Protect shopping cornovirus

With the help of a few tricks, you can save yourself from getting infected by a coronavirus. We have gathered enough information for self-protection and by following them you stay away from Covid-19.

To start with, Coronavirus is spreading at a rapid rate in the entire world. It is told to everyone to stay at home as much as possible. During the shopping for the essential things, we have to go out. Now the question is how we can protect ourselves from the dangerous virus which survives in any situation, surface for days and week in some cases. Here are some very useful tips and tricks that you should take into consideration and make sure that you can your family is staying healthy and safe even after the shopping.

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1. Use good quality hand sanitizer

Use good quality hand sanitizer during coronavirus

Secondly, Never forget the fact that the coronavirus usually attacks your body through infected hands. You should use good quality hand sanitizer from time to time. It is seen that many people who are using good quality hand sanitizer are less infected from it. Furthermore, you should know the fact that the coronavirus has an outer shell that can protect it from being destroyed on various surfaces. Thus you should try your best to use alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This will be saving you from the infection. It can certainly bring down the death rates from the coronavirus as well. You should take it seriously.

2. Choose stores with less crowd

Choose stores with less crowd during coronavirus

The other thing that you should do is choose the stores wisely. You should give preference to the store which is often less visited by people for shopping. This is just because of avoiding the crowd. This will also reduce the chances of getting infected from the coronavirus. Therefore, in the less crowded you can also reduce the chances of getting in touch with a person who is infected with the coronavirus. You can easily find some stores which are less visited.

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3. Avoid touching surfaces

In addition, you should try your best to avoid touching the surfaces, which are less important for you. This is so because the coronavirus can be anywhere. By avoiding getting into the touch of unnecessary surfaces, you can reduce the chances of getting in touch with them and save your life. No doubt, you have the hand sanitizer with you but still, you should try your best and do not touch the things until it is necessary to do so.

4. Using plastic money or online payment methods

Reward credit cards

Moreover, you should give preference to the online payment methods for paying the shopping bills. Make sure that you have an online wallet and using that to make the payment. This will reduce the chances of being infected by a dangerous virus.

It is seen that in most of the climate and atmosphere coronavirus can survive. This also involved the physical form of the currency. Thus you should try your best to use online payment methods. You can also use debit or credit cars and never forget to sanitize it after using it. This is a more easy and safe option than using currency notes. Avoid using banknotes because the coronavirus can also survive on them.

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5. Wear Mask

To sum up, most people wanted to avoid the mask but this is the truth that using the mask can reduce the chances of getting infected from the coronavirus. Use a good quality mask or double-layered mask which can protect you from getting inhaled the air with the virus. We are saying so because the coronavirus can stay in the air for one hour at least. This means that if the infected person is breathing nearby you there are huge chances of getting infected. Keep your body covered as well.

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