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Are you looking for a Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List that tells you about the characters? We have created this list through in-depth analysis. You see, this tier list isn’t according to Solo play or multiplayer matches. It is a ‘What if we bid these characters against each other?’ kind of thought process. It enabled us to determine the right character tier list.

Risk Of Rain 2 Tier List Updated

You see, some characters may be weak but still stand some chance to defeat another person. The same applies to the strongest characters as they may lose to a weaker opponent. Hence, you’re in the right place as we will go through a comparison regarding the characters. So, let’s get started!

Tier Lists Of ‘Risk Of Rain 2’ – Best Characters [2021]

S Tier List Risk Of Rain 2:

Two characters specifically fall on the S tier.

1. The Artificer

Artificer is a strong character, borderline overpowered with her damaged output and abilities. However, she has a strong countdown on her abilities, as well. If you were to bid her against a horde or even other characters, you would learn that she is quite overpowered with her powers. Therefore, she falls top on the list as an S-Tier character in terms of power.

The Artificer

We didn’t consider how playable she is with countdown or mobility. She doesn’t need much as she is a heavy-hitter. That’s what makes her a fearsome character.

2. Mul-T

Another one is Mult-T; Mul-T can use two weapons instead of one. The range of this little robot makes it quite a fearsome character. You can use it for melee or long-range sniping, and it shows with the remarkable damage output and much more.


The character has received a lot of nerfs with updates, yet it remains strong. However, Mul-T is average without items or equipment. Once you can get him the right gear, he is one of the game’s strongest options. There’s no stopping this destructive machine.

A Tier List ‘Risk Of Rain 2’:

A Tier List Risk Of Rain 2

We believe that A-tier is for some of the most well-versed characters that can be a jack of all trades. More importantly, much like Mul-T, if you configure them with proper equipment and items, they will be too strong to deal with and even surpass the best characters. However, Mul-T is not on this list due to overpowered abilities and dual welding. Therefore, these two characters make a list.

1. The Engineer

The Engineer is easily the most versatile character on the list. He can be frail without proper site,s but he is unbeatable with his turrets and machines. If you can learn how to play, he can deal with a high level of damage that would take down a horde of enemies. Similarly, he is quite strong against other characters.

2. The Loader

The loader is a heavy damage dealer with massive fists. However, it lacks any ranged options for the players to do much. The reason this character makes it to A-tier is simple. If you can stack it with the right mobility and speed items, you are looking at one of the strongest melee characters that will rely on your skills. From a brawler with slow mobility, you can turn it into a powerful assassin that can outclass any other character on this character tier list.

B Tier List ‘Risk Of Rain 2’

B Tier List Risk Of Rain 2

B-Tier has some of the most fun characters from Risk Of Rain 2. These are unique and stand out from other characters due to their personality or abilities. You have them in the mid to high range, depending on the gameplay. Hence, these two stand out from the character tier list:

1. The Mercenary

This character has the most personality and fun skills in Risk of Rain 2. You’re a samurai, but at the same time, the character is a little squishy. It means that while he is a heavy damage dealer like The Loader, it doesn’t have enough HP or defense to back it up. Still, if you can overlook that weakness, it is clearly one of the best characters in the entire Risk Of Rain 2 game.

2. The Huntress

Think of Huntress as the easiest to play a character with auto-aim and attacking arrows, plus more. Some people even compare her to Commando due to how easy it is to use her, and her fighting style can bland. Still, if you get the speed and damage-based items, she can be as strong as the S rankings characters. That’s what makes her worth mentioning on Tier-B.

C Tier – ‘Risk Of Rain 2’

C Tier - Risk Of Rain 2

There isn’t much difference between C-Tier and D-tier characters. Except that C-Tier has a little more perks in terms of attacks, damage, and boss fights. We also considered the two against each other. Therefore, this character makes it to this level of Risk Of Rain 2 characters:

1. Acrid

It might come off as a surprise, but Acrid is a playable monster character that is a tank. Instead of a damage-based character, it is a passive attack. The poison attacks will gradually damage the opponents, making it great against a boss and other characters if the fight can be drawn long enough.

However, the character has nothing else going for it. Given that it is also one of the hardest ones to unlock, the reward isn’t quite as appealing.

D Tier Of ‘Risk Of Rain 2’

Tier-D isn’t necessarily the weakest but poses challenges for the players to play it correctly. It can be one of the best characters on the list and even beat the strongest enemies or a high-ranking Artificer.

1. Rex

Many players believe that Rex is the character that can reign supreme to others if you know how to play it currently. Therefore, we have Rex at Tier D. This is the only playable in the game that can heal itself and still war off enemies. Many believe it to be the best.

E Tier Of ‘Risk Of Rain 2’

The E tier comprises the Almost useless ones; you don’t know what to do with them.

1. The Captain

You unlock him after beating the game at any mode. For that, you don’t get much going either. It seems like this one is suitable for multiplayer gameplay. Therefore, it ranks so low as it stands no chance against other characters. With high cooldown and low mobility, it is truly one of the weakest, with nothing much for playback, falling next to Commando.

F Tier Commando – The commando

The most useless playable that won’t stand much chance anywhere except the beginning of the game to unlock others.

This is the one you start with, and it is the lowest tier available. His gameplay is mediocre, and there isn’t much he can do.  Even with the best items, you won’t get much. Therefore, Commando has no chance of defeating other high tiers. Using any item is a waste of time here. He is best for unlocking others. Once you have a better one, you will never look back at this playable.


Risk of Rain 2 is quite an enthralling third-person shooter game by Hopoo Games available for you. Everyone seemingly loves the variety it offers with something for everyone. Personally, we think the Engineer is the best choice in the game. Whether it is taking down enemies or other opponents! So go ahead and enjoy the full release with transcript chapters and beat down the enemies in a single-player or multiplayer action-packed indie game.

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