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With healthy competition in the browser market, Chrome, Safari, and Firefox have been on top for about a decade now. A lot of the users have their own reasons to choose a browser irrespective of the operating system. Apple has a huge fanbase, and users want to try and use their products to know what the hype is all about.

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A lot of users use Safari as their main browser. This is mainly because of the great privacy and features it offers. Safari for windows stopped long back. In this blog, we will tell you why.

Safari for Windows 10 – History

Safari did not randomly get started with windows. There is a long story behind this. Dave Hut is the big name who came up with Mozilla Firefox and his partner, and once you knew Apple had hum, it was obvious something big was coming out.

The safari browser was created under full secrecy; nobody knew anything, it all happened behind locked doors, and when it came out, it had a huge impact. As the ex-employees recall, no normal employee knows anything about what’s going on behind those locked doors; they had no clue about the big impact that was going to be created.

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Safari was mainly created to support all Apple devices, but then they released the browser for windows as well. In 2007, Safari was accessible on windows as well. The main reason behind the release of Safari on windows was to give a direct competition to internet explorer, the top browser back then.

How to Download Safari for Windows?

Downloading Safari for windows isn’t rocket science. It’s really easy, and I must tell you that, once downloaded, you will find it very easy to use. We have provided a link for you to download Safari.

download safari for windows

You can click on the link, install, and run the software to download it.

Safari for Windows – First Appearance

We know for a fact that Apple has a great fan following, and even if they get a small hint of what’s coming in the future, they get hyped up. However, that was not the case for Safari. It was privately worked on before being presented to the audience. In 2007, Steve Jobs officially announced the launch of Safari for Windows XP and Windows Vista. It was a great initiative to enter a new market, where there is healthy competition.

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It is really pleasant to know that the audience accepted Safari with happiness. They were eager to know about the hype for Apple and wanted to use the browser. The date it was released was 11 June 2007. However, in May 2012, they discontinued supporting Safari for windows. The big question here is, is it still possible to use Safari on windows? You will get to know after reading this entire article.

Safari Browser – Advantages & Disadvantages

No matter what is being reviewed or checked out, users always want to know the advantages and disadvantages. It is no surprise that even Safari has got its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The biggest advantage of Safari for Windows has come with its 5th version. They got in a feature where reading news was made possible. They are also permitted to allow custom extensions, making it a browser competing closely with Firefox.


However, downloading Safari would take very little time, and it is easy to download as well. Other advantages of Safari would be their feature of emailing or printing history. They have a javascript engine in the browser, which is equally as fast as chrome and twice the Firefox speed.

They also permit support add ons to block ads for you. However, the most top-notch feature safari had for windows was the ability to use plugins and extensions. There isn’t much to talk about the disadvantages; the biggest disadvantage is Apple discontinuing the Safari browser for windows. Other browsers like chrome and Firefox are fully functioning, and you can exquisitely use them with regular updates.

End of safaris journey with Windows!

It is really difficult to know why Safari had to part way with windows; there are many rumors, many assumptions that exist. Some say it was because apple couldn’t compete in the market with the existing browsers, whereas others say it was to attract users to macOS, which failed. Despite knowing that Apple did not succeed in the windows market, it is known that Safari is an awesome browser that focuses on speed and privacy.

Safari for Mac Review:

Apple’s built-in browsers, Safari is one of the leading and well-known browsers. It has been serving as a standard browser for the apple devices ever since its release in 2003.  Apple has a very clean track record for privacy matters, and Safari might not be a very user-friendly browser like many, but it gives you the right privacy you need.

Safari for Mac

Safari has many features, but the biggest con is that it is presently only available on Apple devices. It has been given excellent ratings for performance by users. Safari also has great security and privacy features, which makes it a reliable browser.


1Q. Can I download Safari on windows?

Ans: Yes, but you can only download the 5th version of Safari and not the latest version.

2Q. Is Safari for windows free?

Ans: Yes, the available version for windows is version 5, which is free for users.

3Q. Is Safari for Windows Safe?

Ans: Safaris’ main focus was to give ultimate speed and privacy to the users; unlike chrome, which has excessive features, Safari provides consistent speed and privacy.


Safari for Windows is a great option if you want a browser with a simple user interface that gives you great privacy and speed. Users switching from macOS to windows might continue using Safari as a great browser. To know more about Safari for windows, ask us your queries in our chat box below. We are also open to your feedback and suggestions.

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