Role Of Speech-language Pathologist In A Rehabilitation Team

Speech-language Pathologist
Speech-language Pathologist

Is speech therapy really a big part of rehabilitation? A lot of people are of the view that speech therapy is not entirely necessary. They believe that speech disorders can easily be eradicated with the passage of time. But is it true? IN some cases, yes. If the speech disorder in question is very mild then it can be cured on its own. However, the question of whether Is speech therapy required or not still remains. The following article contains a detailed explanation of what Speech-language Pathologist do and why are they such an important part of the rehabilitation team.

What Is The Purpose Of Rehabilitation?

Rehabilitation is a method of treatment that helps a person restore their original and optimal body function. Rehabilitation is used for various reasons. Each type of rehabilitation aims to improve bodily processes in order to eliminate any disorders. There are four types of rehabilitation, namely, preventive rehabilitation, restorative rehabilitation, supportive rehabilitation, and palliative rehabilitation. Physical and psychological healing, improved quality of life, and physical and mental health management are all primary goals of rehabilitation. To get the best outcomes, major therapeutic approaches including physiotherapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy are frequently coupled with rehabilitation.

What Aspects Does Speech-language Pathologist Specialize In?

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST are experts in the disciplines of speech, voice, communication, language, hearing, swallowing, feeding, and the social and cognitive elements of communication. A speech therapist studies, diagnoses, treats, and supports people with communication, eating, and swallowing problems throughout their life so that they can achieve their full potential. Articulation disorder and stuttering are the most common types of speech disorders

What Are Some Places Where A Speech Therapist Can Work In Pakistan?

There are a few places where a SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST can be appointed in Pakistan. SPEECH & OCCUPATIONAL THERAPISTS IN LAHORE are frequently found working in hospitals, private clinics, community health centers, special schools, nursing homes, and even at their client’s homes. Now you can easily hire Speech Therapists in Lahore to avail of their home services. One of the top companies in Pakistan, “Holistic Healthcare Services” provide the Best certified Speech Therapist in Lahore and other major cities.

How Do Speech Therapists Assess Their Patients?

SPEECH-LANGUAGE PATHOLOGIST provides speech therapy using various methods and techniques to treat their patients. They must first diagnose and evaluate their patient’s speech impairment. Moreover, they must also conduct behavioral observations in a realistic situation to determine the individual’s abilities. Furthermore, they can use endoscopy, videofluoroscopy and similar techniques to assess the disorders in their patients. They develop a treatment plan for their patients after a thorough diagnostic. Every disorder needs unique attention and therapy. Hence, a unique treatment is provided for every disorder. 

What Methods Of Treatment Do They Use?

Speech therapy is all about reviving the patient’s normal speech and related functions so that they can enjoy the proper quality of life. A few different techniques commonly used include,

  • Articulation therapy: In this method, the therapist helps their patients to properly pronounce various words and sounds.
  • Language intervention therapy: This method of treatment helps patients who are suffering from speech delays and enhances their language abilities.
  • Oral motor therapy: Oral motor therapy is a set of exercises targeted at strengthening and training the muscles in and around the mouth in order to improve speech control.

How Is Speech Therapy Important In Pakistan?

It is a common belief that speech therapy is not an important aspect of treatment. However, this is a false belief. Speech therapy can speed up the process of recovery for speech disorders if not cure them all at once. Moreover, many people require speech therapy but are hesitant to get any because of the social stigma that revolves around it. Speech treatment usually fixes the speech impairment entirely in a short period of time. Untreated disorders can have a significant influence on a person’s life. Many people may have feelings of inadequacy as a result of their inability to communicate effectively, which can lead to self-doubt and melancholy.