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Do you receive sanitized medicines from your medicine home delivery app?

With the pandemic of covid-19, everyone has started opting for online delivery of medicine at home. Among several medicine home delivery apps, only a few are following the preventive measures for delivering medicines. One such home medicine delivery app is Truemeds.

Truemeds understands the situation and is supporting its customers during a hard time of covid-19. The app has reduced the cost of medicines by up to 72% and provides a reliable healthcare environment to its customers.

Safe medicine home delivery ensures the delivered medicines to be sanitized and safe for the use of customers.

Truemeds ensures the safe online delivery of medicine at the time of covid-19 in this way:

  • As you order your medicines from the medicine home delivery app, the experienced employees of Truemeds receive your order.
  • Employees then accumulate your medicines. Truemeds supplies medicines from the top 30 drug manufacturers. All the drugs are approved by the CDSCO and safe to use. There is no involvement of a middleman, ensuring your medicines to be affordable.
  • After the accumulation, medicines are sanitized by the workers and are packed carefully, so your medicines won’t get damaged during the delivery. All workers of Truemeds sanitize themselves at regular intervals to avoid the contact of viruses or other microbes.
  • The packed medicines are then shipped for medicine home delivery at your location. Truemeds notifies its customer at every stage of the delivery process. This makes it easy for people to track their ordered medicines.
  • The app for online delivery of medicines delivers your medicine safely within 48 to 72 hours of ordering them.
  • The executive of the medical home delivery app safely delivers sanitized medicines to your doorstep. Even the executives of Truemeds are instructed to wear masks all the time and sanitize themselves at regular intervals.

Truemeds will surely advise their customers to sanitize their drugs before using them to avoid the chances of getting covid and being safe.

  • The online delivery of medicine is done without the direct contact of an executive and a customer to ensure the safety of both during the time of covid-19.
  • In case of an issue with delivery or executive, you can contact customer support at any time to resolve your issues.

The app for online delivery of medicine considers themselves responsible for the safety of their customers. Thus Truemeds is doing everything possible at the time of covid-19 to deliver medicines safely to its customers at their doorstep!