobile and the graphics of COD are much better than PUBG.


Is PUBG a dead game?

As of now, PUBG is still not dead. The popularity of the game came crashing down when it was banned in India but people are still crazy about the game. They are playing the other versions of the game. Soon it will be unbanned in India.


Why was PUBG banned in India?

PUBG got banned in India under section 69A Of the Information Technology Act because it was believed that PUBG was engaged in activities that can harm security, defense, and sovereignty.


Which is the best gun in PUBG mobile?

In the category of Assault Rifle: M416 and AKM, Sniper Rifle: AWM, Shotgun: S1897 and S12K, DMR: Mk14, and SMG: Micro UZI. These are the best gun in each category in PUBG Mobile.



In this section, we will discuss the winner by taking into account all the criteria that we discussed above.

  • Graphics: Call of Duty Mobile.
  • In-Game modes: Call of Duty Mobile.
  • Maps: Call of duty Mobile.
  • Guns/loot pool: PUBG Mobile.

As a result Call of Duty Mobile wins in this never-ending war. Though PUBG has its advantages, Call of duty mobile can stand at the top of the food chain. COD Mobile is one of the best battle royale games on the internet. Do let us know which game do you support in the comments.

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