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Pure Cotton Shirts with Chinos Are Back in Trend for Trendsetters:

Cotton Shirts are considered the most versatile, classic, and durable garment with mass appeal, acting as the ideal staple closet category. The classy and comfortable look offered by Pure Cotton Shirts is second to none, the reason why the cotton fabric is considered as the “King of Men’s Clothing.”

Pure Cotton Shirts were highly in trend back in the ’90s but the craze deflated with the launch of new threads and fabric for the category. Back again, Cotton shirts are the trendsetters as people have realized that comfort and durability provided by cotton are not available with any other fabric.

More than half of men’s shirts are designed with cotton across the world. Paranoid online store also offers the best option in this category with an excellent moisture absorbing factor, lightweight and durable outfits that can be carried for long hours.

With Feranoid, you can experiment your styling sense as the designed outfits can be styled for multiple occasions, resting on your imaginations.

 How to style your Cotton Shirts with Latest Trends?

Cotton Shirts

One of the most superior features of a pure cotton shirt is that the single piece can be styled for different occasions, varying on the use of bottoms and footwear. For instance, a plain blue cotton shirt can be styled for beach parties, casual day out, formal meetings, dates, casual meetings, or even night parties.

It all depends on how you’re pairing it. Wear it with denim for casual outings, chinos for formal outings, and shorts for beach or pool parties.

Footwear also plays a major role in deciding the purpose of your outfit. Omega walk shoes and sneakers are the new favorites for teenagers as they can easily be paired with different outfit options, casual, funky, or formal.

Options for Pure Cotton Shirts available online with Feranoid are designed to reflect your inner personality. With most platforms dealing with plain shirts, Feranoid has built its identity in patterns and prints for the category.

The brand will offer you with best hand block patterns curated on 100% pure cotton fabric, helping you effortlessly slay the look.

Feranoid- An Online Store to Buy the Best Cotton Shirts in India:

Cotton Shirts

One question that will hit your mind is why specifically go for Feranoid when you can get the same fabric with other websites even at lesser prices!

As a customer, price range will always be our priority, and lesser prices will surely attract your interest, no matter what is hidden in the product’s details.

Feranoid does not have such hidden elements; this brand’s sole motive is to provide men’s top wear with the best qualities clubbed with unique designs and patterns to their customers at inexpensive prices.

The platform claims that prints and patterns provided by them are not available with any other brand.

Furthermore, the availability of multiple colors, sizes, and customization factors together portal rank the website at the top. Some of the brand’s features that will attract its customers are:

  • All the products of this website are designed with 100% Cotton Fabric.
  • All the designs are Lightweight and Durable, making them easy to carry for long hours.
  • Anti-Pilling properties of the products provided by Feranoid will help boost your confidence for public appearance.
  • Lastly, adding to the benefits of the brand is its Pricing Factor. You will not be able to resist their inexpensive prices and additional discount offers.

Apart from the product specifications, styling elements of the category will also give you multiple reasons to opt for the same:

Cotton Shirts

  • Most of their shirts are paired with Wooden Buttons, giving a rustic feel to the wearer.
  • Shirts are mostly designed with a Button-Down Spread Collar
  • Full Sleeves also opted for most of their designs, adding up to the functionality of the outfit.
  • The most attractive feature of Feranoid’s Shirt is Round Bottom Edge. This allows you to style the option for both formal and informal occasions.

The website claims for unique designs at affordable prices are thereupon also confirmed by the wide customer base. They too have agreed to the fact that the products are worth the cost offered.

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With Pure Cotton Shirts by Feranoid, you need not be confined to only one look. Depending on the occasion, mood and weather, you can experiment with different looks from this easy-to-carry, lightweight fabric.

Experiment with the bright, bold colors with Feranoid to rock the parties without giving up on the comfortability factor.

Purchase cotton shirts from the latest collection before your size goes out of stock!

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