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Do you remember the time when we used to think that we can do anything with just the use of our voice? In this article I have provided solutions in case your Roku remote is not working.

Roku Remote Not Working

It is now possible with advanced technologies and AI systems. From the time where there were no accessories, we have reached the point where nothing is impossible; we just have to command the machine. So, if you are stuck with a Roku remote not working, then take a sigh of relief as we will give you the details.

Everyone has heard about Siri, Alexa, Amazon Fire Stick, etc. in this article I will brief you about the Roku remote and steps to repair it when it stops working.

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What is Roku Device?

First of all, let us know what a Roku Device is. Roku company provides amazing devices with extraordinary features and designs. Roku remote is a wireless, sensitive remote that follows your voice commands and performs whatever is ordered to it. Roku Device also has buttons for easy press and use.

Roku Devices

Let me clear this by giving a simple example. Suppose you want to hear music, but you don’t want to get up from your couch to play the music from the system. At this point, you can use the Roku remote which is connected to your system, and command it to play the desired song for you.

How to Repair a Roku Remote Not Working?

Every technical thing needs repairing and service from time to time. So what steps should be taken if your Roku remote stops working?

If your Roku remote has halted providing proper syncing and the problem has not been fixed by a quick replacement battery, then there are few ways you can consider before throwing it into the dustbin.

Legit ways to Repair Roku Remote Not Working:

1. Restart Roku Device

Restart Roku Devices

The first and the easiest method to restart your Roku device by removing and reconnecting the power cord.

2. Check Batteries

Check Batteries

The other easy step that you can try is replacing the older batteries with the newer ones.

3. Pair Your Roku Remote and Roku Device Again

Pair Your Roku Remote and Roku Device Again

After trying these steps, you are still facing a problem, then there is an issue with the pairing part of your system. When you initially set up the Roku player the system gets paired to the remote automatically. Many factors can disturb the bearing process wearing from low Wi-Fi connectivity to factory reset.

4. Checking For a Blocked Remote IR Signal

If your remote control is not able to send signals to the system for operation, then pull out the back cover from the Roku remote and then detach the batteries. Beneath the batteries, you will see a small metallic round button. Now, keep the remote as close as you can to the Roku device, and then press that button for three seconds. This step will generate a pop-up on the screen within a few seconds.

5. Reboot Your Roku Device

If you are still facing the problem after all the steps you can reboot the Roku device and hold down the pairing button while the device launches this starting screen.

6. Different Wifi Connections

You can also try to pair the remote using different Wi-Fi connections.

7. Use Your Smartphones

If all these steps fail, then the best cure is to use your smartphone. You can access all the features of the remote on your mobile screen using the Roku mobile app whose details and features have been discussed above. But there is a drawback to using the Roku mobile app. You can use this app for a small period only as it drains your phone battery very quickly.

Roku Remote Features:

  • Every Roku device has its own unique remote which offers different features depending on the version of the remote.
  • The higher model of Roku remote comes with voice control functions and other unique features such as a sleep timer function, channel shortcuts, quick buttons, and much more.
  • The Roku remote has a power button, back button, volume control buttons, mute button(at the side), channel shortcuts (Netflix, ESPN, Hulu, Sling), and instant replay button.
  • With voice control, you can binge-watch or listen to any video by just holding the microphone button and commanding the remote to show the video you want to see.
  • You can also use the Roku remote to play casual games from your Roku device.
  • The upgraded Roku remote now has an earphone jack if you want privacy while watching or listening to the show. This feature is very useful when you want to see a show during nighttime without disturbing anyone. You can plug in your earbuds in the remote and this will stop the TV speakers to produce sound and the sound will be generated by your remote when you unplug the earbuds the sound will again start coming from the TV.
  • You can also adjust the audio and video quality using the Roku remote buttons.
  • You can create labels for your TV inputs and in this way, you can easily recognize which device is plugged into which TV screen and you can also rename the inputs that are available in the options.
  • Another awesome feature is the Roku mobile app. If somehow you misplace your Roku remote, you can control the Roku device from your phone as it contains the same features as the Roku remote.
  • You can customize the arrangement of the apps with the Roku remote that will be displayed on your TV screen.

All these features make your binge-watching sessions more comfortable and relaxing.

Frequently Asked Questions:


Is it possible to buy a single Roku remote?

Yes, you can buy a Roku remote solely from the Roku website which provides a replacement for the Roku remote for a price ranging between $15-$30.


Does Roku remote come with batteries?

Yes, the Roku remote comes with 2 AAA replaceable batteries. You can even remove the batteries to change them when the batteries get old.


Is Roku remote easy to use?

Yes, the Roku remote can be easily accessed by anyone, an adult or a kid can use it easily without even reading a guide.


What is the guarantee for a Roku remote?

Roku remote offers two years warranty from the date of purchase on the malfunctioning of material and operations.


Which devices support Roku app installation?

Roku mobile app can be easily installed from the Apple store and Play store on iOS and Android devices.



I have used the Roku device by myself and I found it to be an amazing, easy to use, and affordable product. The functions are very easy to understand even by beginners and since the remote only has few buttons so it is very clear to operate it.

In conclusion, I would like to share my opinion regarding the standard remote and the upgraded remote. The standard remote is just like any other normal TV remote but the upgraded remote has a unique feature that is the earphone jack which makes it very extraordinary than the other remotes.

If your remote faces some operational issues, then you can fix them with easy DIY tricks but if no tricks repair it properly, then you have to buy a new remote.

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