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Many techniques in SEO are hard to use and some are very time-consuming. But not all of them are like this. We are going to discuss some of the common SEO problems and quick SEO fixes.

Nav Links:

This problem comes into two categories:

Max Mega Menu

Menus can be difficult to handle when people use the theory of “fewest clicks”, as opposed to “least amount of time to complete a task.”

It can be very helpful if you know specifically where you’re going until the link you want doesn’t even properly fit on the screen.

This work is mainly done by the SEO Company.

Lack of Direction

There is no proper logical structure design to the Nav, and most of the time not even the pages to rank.

The fix in both cases is to consider what services and products you want to sell more and list them into navigation cleanly and properly. Evaluate which pages require the link weight most to rank.


Ecommerce websites are majorly missing out on product schema, organizational schema, or both.

  • Organizational Schema helps in reinforcing who, where, and what you are.
  • Product Schema helps you to sell, assist product queries but more importantly generalize “buy terms.”

Adding schema to your website can be easy or hard depending on the CMS functioning of your website. The more specific you can, the less confusion for the search engine.

Product Titles:

This is the easiest and so overlooked. Most eCommerce systems come with a pre-configured procedure for creating titles. And those don’t come with the option to configure manually and can be very easily done in the code.

There are two benefits-

Improved CTR

Clean and easily readable titles get higher clicks.

Improved Rankings

Removing the less or non-relevant verbiage.

Featured Snippets:

If your rankings are decently but queries are not that great, it is time to go for featured snippets. It doesn’t apply in all cases but applies to many. The Featured Snippets are format to provide users with concise, direct answers, without having to click to a specific result. If there is no snippet, try testing them.

Google decides which search requests are best answered by a featured snippet and what domain will be used.

Google My Business Products:

GMB allows businesses to display their product details. The new GMB products and collections allow own your mobile footprint.

But product collections do not appear in Map views, so it remains limited to searches for businesses. Much local SEO attempts to rank good in the Map view.

For small and mid-size businesses, the GMB suite helps them by making it easier to find future customers.


Even if you are not highly skilled in code, and don’t have major undertakings, there is always something you can do. Hopefully, these SEO fixes will help you.